My Plains & Prints Experience with Anne Curtis

One of the reasons I decided to blog is to have a lookbook for all my OOTDs, which are all Plains & Prints for the past 5 years.

If you check #MissInformationFashion, you’ll see 80% of my clothes are from Plains & Prints that actually made people think that I was sponsored or a franchisee

2 years ago.. the will of the wind changed and I finally quit the #PlainsAndPrintsAddiction.

Good thing my eyes were opened and I saw the reality that Plains & Prints does not deserve my loyalty and passion for the brand.

Also, I am grateful to have the chance to lose some weight and so I discovered better brands. Yes you won’t have a personal relationship with their staff but no you won’t have problems with their service/quality either.

I learned to be playful, adventurous and risky with my style. My fashion statement is.. as long as I’m comfortable and confident.. I am in! I know you’ll agree with me that I actually looked more confident when I stepped out of the Plains & Prints’ shadow.

The friction started when they had bad quality of clothes and I had to write an email about the numerous defective clothes I bought from them. Then their manager invited us to this event..


Kidding aside, I just have to let it go. I’m the type of person who hates being silent when there’s injustice or irregularity – I always want to speak up! I waited for 2 years without buying ANYTHING from the brand before I have the guts to finally say, “My addiction is gone and I’m so done!”

I am not encouraging you to boycott Plains & Prints. I am not saying that you should hate the brand. My experience is personal and it doesn’t define who they are as a whole. If they happen to be nice to you, good for you! Stick with them. You are the lucky one! But if you happen to experience the kind of crap I experienced from them (even if it’s from another brand) this is the sign you’ve been waiting for, your money deserves to be spent elsewhere darlin! Leave. That. Brand! 😉

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored



  1. i don’t think you’re a good a mom.. i mean seriously? Your kid is sick and still went to the event, not to mention it’s his birthday too


    1. Thank u for judging me based on this post. God bless u CHESKA MARIE!

      Let me refer u to my husband who wants us to attend the event. Also, who told u my son wasnt able to celebrate his birthday? It’s just a 2-hr event lol.

      U can check all his photos – he had fun that day. He was feverish bec of the asthma season. Just got sick that day! Did i regret going to the event? Yes! Did that make me a bad mom? No! But maybe u can start arguing with my husband instead!


    2. Wow, i am just appalled by this comment. Who are u to judge how bad of a mom my wife is?!?! She is the BEST mother to our kids and the most wonderful person ive known. No explanations needed and whatever we decide to do is none of your business. Wait hang on… ARE U PAID or sent by someone to comment here?!?! LOL this blog’s been like years and thought long forgotten.. u went all the way here to comment and just popped out of nowhere LOL. Obviously ur low IQ could not comprehend the blog’s message since ur comment’s waaay out of context (tlaga bang pagka nanay ng asawa ko at bday ng anak namin nakita mo, seriously???? 🤯🤯🤯) …getting hooked to the brand for years, Plains and Prints has the WORST CS, POOR QUALITY of materials & OUTDATED DESIGNS (but has got the nerve to charge same or higher price as fast-fashion brands like Mango, H&M, or Zara). Supporting that brand was the worst decision ive made and will forever blame myself for dragging my wife to their store! Salamat pa rin sa comment mo, at dahil ganyan ka mag isip.. pagpipray na lang kita 🙏


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