Holidays at Okada Manila

We are very loyal to City Of Dreams Manila and their hotels, but as soon as Okada Manila arrived, our eyes are set on them.

We have brought tons of family members here and we have seen how Okada became bigger and grow as the years go by.

We love the food at Okada Manila. Lobby Lounge is their dessert heaven. They have a wide array of drinks, snacks, pastries and desserts. I love their chic chairs and the awesome performers they have once in awhile.

La Piazza’s pizza and drinks

The first time we went to La Piazza we didn’t expect much. Hence, this is the only photo we have. We dig in ASAP and forgot to take photos – a real sign that the food is outstanding!

They also have TWG here, tables are limited though, but at least it is close to the dancing fountain.

Kiapo is a restaurant near/inside the casino that serves Filipino dishes. You’ll find the Pinoy crowd favorites here like the ginataang langka, pancit molo, palabok, lumpia, adobo, etc.

Pink’s Hotdog

For some reason, there’s always a long line here at Pink’s Okada compared to what City of Dreams have. The hotdog is HUGE with tons of sauces and meats depending on your choice – a perfect protein meal. I love that everything is instagrammable at Okada Manila.

One of our favorites is the Red Spice. Compared to other restaurants in Okada, their price and ambiance here are way different – but their authentic Chinese food shows just why. Delicious! I love everything on the menu. They are always jampacked so you guys have to reserve a table before dropping by. The restaurant is inside the casino as well so kids have to go in a different route.

So it’s pretty obvious that our love for Okada Manila has been established for years now. It took us awhile to actually stay in the hotel, but we go to Okada monthly and so nothing really differs honestly. Thanks to Jennelyn Manuel of VIP Services for assisting us all throughout our reservation process last Dec 2018.

Huge sofa beds with good view and a small office table

I’ve watched all the Okada room/suite tour videos posted on YouTube but nothing beats the feeling to be exactly there in the room/suite and really see it for yourself. They went all out – furniture, interior design, appliances, room size. Everything is elegant! Nothing is 2nd rate here.

Karimadon & Charles and Keith Shoes
Karimadon x Rosenthal Tee Rocio Top & Skirt

Our Junior Suite King is at about 150 sqm. So huge, it’s as if we have our own condo unit. We’re at home immediately!

All furniture pieces are so heavy and instagrammable
The best part is the amazing view of the dancing fountain. So surreal!
The whole suite is so instagrammable
Lighting is pretty good for putting on makeup and taking photos
Makeup by Imee Sitchon
Taking selfies are so better at Okada as well. Lighting is good
Look at our view in the morning

The room is very spacious. This is my favorite part of the suite for many reasons.

1. Bed is spacious and very comfortable. Perfect for a well-rested sleep. Plus, I have a tablet near me. You’ll know later why I like to be near it. 😉
2. There’s a small couch where we can eat and watch TV that is actually in digital surround sound. Yes! As if I’m at the cinemas.
3. We get a nightly treat from housekeeping. One of which is a small biko. OMG! The best biko I ever had. I spent most of my time looking for that biko.

4. They have free movies for us to watch. All in digital surround sound and most of them are the latest movies. The movie selection is wide for all ages and personalities. Plus, they have new and adult-themed movies available to watch too, but for a minimum fee. Both TVs are Netflix and YouTube ready with organized cable channels to help you choose what to watch. They also have videos of Okada Manila’s whatabouts.

Walk-in closet

Please watch the room tour of our suite to see the exact walk-in closet. This is where all my kikay stuff are. I put on my makeup and fix my hair here. The closet space is very spacious, I was able to wear my gown here. Also, I LOVE the complimentary coffee, tea and other drinks they have. Everything is perfect!

The mini ref is packed with everything you want.. and more!

Glasses and cups are ready anytime for use. The fresh fruits are yummy for the palate and good for the eyes.

Because we have a wedding to attend and our bodies need to be in good shape, we didn’t avail of their breakfast buffet (not included in the room rates). Their food didn’t disappoint though. In terms of value for money and generosity of the serving, I have to be honest and choose Nuwa‘s food instead.

I love the nachos, if only the chips’ serving is more generous than the actual sauce/beef. Also, waiting time is quite longer than expected and other food tends to be dry and cold — but still forgivable. Despite that, I appreciate how they handled well all our food requests and I must say, the food is truly delicious!

They also have pasta, pizza and snacks that are absolutely the kids’ favorites.

Bathroom Details

The bathroom is so huge! It has a his/her sink area, a chair with side table full of towels and toiletries. They provided everything including a gargle and a shower gel together with a rose on a vase perfect for Instagram photos.

I love that the shower area and toilet are separated and still spacious. The toilet has a side table (where I put my phone) and (screaming inside) an electronic bidet! The electronic bidet can be controlled according to your needs : water control (nozzle position/flow control), dryer, deodorizer, and flush. There’s also a phone beside it. Ugh! I love it so much. And it’s as if they’re not yet done impressing me.. there’s a digital surround sound stereo in the bathroom where I can hear the TV and not miss anything from what we’re watching. 🤯🤯🤯

Guess what? The mirror is also big enough for everyone to use and has back lights perfect for photos.

The bathroom has a floor to ceiling window as well, with a good view of the dancing fountain.

What a perfect way to relax and unwind while bathing in the spacious jacuzzi and watching the dancing fountain.

The jacuzzi fits all the 4 of us, actually. This is how it looks like in the morning. It rained all throughout our stay and so we decided to extend. Good thing Jennelyn took care of us pretty well.. and I’m glad she did! We had the chance to try their swimming pools, at least for a few hours.

Spacious Pool & Cabana

Okada Manila has one of the best pools we have ever seen. They are clean, spacious, and well-lit. I love the ambiance and the cool music they play that can be heard all over the place. The cabanas are spacious and perfect when it’s sunny or rainy for they have roof. They also accept orders for light snacks and drinks. Tables, towels and waters are provided as well.

Water isn’t cold and air isn’t breezy. Just the right air and water temperature for a pool.

One thing I just have to comment about the pool is the access. From our hotel’s wing going to the pool, the location is quite far and not that convenient, especially when you’re all wet.

It took us awhile to see a buggy car and despite the ride, the walk is still quite far for someone who’s damp and clothes aren’t comfy to pass by an airconditioned area. But still, how cool is the buggy right?

This is just for photo op. They have a buggy car driver
Wide elevator and hallway

I’m so amazed by how Okada prioritizes safety and privacy for all guests. All entrance points have tons of guards and dogs. As soon as you step in at the reception area (whatever wing it is), someone will talk to you to assist. Around 12mn they immediately ask your kids to leave for they aren’t allowed beyond 12mn.

Like usual they have card keys that give you access for your designated floor. They have an elevator staff who gets your card key and tap it for you. For each floor they have at least 2 to 3 lady guards/staff, who are by the way most of the time not talking and far from each other. I love that they are quite protective asking everyone where they’re staying at; but at the same time they should smile more and be more friendly for they are the first ones we see everyday. Also, there are times that they’re not in place for they talk with the housekeeping/in-room dining staff.

So maybe by now you’re thinking, “Wow! Everything seems awesome at Okada Manila but everything you’ve mentioned here can also be found from other hotels.. plus they could be cheaper than Okada.” Well I have to say, “No, my friend. Not everything. 😉”

Electronic Control Through A Tablet

What sets Okada Manila apart from any other hotels is their tablet-controlled appliances/room service. They have 2 tablets to use as a TV remote (choose movie, video, Netflix, cable channels and for volume control) and a remote control for the window sheers and curtains then aircon and lights control in 1 click.

You may also choose and order food through the tablet, turn on the DO NOT DISTURB mode so no one may buzz on your door (doorbell won’t be heard from the inside), see the real-time balances and transactions you have, request for room service, and know more details about Okada Manila and their restaurants. Ugh! I can’t be more happy how convenient everything is, especially for the real time bill. Love it!

Also, they have a wireless lightweight phone and another wired phone with speaker. Super convenient.

Picturesque Places at Okada Manila

When we checked out, we stayed further at Okada Manila to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms, a reminder that life is beautiful but fragile. Life is overwhelmingly beautiful but it is also tragically short.

Giant Christmas Tree

We took photos and enjoyed the whole place. I just love taking time in everything and not worrying about anything at all. Okada Manila gave us that feeling and experience.

The boys went to Okada Play. They tend to be here every quarter but this is the best time they had so far. Though there are more kids and parents than usual, Play’s staff were able to handle all of us well. From the activities, to the Play’s cleanliness and maintenance, up to the connection everyone had with the kids, we appreciate them so much. Working on a holiday is already tough and this is why I appreciate the time they gave for the kids to have fun.

Around 11 PM, we immediately went to the Garden to watch the fireworks display. The place is crowded but I appreciate the staff who prioritized the group of people with kids, disabled, pregnant and senior.

The garden was breezy and spacious. We waited 15 minutes and an emcee arrived to give a lil intro about the upcoming fireworks display. Until finally the fireworks display happened. We love it, lasted for 15 minutes. We had a good view of the fireworks display as if it pops right before our eyes on the top of our heads. We get to compare the fireworks that other hotels nearby have and I have to say that Okada did it way better.

Okada Manila has a lot of activies and food stalls (there’s McDonald’s too), arcade and stores available that day. Like a wall with sticky notes on it – people wrote their New Year’s resolution before 12 MN, Mind Museum mini activities, and some dancers dancing in the beautiful “cherry blossom” dance floor. I also love their live bands and the measures they have to take to make the event memorable and safe. All these things are seen in their IG stories too.

Upon leaving, the exit was easy and safe. The worst part is when there is NO MORE OPEN OR AVAILABLE RESTAURANTS INSIDE OKADA and since it’s beyond 12 MN already, we can’t eat at the restaurants inside the casino anymore. So our last option is Starbucks but unfortunately line is too long – 2 hours to be served! Worst part, they don’t have food anymore. We just ordered coffee and the kids are already hungry at 2 AM.

When we were about to leave, Grab doesn’t have any available drivers. We tried to reserve a room again but the hotel is fully booked. Rent a car is way too expensive. We prayed as a family and waited until after 2 hours, we were finally able to find a driver. It is already 4 AM and we were so tired and ready to sleep.

Note to self : spend the night at Okada Manila until Jan 2nd next time. 😉

What a good way to end 2018! We had fun, enjoyed ourselves and rested well. Plus, at the end of the day we practiced faith and trust in God. I believe that’s what life is all about – trust in God, wait in Him and enjoy life. We will definitely go back next time.. and do it better! 🤗🤗🤗

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored. I’m currently having a #MayHiritUlit giveaway and whoever follows my blog and comments on this post (within the Philippines ONLY) may win a Plains & Prints Rocio Dress, Plains & Prints phone holder, Forever 21 necklace, Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, 2 Mario Badescu mini facial gel, Sunnies fluffmate in BAKED, and Clarins big eco bag. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to know more details.



  1. A stare at Okada Manila and it’s obvious how magnificent how it was created. No wonder why it’s called Manila’s Grand Icon. 🙈🙈🙈

    Your beauty is beyond perfection, Miss Japs. Allow me to admire and love you.😘


  2. Grabe! I can stay at Okada for a long time! The rates may be pricey but it was all worth it. Hope we could spend a day /night there sometime soon.

    Lovelots ❤
    Gladys M. Vasquez


  3. I enjoy reading and seeing your Okada escapade Ms. Japs but the who caught my attention is your final words about trust and faith to God and enjoy what is in front of you…enjoy life no matter what keep us busy.


  4. This is Wow!!! Maybe Okada Hotel is one of the very expensive hotels in the Philippines.. But still, sulit naman dahil sa ganda ng place.. Very relaxing and ang sarap mag unwind… Samahan pa ng masasarap na pagkain.. Perfect!!!


  5. Wow super relaxing experience to book on Okada but so expensive ,the ambiance is good and the food looks so yummy 🤗 .. thanks for sharing ms.japs your so pretty on your black outfit ❤


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