The Truth About Dior Holiday 2020 Rouge Golden Nights Collection | Lipstick Comparison

I love lipsticks, but not Dior’s specifically because I find their lipsticks simple and the colors are very common.

Until I saw this 🥺

Wow wow wow 😱😱😱

I am very familiar of this coffret but I was never interested. Again because of the same reasons. But for this year, things became different.

Because of this Diorific lipstick

It is very stylish and long lasting despite the moisture and satin texture it has. It doesn’t have skincare properties but it is comfortable on the lips. So I said to myself, “If this is worth it.. then maybe this Dior Holiday 2020 coffret would be too…

Okaaaaay… so what’s the buzz here

This is not just a lipstick set but it also comes with a pretty clutch. So chic.. actually..

It has studs and sparkles of gold. I love how sturdy and spacious it is – just the perfect clutch for formal events or a quick day out. Others even attach a DIY strap to make it a mini bag.

I mean…

Price is around P10,800 so you might say, “Too much!” But 1 Dior Rouge lipstick is around P2250 and in the coffret are 6 lipsticks, which makes all the lipsticks included in the set amount to a total of P13,500. So technically you saved more with a free clutch. 🤯

Moving on to Dior Rouge Golden Nights Collection 2020 lipstick shades

Dior 999 matte and satin

The Dior 999 shade dates back to 1953, when Christian Dior created the shades 9 and 99 for his models to wear on the runway (9 was his lucky number, after all). A few years ago, the lipsticks were reinvented and modernized as Dior 999

Dior 999 Satin (main lipstick with cannage pattern)

It has marine crista extract that stimulates cellular renewal and hyaluronic acid to plump and moisturize the lips. I must say that it has a weightless feel and a luxurious texture.

It transfers but it DOES NOT bleed nor feather

 It’s been 60 years since Christian Dior imagined dressing women’s smiles, and lipstick was the first beauty product he created.

Dior 999 Matte

The first formula for Dior Rouge Lipstick was launched in 2006, with Monica Bellucci as the face of the collection. The sultry Italian model and actress promoted Rouge Dior as a long-lasting, smooth lipstick. The ingredients are meant to moisturize, soothe, and protect your lips with a creamy and soft texture.

Dior 772 Classic Matte

It is very much like my lips with a hint of rose and a light tawny undertone. I love how simple yet classy it looks on me

It glides on the lips

Are you ready to know what shade is sexier than 999?

Dior 666 Matte – intense red

A pop of cherry bloody red. This is multi-purpose and can be used as a blush because of its pigment and matte texture

The sexiest red I’ve ever owned

Next up is this cool and vibrant shade..

Dior 665 Revee

It is a satin rose pink. The perfect “everyday” shade if you want to feel good and look good.

Its best physical UNIQUE feature is its snowflakes pattern.

Finally, the last lipstick shade…

Dior 028 Actrice

A true coral satin with a hint of neon. I love how chic and cool this shade is. It boosts my mood and makes me feel hip – back to my younger years.

Dior Satin Lipstick

Overall, Dior Rouge has a good formula and texture – it has skincare benefits for crying out loud. 😫 It is very pigmented, no scent, no harmful ingredients. The cannage pattern is simple – timeless. It can last up to 8 hours even if you drink water or 10 to 12 hours without eating/drinking anything. These are all in regular-sized packaging, these are NOT minis. Good thing the refills have Dior logos and pattern as well – but a bit smaller and not as hard as the main case.

The lipstick doesn’t deform or melt quickly

One struggle you might consider about this set is the issue of mix n’ match. Though the refills have names on it (outside the case), once you put it inside the main case (cannage pattern), the one inside it will go to your refill case with a different shade number (that’s already inside the main case). Chances are, if you want a different color and forgot where the shade really belongs to.. you will have the shades all mixed up. Hope I made sense. On the other hand, I have a tip to avoid this issue.

Aside from Dior Rouge and Diorific, I also have another lipstick that I really love…

Dior Ultra Rouge – Ultra Daring 755

It is thinner on the lips and feels more matte than Dior Rouge’s matte. It has the same longevity as Dior Rouge but its case is more updated, with a bit of polish.

It’s the first time I tried something this creamy and long lasting but doesn’t bleed especially if compared to Rouge. It does transfer but color will stay on your lips. It’s like a lip stain on a very creamy yet pigmented formula that doesn’t tug nor bleed.

This lipstick is now 3 years old.

Ultra Daring 755 is a fuchsia with a warm undertone. If compared to Diorific, it is less pigmented and doesn’t last as long especially after drinking water. Good thing that “transfer” is less of an issue compared to the other Dior lipsticks I have. Despite its scent, the perfumy smell doesn’t last as long as Diorific.

Overall, I love Dior so much.. I am a confirmed Dior addict! As far as their lipsticks are concerned, my take is to watch out on their sets with a pouch/clutch instead of buying their regular items. I mean there is no need for me to collect – I already have a LOT of lipsticks in different shades and formula. I’m just after the clutch and packaging.

How about you? What is your favorite Dior lipstick? Are you also a Dior addict like me? 😄 If you have time, please follow me on my social media accounts for more updates. Happy holidays!

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  1. Ang gnda lhat ng shades Ms. Japs lalo n un favourite mong fuschia, lkas mkafresh at mka young looking sa face. Prng ang bright sa face, buhay na buhay ang dting 💖

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