Royalty in Crown Towers Manila

We’ve been to City of Dreams before and because of the not so good experience we had, we still want to give them a chance and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in one of their hotels : Hyatt, Nobu or Crown Towers Manila. Among the 3 of them, only Crown Towers Manila has 6 stars. They have the biggest suites, bigger elevators and a wider hallway compared with the other 2 hotels. Crown Towers Manila caters more to the VIPs and businessmen while Nobu and Hyatt’s guests are usually checking-in for pleasure and fun. We will compare their interior, rooms, amenities and facilities on my other posts that you can read here.


Before making my final decision, I had to contact each of the hotels’ call centers (open from 9am-9pm) to compare the amenities, facilities, food and their service. To be honest, many of them cannot answer most of my detailed questions but I have to commend everyone for being patient and nice to me. There were times that I was speaking with their receptionist and front desk personnel because their call center is already closed but they were still patient and they tend to know more than their call center agents.

I’m a “hard-to-please” guest and I will make your ears sore and bore you with my questions; but among the 3 call centers, Nobu and Crown Towers Manila got my heart. In times they can’t answer my questions, they call me back. I can see that they are putting too much effort just to assist me so I decided to just find the answers on my own by staying in either Nobu or Crown Towers.

I chose Crown Towers Manila simply because I had more questions left unanswered from them and I don’t see any detailed blog posts about their suites and amenities. I am curious and I want all of them to be answered. When we stayed there, I wasn’t disappointed. All of my questions were answered and they even exceeded all our expectations. Maybe it’s good that most of my questions were unanswered. It made me clueless and expect less from them. Now Crown Towers Manila can hire me as one of their “customer service representative” because I already know a lot about their hotel. πŸ˜…

Because of curiosity, I also requested for a tour from their management and they granted it. We had the opportunity to have a tour in their 3 hotels with the beautiful Nadine. I will post all about it soon.

With Nadine, Executive / Assistant Manager – Public Relations

Let’s start with Crown Towers first. We had a very good experience in this hotel and I can go on and on and on about how perfect our stay was. I was overjoyed from our experience that you can’t stop me from bragging about this hotel.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

The hotel has 2 towers. Their elevators need a card key to access it. Privacy, exclusivity and safety is too important in this hotel (City of Dreams as a whole). If you don’t have a suite/room in their towers, you cannot go up on their building that easily. Before entering the hotel premise, guard dogs are waiting in the entrance of the hotel to sniff on your luggage and guards are very strict in checking on the cars that pass by in the vicinity.

Hallway going to Tower 1’s elevator

They are also very strict when it comes to the maximum people allowed in the room and their facilities. Once you reach the maximum person allowed, you are supposed to pay for another room that the exceeding person needs. Each exceeding person who wants to use a certain facility needs to pay an extra charge. In this way, privacy and security is prioritized. This is a rule that I have to agree with. Aside from the building code, it is one way for the hotel to make sure that their rooms, facilities and suites are well taken care of by the guests who stay in the hotel.

Tower 2 has the regular rooms :

Resort King and Double Queen: approximately 36 sqm

Photos are not mine. Credits to the owner.

Deluxe Queen
Deluxe Queen

Resort Studio : approximately 50 sqm

Resort Suite : approximately 74-82 sqm (it doesn’t have a separate living room yet).


Tower 1 has the elegant, posh and big lobby, bigger hallways and elevators. Here are their “special” rooms and suites :

Deluxe King and Double Queen : approximately 53-56 sqm

Premier King : approximately 66 sqm

Premier King
Premier King

Executive Suite : approximately 102-103 sqm

This is our room.

Once you enter, you’ll see a powder room with toilet, sink, towels, soap, lotion, huge mirror, and its own phone (with a soft ringing sound). Great for OC guests like us who don’t want to share our restroom with our visitors. Or it’s as simple as you want to use the bathroom before going out and right after you go in.


After the powder room is a dining area with a couch, big dining table and 2 comfy chairs. Their interior and furniture is elegant and posh.

The chandelier is just too perfect.
The chandelier is just too perfect.

On the side is a cute decor and near it is a buffet table with complimentary water, cup and saucer, plus a Nespresso coffee and coffee machine.


There’s also an ashtray with matchstick and a cute tea set. They provide a lot of cups, glasses and utensils so there’s no worry to lack any.


Their coffee and teas are too perfect to ignore. It comes in different flavors and intensity. I never had any palpitation from the Nespresso coffee.

In the buffet table are wine, noodles, utensils, cork screw, Twining teas, and the Intimacy Kit. 😘


The fridge is conveniently hidden inside the wooden cabinet. There are refreshments, chocolates and liquor. For convenience, a price list is placed near the fridge as well.


It also has a separate living room with a huge and comfy sofa, big TV, DVD, large curtains (pool view), and a Cisco phone with your name on it. The side table with phone ALWAYS includes a pen and paper handy.


The coffee table has a magazine on top and guests will receive a newspaper every morning inside a bag that looks like this.

With this kind of set-up : the newspaper bag and the Nespresso coffee — all the news in the paper may seem to be good news after all.


All their huge TVs have a personal greeting with my name on it. Everything is just too personal. The TV is perfect for an OC guest like me. Their channels are separated according to their category : movie, kids, foreign, news, music, religion, etc. You also have an option to choose TV or movie (pay per view). In my case, I had to read their messages from the TV over and over again then remember God’s goodness in our lives for the past 10 years.

2015-06-04 17.29.19

Believe it or not, our children preferred watching the video about the other Crown Towers hotels worldwide. It made them calm. Our bigger boy even told me that he wants to visit ALL of Crown Towers’ hotels. Well it seems like they’re already a Crown Towers’ fan.


They don’t have a balcony but they have floor-to-ceiling glass windows which has a pool view.



They have an electronic control of the sheers, drapes, and lights. I love the idea that they used yellow lights all over the room. According to facts, yellow lights tend to remove the flaws on your face. Plus, yellow light is very romantic. 😍

2015-06-04 17.15.27
Our son takes good pictures already. 😊
I'm really tired at this point but the lighting made everything perfectly imperfect.
I’m really tired at this point but the lighting made everything “perfect.”

Crown Towers Manila didn’t spare any peso in giving us the best of the best pieces of furniture, lights, coffee machine, paintings, carpets, etc. They gave it all out for their guests. Everything’s perfect in this suite. The bedroom has huge and tall bed with comfy pillows and thick comforters. It also includes a comfy throw pillow and spotlights on each side.

The bed is customized according to your request or needs.

Note : We didn’t request for this. We just mentioned that we’re celebrating our anniversary and we were surprised to see this on our bed. The bedroom also includes a couch and 2 side tables beside the bed with lamps and a Cisco phone (again with the guest’s name on it).


In the bedroom is a huge TV, menu for their in-room dining, a book about City of Dreams and Crown Towers (in Chinese and English language) plus a comfy desk chair.

2015-06-04 17.24.33
Many TVs mean more channel options for the kids and the parents. πŸ˜‰


On the way to the bathroom is a dresser where you can put on makeup and dry your hair.

Just be careful when putting on makeup (since they’re using yellow light), your makeup might look different once you go out of the room. To make sure, take a look at the magnifying mirror (with white light) in the bathroom. 😊

There’s also a closet with hangers, iron and ironing board.


Inside the closet are slippers, sewing kit and their lil shoe shine kit.


There’s also a safe for you to keep your jewelries and other valuables.

There are plastics and paperbags in the drawer. You can use this to keep your dirty clothes.

There are plastics and paperbags in the drawer. You can use this to keep your dirty clothes.

When we saw the closet space, we immediately put out our clothes and hung them on the closet’s rod. There’s also an umbrella inside (which you can’t bring home) and a lot of hangers in the closet.

pairs of slippers for the adults and children


The suite has a bathroom with a big and deep bathtub that fits 2 people inside. 😍 There’s a sliding door (cannot be locked) that separates the big bathroom (dresser/closet area) from the bedroom for privacy. Disclaimer : Close the sliding door or the tub will call your name. 😁


The 3rd TV can be found here. Disclaimer : Once you go in, you can’t go out because you’ll regret it your whole life. πŸ˜‚ The TV, salts and scent will make it harder for you to leave the tub. You can call your butler to prepare it for you.

2015-06-10 19.40.49

Call your personal butler to do something like this :

Our butler still looks professional even while preparing our tub.
That's what a butler does. Turn a simple tub to something extra romantic.
That’s what a butler does. Turn a simple tub to something extra romantic.

Thanks to our ever artistic and pretty butler who did this for us. Crown Towers staff really put their best and give excellence in everything they do. πŸ‘ for the lady butler who made this.


Their bathroom is well-lit. It also includes a magnifying mirror with white light. There are his and her sinks, toiletries, towels, flower in a vase, robes and a weighing scale.

Weighing Scale
Weighing Scale
Toiletries from Antica Farmacista : Lotion, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Soap and Conditioner.

I usually bring my own toiletries when I go to a hotel. I was never interested with the hotel’s toiletries; but this is the first time that we were able to use everything. We weren’t able to use our own toiletries at all. πŸ˜† I love the smell and the effect of the shampoo and conditioner to my hair. I didn’t have hair fall nor a sticky hair.

2015-06-03 14.11.53
My look after taking a bath.

Now I’m looking for this brand here in the Philippines. Because of them, we get to know this brand and they successfully introduced it to us.


Everything you need is basically here. I shouldn’t have brought a toiletry bag if I knew about it. πŸ˜…

On the left side is the shower (hot/cold) area, place where you can actually sit or put your things, and a mat so you won’t slip. You have the option to remove the shower head in times you need the water closer to you. I love how Crown Towers prioritized their guests’ safety by providing a mat. On the right side is the toilet area. You can find the phone, trash can and tissue containers inside. It is also well-lit with frosted glass doors.

Hotel H2O has this as well but you can be seen clearly from the outside. So for me, Crown Towers still has the best bathroom ever. Tip : Outside these doors are rods that you can use as a handle to open/close the doors and a place to hang your wet towels.


They gave us lots of towels, 2 robes and 2 small glasses that can be used for brushing teeth. Everything is well-organized and squeaky clean. I checked everything and they definitely passed an OC guest’s standards.

Deluxe Pool Villa : approximately 145 sqm

Pool Villa
Pool Villa

Once checked in, you can choose in a wide range of luxury toiletries from Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel, Ren, L’occitanne, Bvlgari White or Green, and Hermes

Pool Villa's Bathroom Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Pool Villa’s Bathroom Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Premier Suite (see here) : approximately 119 sqm

Premier Suite Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Premier Suite Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

Same as the executive suite but bigger in size and has a different interior. From these kinds of rooms, you will know that you are definitely gonna have a great getaway. How much more when you see the whole place?

Comfy Chairs (still in the lobby)
Comfy Chairs (still in the lobby)
Beautiful Flower Centerpiece
Beautiful Flower Centerpiece
Entrance to Crystal Lounge

20190514_115153615786874705979204.jpgCrystal Lounge (72 seats) is on the ground floor near the lobby area. They serve Asian dishes, light snacks and drinks. Open from 6am to 1am. Children are now allowed to go inside. This is where guests have their breakfast.

Crystal Dragon
Entrance to Crystral Dragon
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

On the Upper Ground Floor is the Crystal Dragon (92 seats). They have buffet for breakfast and a la carte menu during lunch and dinner.

It is on the Ground Floor (main lobby) and it is open for 24hrs. They offer a buffet menu and a la carte meals from Local, Western, Korean and Chinese cuisines. This restaurant offers exclusivity and prestige. Hence, the name Signature is given.

From the main lobby, let’s proceed to their mini lobby going to Tower 1.

Cute decors on the wall
Mini Lobby of Tower 1
Mini Lobby of Tower 1

Facilities :


Opens from 7am- 8pm

Location : Level 1, Tower 1 and 2 (β€œThe Link”)

Overall size – 2,567 sqm.

Swimming pool size is 307.10 sqm and 1.2m deep.

My son loves the kiddie pool
My son loves the kiddie pool
Look at the comfy recliners!

Heated whirlpool temperature between 38-40 ˚C – size 34.83 sqm and 0.9 m deep

Trees that serve as a shade for the guests
Plants in the middle of the pool
Shaded Area of the Pool
Shaded Area of the Pool with Mini Fountains on the Side


Complimentary smoothie shot and pool amenities are provided. Hotel guests may be allowed to bring visitors and shall be charged PHP1,800 per person and PHP900 for children 12 years and below.

Complimentary cold water, fruits, fruit shake, and a sunblock lotion
Complimentary cold water, fruits, smoothie shot, and a sunblock lotion

No outside food and drinks allowed. Children below 12 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.


Location : Level 1, Pool Area, 12 SQM, 4 cabanas available for rent

Cabana rates: Php 3,888++ for maximum of 4 hrs. Php 2,000++ additional rate per hour. A deposit of 50% will be required upon booking, that will be Php 2,000++. Cancellation will be 24hrs prior booking schedule.

NO outside food and drinks allowed.

Cabana includes: 1 Lounge Chair, 1 Sofa Chair, Ceiling Fan, TV Entertainment Console, 1 Table, Heated whirlpool (cabana).

Minibar : A bowl of fruits, Soda, Bottled water, 2 Sunbeds – outside the cabana.

Jacuzzi (exclusive for Cabana users only)
Jacuzzi (exclusive for Cabana users only)
Furniture Inside
Pieces of Furniture Inside
Breezes Restaurant Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Breezes Restaurant, Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

A restaurant near the pool area where you can order light snacks and drinks or a place to unwind and eat while enjoying the cool breeze of Manila. Currently, they already serve bteakfast buffet here and serve more dishes.


(open from 11am-12mn)

Location : Level 1, Tower 1 and 2

Overall size – 653.48 sqm.

4 single bed treatments rooms -18 sqm. per room

2 spa suites/ couple room : suite 1 (45 sqm.) and suite 2 (43 sqm.)

2 treatment beds

Sofa sets. Salon area. Pedicure chair. Private shower. Restroom. Bath tub

Body Massage (3 Signature Body Treatments)

Two Fold Hilot Signature – Crown Spa signature Massage. 90mins | PhP5,800

Indulge the Filipino ancient art of healing using aromatic virgin coconut oil, heated herbal leaves, wooden stick and herbal clay. This treatment performed by two therapists with combination of traditional Hilot Massage and Dagdagay Foot Therapy to restore optimum well-being.

INTENSIVE MUSCLE RELEASE – 60mins | PhP3,600 90mins | PhP5,600

A deeply restorative massage that works deep into stiff, tight, aching muscles, to instantly release pain and tension.

HERBAL COMPRESS ENERGIZER – 60mins | PhP3,600 90mins | PhP5,600

Combination Swedish massage and a warm herbal compress which detoxifies, relax muscle tension and revitalize your mind.


24hrs In-room massage services with prior booking. Guest are requested to book in advance to secure preferred reservation date and time. A minimum of 3hrs notice is required to avoid a full-price cancellation charge. Guest shall be charged PhP1,800 per person for using the spa facility. Charges will be waived if guest book for a spa treatment.


(24 hrs. ~ 7-10pm manned)

Location : Level 1, Tower 1 and 2

Overall size – 150.32 sqm.

Well equipped with state-of-the-art premium fitness equipment. Free Fitness & Health Assessment by professional analyzers which provides a detailed full body and segmental body composition for the entire body. By using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) or Direct Segmental Bioelectrical. Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) technology. Free personal training session available at 7am- 10pm to customize fitness plans.

From rooms to the amenities to their facilities, Crown Towers shows excellence and royalty in everything.

For more inquiries and concerns, please call :

Crown Towers Manila (Now NUWA Manila)

Asean Avenue Corner Roxas Boulevard

Entertainment City, Paranaque 1701

Manila, Philippines

Tel : 632-800-80-80

Website :



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