Breezes at Nuwa Manila, City of Dreams

You may all notice our love for Crown Towers (now Nuwa) Manila for years now. It all started when we spent our 10th anniversary celebration at their Executive Suite then we went back again on our 11th anniversary at their Premier Suite until it has become a norm for us to celebrate special occasions at this hotel.


We love Nuwa so much that we already build a relationship with their staff. I can’t remember how many times have we celebrated our birthdays and anniversaries here.


We are always welcomed with mango shakes, cookies and cake. I love that it is always given with excitement and in a very unexpected way. Everytime we visit Nuwa, we are overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness. In short, we are spoiled!


One more thing I love at Nuwa are their guest ambassadors and butlers. Look at that pretty dress designed by Rajo Laurel himself. As usual, they’re all smart, helpful and really accommodating. Best part, everyone’s professional and personal in attending us and our children.

He loves breakfast at Nuwa

There’s one thing that sets Nuwa apart from City of Dreams’ other hotels. It is their in-room dining and food at Breezes. Let the foodporn begin.



Meat is tender and smells delicious

Chia seeds – flavorful and healthy
In-room dining
Healthy Eggs Benedict

Our family rarely eats breakfast together. And so for staycations / vacations like this, food really matters! Breezes have the best and widest selection of fruits, healthy food, pastries (they have egg custard), fresh mixed fruit juices, Filipino dishes and coffee.

Best breakfast ever! French toast is amazing!
Chinese food and other dishes are sumptuous
Chinese egg tarts are the best!

Our love for Breezes started with Ms Michelle then extended to Remy and JM (now the manager of Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila). They love us and treated us like family already.

Crystal Lounge way back 2015

One of the memorable things they did for us is when they surprised us with a card and cupcake for me and my son’s birthday celebration. I got teary-eyed. One of my best birthdays ever.

We can always find a good hotel (might be better) than Nuwa.. but to find a hotel staff that knows you and builds a relationship by being personal with you (without being disrespectful or nosy).. that’s extraordinary! Michelle’s leadership caused Remy to be a good manager. Remy produced many good staff and JM is just one proof. I am a living testimony of their teamwork and hard work. Customer service is excellent at City of Dreams Manila. I’m just hoping that others will learn from their example.

Dining at Breezes isn’t just filling our tummies with food, but also filling our hearts with joy. Their hearts are warm, staff is attentive and always ready to welcome you anytime. Drop by at Nuwa, City of Dreams and see for yourself.

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  1. great hotel! sasarap naman ng mga foods! and pang mayaman tlga ang lugar, wow! I like how they treat their costumers ah and looks of it all, tlgang mababait sila, kasi d enough ung sobrang maganda ang hotel, kung d naman mababait ang staffs, isa sa magandang image at pinakaimportante actually is ung services na dapat feel ng costumers.


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