Kettle Korn Whole Grain Baked Popcorn

I still remember how my husband “accidentally” bought Kettle Korn. I want a canned corn from the grocery and for some reason, I texted him kettle corn. Of course he wouldn’t think of it as a canned corn but THE KETTLE KORN.

At Kettle Korn, they use only the finest quality popping corn to make sure it passes our high standards for taste and texture. The special popping corn used in every Kettle Korn pack is harvested straight from Nebraska where corn is grown to perfection under the wide blue sky. Kettle Korn gives us variety of crunchy, delicious and fun flavors with over 7 best popcorn flavors that we may enjoy with your friends, family and loved ones wherever you go and whatever your #PoppinFun activity is.

2016-07-22 12.00.04.jpg

So my husband bought ALL their brand’s flavors. I was so mad at him; but right after trying BUTTERLICIOUS – I became calm. 😂  Aside from butterlicious, (my current favorite) they actually have more flavors : salted caramel, sweet ‘n salty, cheese, and barbecue. I love how crispy and delicious it is. Perfect to munch during a busy day. I’m thankful that I mistyped my grocery list and now introduced to Kettle Korn.

2016-07-22 12.03.51.jpg

Just in time to try this! Their new variety – a whole grain baked popcorn with 2 flavors : sour cream & onion and spicy smoked barbecue. So what’s new about this variety? A whole grain baked popcorn and a snack rich in fiber but this time packed in 2 delicious flavors that we love. My children love it so much; and it is just a good assurance for me to feed them with something “healthier” than other chips. Also, my mom is allergic in too many ingredients already and that is why she can’t eat chips; but Kettle Korn passed her palate’s standards well enough for her to eat a lot. 😅 We all love Kettle Korn; especially their new variety. They already gave us too many flavors; but didn’t stop there. They gave us 2 more; 2 better and healthier options. Thanks Kettle Korn for making our munching ways better! Kettle Korn — The perfect popcorn snack that adds more #PoppinFun to all our epic adventures! Grab a pack now!

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