Clarins Body Care Products

As what most of you already know, my first love for skincare started with Clarins. It got bigger and is now extended to their body care products.

I was chubby growing up, but when I turned 18, I started losing weight. I can’t believe to see curves I never thought I have. It was one of the best few years of my life. Until I got married at 20 and eventually had 2 kids. Now I have on and off Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I gained more weight now that I have hypothyroidism. Last year, I reached 195 lbs.

Top by Plains & Prints

A few years ago, I wore my first swimwear top after having 2 kids. I was 170 lbs back then. I wasn’t THAT confident. This is what led to me to try Clarins body care products.

Body Shaping Cream and Contour Oil

The Body Shaping Cream is my favorite because of the heat and warm feeling I get in every application. It is a thick body cream that redefines, contours and reshapes the body. It has poppy extract that reduces the look of stubborn curves and caffeine that is known for its slimming effect. It moisturizes the skin well. This is why though I’m huge in weight, my body still maintains its curves and shape.

Swimwear by Float

After a few years, I was able to wear a whole swimsuit. Float swimwear creates the best swimwear for plussize. At this time, I’m already at 180 lbs.

At Nuwa Manila

I’m also using Clarins Contour Oil. Our knee and calf areas aren’t all fats, they have muscles too! The Clarins Contour Oil tones that – same goes with the arms and shoulder muscles we have. It is easily absorbed by the body and leaves the skin hydrated and supple. It is a must for you to massage the product well for the body to absorb the product.

All 4 Shoes by Charles & Keith
Shoes by Aldo

Because of its ability to remove water out of your body, it makes you pee more. As we age, the body has more issues with water retention. Hence, making our bodies look swollen. Eating salty foods make our body gain water weight too. Clarins Contour Oil makes most parts of the body look less swollen or not swollen at all. I love that it doesn’t leave my legs looking oily, but it leaves them shiny and well-defined. Plus, the scent is too relaxing for you not to try.

Clarins Super Restorative Redefining Body Care and Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite

I bought these products 2 years ago after I fell in love with the first 2 Clarins body care products I had.

The Super Restorative Redefining Body Care gives a warm feeling too, just like the Body Shaping Cream. It helps define the slackened skin around the abdomen and waist. This saved me from my dirty stretch marks.

Karimadon x Rosenthal Tee


I don’t have abs and I have ugly flabs, but with Clarins Super Restorative Redefining Body Care, my upper midriff looks great, even after stretch marks and all. Not only that, my stretch marks became lighter without me noticing it. I completely forgot I have stretch marks. This product is expected to be used by women of aged 50 and up but I’m using it as early as now to avoid body aging and sagging.

The Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite is the most unrealistic product amongst all the 4 bodycare products I’ve tried. I mean, yes I know Clarins body care products can tone muscles, reduce stubborn fat, remove water retention, and clean stretch marks, but to remove cellulites? I doubt that!

Like what I said I already reached 205 lbs before. Cellulites are just one of my body problems. I can’t really say that Clarins Body Fit ultimately removed it because up until now I’m still obese and cellulites will forever haunt me. But there’s one thing I know is sure, my cellulites become smaller and fewer in every application. They just tend to go back a few days after I stop applying Clarins Body Fit.

Plains & Prints Dress

Clarins Body Fit also feels warm in every application. It lifts my butt, thighs and abdomen. It also helps me sweat more even without exercise or prep my body before exercise. I love how my skin feels tighter and firmer after use. It also helps me lose weight in the midriff section of my body. It is impossible to remove all the cellulites but I see hope and cellulite reduction with this product.

Clarins offers a wide variety of skin and body care products. You don’t really have to take my word for it. Ask for a free sample and see for yourself. They also offer bigger discounts during your birthday month. I don’t really exercise and my activities are low but I’m able to maintain a healthy, firmer body with Clarins.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored. I’m currently having a #MayHiritUlit giveaway and whoever follows my blog and comments on this post (within the Philippines ONLY) may win a Plains & Prints Rocio Dress, Plains & Prints phone holder, Forever 21 necklace, Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, 2 Mario Badescu mini facial gel, Sunnies fluffmate in BAKED, and Clarins big eco bag. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to know more details.



  1. Seeing skin like yours is so much better than seeing the heavily edited skin some used to and now consider natural. I honestly think this is way more beautiful. Sometimes I truly forget what real skin looks like.

    Those “marks” only showed how strong you are. Having those won’t lessen your beauty.😍


    1. Um but it cant be seen at all. Even in person its so hard to see it now. Its because clarins help a lot in firming the skin. Regardless if the photo is edit or not


      1. Never tried it. Pricey but seeing your flawless skin, no filter necessary I must say it’s worth it and I’m loving it na. Clarins did really well on your skin.


      2. Seeing your flawless skin, no filter necessary. I’m loving Clarins na, Miss Japs. Sana ma try ko din to someday.☺️


  2. Miss Japs, ito pala secret mo ma’am to have almost a perfect body and self confidence. I swear, I really love how confident you are wearing a swimsuit or even dresses. Love to try this clarins body care products ma’am. Madami kasi ako imperfections sa katawan pero for sure hindi ito kaya sa budget ko.. Huhu Pero, soon soon maam… Thank you sharing this.. Nakakakuha ako ng info na very helpful lalo na sa akin.


      1. Yun nga po madam.. I checked on rustans website.. Subrang mahal talaga.. Huhu I just wished to see you ma’am, soon.. In person. 🤔🤔


  3. wow eto lng po pla gamit nio kya po pla satingin ko meed ko dn to e hahaha dmi ko dn kc strechmafk simula nung nanganak ako ahahaha


  4. Ever since wala talaga ako confidence until ms japs inspires me..thank you for lifting our spirits. Kahit my bilbil. Deserve pa din natin to slay…
    Slayin sa tag init😊


  5. wow! galing naman ng product na yan, kaya pala ang ganda ng pgkafit ng body mo madam, d naman lawlaw ang fats mo, fit sya actually, kaya maganda ang hubog ng kaawan mo po sa dresses mo and shoes, makinis pa 😀
    but for me, no to body shaming na eh, and chubby is the new sexy na kaya im embracing my own na, and we are all sexy in all sizes and shapes! 🙂


  6. Nakakainspolire naman this , sana magawa ko din to . I got low self esteem when i became a mom , my first priority kasi anak at asawa ko.Now that my daughter is growing , i think i can do na this.I can slay like you.
    Keep on ispiring lot of mommy’s out there.


    1. Thank u. This is really my agenda. Iisa lang katawan ntn. We also need to look great to feel great. Hndi nman pagiging selfish ang alagaan nman ntn ang srili ntn 😉


  7. I have issues with my flabby arms, cellulites on my thighs, bigger abdominal area and tummy. I should try Clarins so that I could see the results for myself. This is way cheaper and safer than spending thousands of pesos in a beauty clinic. Thank you for this blog Miss Japs!
    Lovelots ❤
    Gladys M. Vasquez


  8. Your confidence too Ms. Japs what makes you sexy, and being natural… for showing the real you here I mean unlike others who rely too much into editing and filter. I admire you Ms. Japs because you can wear a 1 piece, in my case I don’t have a chance to wear it in my entire because of my scoliosis.


  9. Ah…. ito pala ang secret mo ms. Japs hehe bakit curvy ka parin. Like i said before, at walang halong kaetchusan at kasipsipan… i like how you wear your clothes, diba yung labas tyan look hehe. Ikaw yung big size na sexy parin tignan. Ako kasi kapag nagge-gain weight ako, flabby! 😬


    1. I would want to try Clarins body fit for my cellulite at saggy arms ,hoping someday i can afford to buy that,Thanks for sharing Ms.japs so inspiring ❤


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