Crown Towers Premier Suite

Most of my followers know how much we love Crown Towers (read here). We celebrated our anniversary there last year (see here) and I have nothing but kind words and appreciation for the best hotel we stayed in Manila, Philippines.


This year, we stayed in Crown Towers again… to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. This time, stayed in a bigger suite – the Premier Suite.


Premier Suite : approximately 119 sqm



The main differences and additions in our Executive Suite from last year’s stay and the Premier Suite this year are the sets of furniture, bigger space, and more sheers.



Speaking of sheers, this funny reminder from Crown Towers to always close the blinds is something that we all should remember. Like the example in the photo above — without the blinds and during night time, the people behind the curtains can easily be seen; most especially when the lights are on. This area is near the tub already and others might actually think that it is just a wall and not a curtain. Imagine not knowing which is which? Be always aware. Protect your privacy. πŸ˜‰

11 years of God’s faithfulness


As usual, we stayed in the living room 80% of the time. We preferred staying here because of the big space & the Nespresso coffee maker. Their Cisco phone never fails to catch my attention. I had to call their operators to request a certain dish and contact different restaurants/shops in City of Dreams Manila. I can say that their operators are knowledgeable and courteous. Just like Effy, their helpful Korean receptionist and our butler, Janille. She was the one who made our tub last year. I won’t forget her smile and welcoming tone of voice right after she saw us in the room.


Janille gave us towels and welcome drinks right after check-in; then around dinnertime, Crown Towers blessed us with an exquisite wine and different kinds of cheese. πŸΎπŸ§€ Thank you so much Crown Towers! God bless you!

The bed that keeps my children more alive and hyper.

I love the new pillows and the added couch in the bedroom. The kids felt so comfortable sleeping in a big, soft bed. The lighting, as usual, is perfect!

With a dash of rose petals, bubbles, salts, and scent. Then add romantic electronic candles, plus a heart-shaped rug. Voila! We have a romanntic bathtub set-up.
This photo was from last year’s tub set-up by Janille. I have to admit that I do miss her “romantic” arrangement; but my Crown Towers stay won’t be complete without the bathtub experience.
You haven’t been to Crown Towers if you didn’t become BFF with the tubs. 😁

My son had a wonderful and memorable experience from Crown Towers’ lifeguard last year. This year, I get to experience their pool as well. πŸ€”



I was so impressed on how organized their pool staff is. Before proceeding, they immediately gave us water and towels. I love how helpful and accommodating everyone is.

I’m fearful of water. I hate it when the water goes to my face or when someone splatters me with water. I hate the splashing sound and I get freaked out when I don’t feel the floor of the pool while “attempting” to swim. The 2nd best part of my Crown Towers experience is swimming in the pool. Why? Because I never swam (I walk πŸ˜‚) nor did I attempt to learn how to swim. The privacy of the pool and the clearness of the water made me want to learn how to swim. The water doesn’t hurt our eyes at all. I enjoyed every minute we spent while we’re dipped in the pool. I did my best to learn how to swim. My husband was very patient with me. My kids too actually.

I also appreciate the life guard’s helpfulness and strictness in applying the rules and always watching out on the kids’ safety. The pool is so clean; no one will hesitate to dip in. I miss you pool. πŸ™ I would give up a day just to go back to the most comfortable pool we’ve been to. πŸ˜”


The best experience we had was from Crystal Lounge. Their wide selection of food, royalty treatment to their customers and exquisite sets of furniture made our dining experience extra-ordinary. We love the interior design of the restaurant, the food they serve and the people who served us food. I will make a separate blog post for my love for Crystal Lounge.

As usual, someone cried when we left. This time, it was me. πŸ˜‚ I cried because I can’t believe the lessons I learn everytime I stay in Crown Towers. I enjoyed the pool, love our more spacious room, happy for the privacy we had, grateful for the staycation we experienced and the “family” added in our hearts. I’ve said this a couple of times before, but I’m just thankful to Crown Towers for always proving us that providing exceptional customer service is possible. Thank you Crown Towers for always giving us a separation anxiety everytime we leave your hotel. Until next time. πŸ€—

For more inquiries and concerns, please call :

Crown Towers Manila

Asean Avenue Corner Roxas Boulevard

Entertainment City, Paranaque 1701

Manila, Philippines

Tel : 632-800-80-80

Website :



  1. Love the pictures! You and your husband inspire me!! Let’s me know that there are still real-love-couples out there. Congrats to you and yours and I pray many more years come to you both!!

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