2 years ago, I started my journey with Marie France. I even made the #MissInfoAtMF to officially launch my weightloss journey together with Marie France.

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Here I am @mariefranceph (no camera trick pose). I was 195 lbs last Jul 31 and now on my first weigh in with #MarieFrance, Im 187 lbs. I lost 5-8 lbs in 2 wks (without exercise). It is not that obvious compared to the long #WeightLossJourney I still have. My ideal weight is 110-120 lbs. That means, there is 60-70 lbs to go. Im celebrating the little accomplishments I have. 2 yrs ago, I have a group that weekly updates each other about our #WeightLoss tips and stories. I was 160-170 lbs back then. Now that I have #hypothyroidism, I gained 30-40 lbs more. Sigh. Breakfast buffet pa more. πŸ˜… I adore @marieltpadilla. My love for her started when I saw @mkqua do her makeup. I am a #LauraMercier fan. Thus, I love Mark and now Mariel. I find Mariel very outspoken and sincere and I follow her journey to motherhood and even had a chance to talk to her on Facebook. She is really nice. So when she posted about #MarielGotMarieFranced, I gained interest with the treatments she had. Alas! My favorite vlogger, @raizacontawi also shared her experience with Marie France. After long days of research and prayers, me and my husband finally said #YesToMarieFrance. We went back and forth in having an appointment with them.. Until today! Yes Im now starting my journey with Marie France. Join me in my weight loss #journey. Cheers to a healthier you and me! πŸ˜‰ #MissInformationHealth #plussizeph #ootd #loveDP #dorothyperkinsph #dorothyperkins #michaelkors #charlesandkeith #fashionph #MissInfoatMF #plussize #health #physical

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At Marie France, I only tried 1 treatment (technically) – the FMS Elite treatment. It is an advanced cold therapy for weight loss that burns calories through thermogenesis. It is clinically proven effective with 80 to 90% success rate based on a study.

In just 25 minutes, FMS Elite can burn up to 1,000 calories while activating Brown Fat, which boosts metabolism. With the recommended number of sessions, you can achieve slimmer and healthier body that lasts.

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First FMS Elite treatment. When I went to @mariefranceph, Im surprised to the busyness of the staff bec of the new members dropping by and tons of people having their treatments. I love that their staff are really friendly and amiable. Everyone's smiling and greeting us – no snobby. #MarieFrance has a happy and energetic vibe. The smell in the place is just so addictive. Thankful to my therapist for taking a photo of me. She nicely explained to me the Dos and Don'ts of FMS Elite : 1. Dont drink hot water before and after the treatment – room temp will do 2. Dont eat a few hrs before the treatment 3. Dont bathe with hot shower before and after the treatment. The treatment is for 30 min. I was in a cold body wrap that helps in burning fat through thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a way to stimulate the body to produce more heat so you can burn more calories and increase metabolism. It converts calories into energy instead of storing it and converting it into fat. While having the treatment, I feel cold and damp in some areas of my body. I didnt chill or felt anything bad while having the treatment. After the treatment, my legs feel numb, but only for a few seconds. Im back to my usual activities afterwards. Currently, I already lost 5 lbs (lets now use my own weighing scale). From Marie France's records, I lost 2 lbs since Wed. I also lost a few inches in my waist, tummy and thigh areas. Little achievements for someone trying to lose 80-90 lbs in total. Just trying to live one day at a time. After 24 hrs of my treatment, I feel the same but just lighter. Let's see if I'll lose more with the help of #FMS elite treatment. #MissInfoAtMF #plussizes #plainsandprints #weightlossjourney #journey #WeightLoss #lifestyle #pcos #plussize #charlesandkeith #hypothyroidism #weightwatchers #mango

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I started at 185 lbs before Marie France then lost 5 lbs after 3 months.

Unfortunately, I had to stop my treatment after a few months because I tried one of their treatments that caused me joint pains and tooth ache.

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21st FMSE @mariefranceph : 175.2 lbs. Some are asking why I didnt pursue a new treatment at #MarieFrancePH. My reasons : 1. After the Physique Inch Loss treatment, I had on and off chronic pain and my gums became sensitive with tooth ache for 3 wks. It got better and now almost gone when I stopped my continuous treatment and got more rest. Thus, I decided to have more rest rather than prioritizing my treatments. I guess in some point they dont have that much knowledge when it comes to fibromyalgia to still allow me to have that treatment and assure me that it will be painless. It is painless during the treatment but my body wasn't able to handle the pain AFTERWARDS. 2. Since then, I cant carry heavy things anymore and I feel helpless because of the fragility of my body after the treatment. For someone without a helper, it is not ideal for me to act like a baby and leave tons of chores behind bec of the pain and fear of getting sick. 3. Though I dont totally blame them for whatever pain I had that day because I was the one who gave them the permission to maximize the setting of the machine.. but I do hope that the FREE treatment they gave me for their anniversary promo is customized, according to my needs, a sample of milder treatment and what my body can tolerate. 4. I have a very busy sched, so is my husband. Im very guilty whenever Im late. But sometimes, I find everyone inconsistent when it comes to my diet plan, treatments, and schedule. It's like when they convince u to get more treatments, they'll assure u that they'll find a way for u, but once u start having the treatments, others will make u feel bad for being late but the therapist will say, "IT'S OK. WE'RE NOT FULL TODAY." 5. I dont understand why there are some inconsistencies with the advices I get from my consultant and nutritionist. It's like I want to lose weight but then the nutritionist will encourage me to eat more fruits and so I gained tons then my consultant will say otherwise. I had soy milk as advised by my nutritionist but my consultant knows its cons so it's quite frustrating how you trust these people to help you out but the inconsistencies aren't helping me anymore. #MissInfoAtMF

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On my own, at home, without doing anything special, I lost 5 lbs in a month. Starting at 172 lbs around March 2019, I visit every quarter until I reached 165 lbs September last year.

Fast forward to today, quarantine and bad STRESS eating habits, I am now at 188 lbs! Yes!

And so I seek help from Marie France AGAIN. They offered me these products.

I’m using Clarins body care products for years now but I stopped recently because I’m having Marie France treatments. Now that I can’t leave the house, I opted for their own body care products.

Apply daily.

Use this daily for a more moisturized and supple skin. It preps the body for the next bodycare products you’ll apply.

Apply all over the body and massage lightly until product is well absorbed

It boosts the body’s own repair mechanism by enhancing tissue regeneration. This lotion also prevents skin damage from certain environment influences. It enhances tissue generation to soften and smoothen the skin

Pros : It moisturizes the skin like no other. It is expensive so I only apply it on the EXPOSED areas of my body.

Cons : It feels thick and sticky on the skin. It causes me acne, I have an acne scar on my left thigh

Apply after shower on the inner arms and thighs, buttocks plus lower tummy. Do not rinse off!

It’s like a booster for this bodycare routine. It helps in firming the skin that’s why it’s advisable to apply it on anything that sags to enhance elasticity.

Pros : It has a cool minty sensation that relaxes the body. It helps in firming the skin. I can see visible results

Cons : I have chills whenever I use this. It also causes me acne. It dries fast so massage it all over the body ASAP

Apply before sleeping (every other day) on the outer arms and thighs, tummy, and back fats

It removes toxins and superfluous waste from the body tissues. It helps in activating the normal blood flow. It shows a good effect even without a massage.

Reshapes the figure by removing wastes and toxins.

Apply thinly by using a circular motion on heavy fat deposit areas before bedtime. Wash hands immediately after applying the cream.

Pros : It tends to plateau so have a break of using this.

Cons : It feels heavy on the skin. Hard to massage, it needs time to be fully absorbed by the body

Apply before going to bed (every other day). Concentrate on stretchmarks and thighs

It contains the new revolutionary active substance EB735 for dermal tissue and lipid control. Apply to hips, lower belly and thigh area then massage gently as it activates cutaneous regeneration and improves the structure of the skin

Protects skin against fatty deposits

Pros : It works but does not show drastic results ASAP. Patience is a virtue. Consistency is a must

Cons : It is expensive

At the end of the day, whether we exercise or use body creams to lose weight, it is vital for us to take care of our OVERALL skin, not just the face but the body as well. Age with grace, wisdom and finesse.

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored

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