5 Things About Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila

This has been a long overdue review for one of the coziest hotels we’ve ever been in Manila — The Nobu Hotel.


As most of you know, we are a fan of City of Dreams (see here), and as one of their fans, we opted to stay in Nobu Hotel.


What is Nobu Hotel? 

They say : Nobu Hotels offer a sensual, sultry, fusion of laid-back luxury, high-energy nightlife, exclusive guest room retreats and spa services. By “wrapping” the concept of a luxurious boutique hotel around energized public spaces, Nobu Hotels create powerful stages for shared experiences of excitement and escapism. Featuring the best of everything with imaginative new restaurants, high-energy bars, relaxing rejuvenation, and distinctive service.
I Say :

1. Nobu Hotel means welcoming.

Welcoming Lobby of Nobu Hotel

Welcoming guests with world-class facilities and services, City of Dreams – Nobu Hotel Manila features an in-house casino, fitness center, outdoor pool and 24-hour room service. It provides free parking and free Wi-Fi access in hotel rooms.

Calling Nobu’s reservation office was very easy. There was even a time that their office is already closed so someone from their front desk talked to me instead, Christine handled the call very well. On the day of our arrival, their manager, Maricar, took care of us as well. She passed us over to Angel, Nobu’s loyalty ambassador. A loyalty ambassador is someone who takes care of their guests and explains everything about the Nobu room/suite or the hotel itself. Angel looks so stunning with her makeup made by herself and her uniform designed by Rajo Laurel. Ohhh! Love my OOTD? It was designed by one of the best brands as well. Check it out here.

After a few hours of resting in our room, Lucille, one of their loyalty ambassadors, checked on us as well. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and how she remembers us from our last year’s stay in Crown Towers (see here). Customer service is excellent in Nobu. Their phone operators are good communicators, very courteous and responsive, patient and helpful. I know I bragged about City of Dreams’ customer service well enough; but it’s hard to stop me from being proud. They’re so nice and helpful that they even go the extra mile. You don’t see them but you’ll feel the smile and passion on their voices. I salute Nobu’s excellent customer service!

2016-06-09 14.13.48
Our personalized TV greeting from Nobu Hotel

Nothing beats a personal greeting that will welcome you right after turning the TV on. I love how simple yet sweet the message is.

2016-06-09 14.19.23
A delicious “welcome” treat and a handwritten note from Nobu Hotel.

So when we saw this on our living room table, we were surprised but more curious on what this delicious dessert is. Okay, don’t be mad at me because I don’t know what this is called; but the taste, I can fully describe : it looks like an egg yolk but as soft as a pudding. It tastes like peach-mango with the creamy goodness of milk. The best dessert I’ve tasted in my whole stay in Nobu Hotel. The tray of fresh fruits also helped us become health-conscious throughout our stay. Also, there was a handwritten note from their manager; and it was the sweetest welcome we had that day.

The Japanese sake made the table set-up even more romantic. It tastes so good and one of a kind — a cherry grape flavor kind-a-wine. We appreciated sake for the first time.

Appreciate the romantic table set-up. The flowers are so nice.

2. Nobu Hotel surprises.

A romantic set-up for our 11th wedding anniversary.
A gift to enhance creativity and practice good hygiene for our kids.
Around 9pm, someone knocked on the door and gave this to us.

I appreciate the essense of surprise for giving this to us in the latter part of the day. This chocolate cake offers different texture : soft cake, creamy icing and crunchy berries. It also offers different tastes that will tickle your palate through its rich goodness in every bite. The greeting “Happy Anniversary” made the dessert extra special. Though it is so delicious, the mango pudding tastes even better.

We appreciate the surprise and we are even more grateful for giving our children something to be busy about. Thank you so much Nobu Hotel!

3. Nobu Hotel offers luxury for a cheaper amount.

Offering pool and city views, stylish air-conditioned rooms and suites come with carpet floors, in-room safe, a flat-screen cable TV and ironing facilities. Electric kettle, minibar and iPod dock are also included. The private bathroom has a shower, bathrobes and free bath amenities.

Premium View from the Nobu Suite

Let me give you a tour on our Nobu suite.

Living Room

A spacious living room with comfortable sets of furniture, good quality appliances, and chic interior. I love the elegant carpet, huge TV, and the beautiful view of City of Dreams Manila on our floor-to-ceiling window. They had yellow lighting here — so comfortable and romantic. We stayed here 90% of the time. Why? Because they have the coffee maker here. 😋

Nespresso Coffee Maker and Water Bottles

The ONLY hot coffee that my heart can tolerate. I can drink 8 cups of this a day. Their coffee capsules are organized according to the guest’s need — strong, moderate, light. I chose the lightest — light, creamy and not sweet! It doesn’t hurt my tummy and I can still sleep well after drinking it. I love how relaxed I felt with every cup.

My Nespresso addiction started here.

I worked for a coffee-related company. We sell this kind of coffee maker and I know how expensive a Nespresso is. I’m so impressed on how Nobu pampers their guests with excellent “unlimited” coffee during our stay. Wow! If that is not luxury, I don’t know what is.

Full and tempting Mini Bar and their popular “Intimacy Kit” for the lovebirds. 😶 They also provide us with kettle, utensils, cups and plates.

Their mini bar filled with drinks and snacks are very tempting.. as tempting as their intimacy kit which is actually perfect to those who planned for a romantic getaway.

My 3 boys enjoying the scenic view!

The living room is not just luxurious; it also looks homey. I felt at home right after I saw the living room set-up. A comfort room near the door and the living room made everything easy for us. Their sofa is comfy and huge. It actually looks a bit like our home. A perfect place for those who always want a feeling of being “at home.”

Elegant Tub
Tons of Towels and a Lighted Makeup Mirror 😍

Their restroom defines “elegance at its finest.” From their numerous towels, to their elegant tub, helpful makeup mirror, beautiful “Japanese” furniture and fixtures, and their glass doors/panels. Their lighting is so perfect here as well. I actually just go here to check my makeup. 😅

Our Room

If the living room says, “welcome,” our bedroom says, “sleep now!” I’m used to working in our room and seeing a bed doesn’t make me feel sleepy at all; Nobu Hotel’s bedroom has the perfect bedroom set-up for those who really want to rest. I hate resting and I don’t like being idle; but Nobu forced me to rest. As soon as I lie down in our comfy bed, I slept… slept so well actually. So does it mean that we had a hard time waking up?

Look at the photo above. The sheer is so thin (not to mention stylish) and that is why the sun’s ray can easily get through. The sun’s brightness caused us to be aware of the time and made it easy for us to wake up early. Actually, the sun is not the ONLY alarm clock we had.


The in-house Nobu Restaurant serves a fine selection of Japanese cuisine, and special diet meals can also be prepared upon request.

Not just that! On the side table is a dock where you can play music from your phone via bluetooth. Amazing right? Premium room amenities for a special guest.

4. Nobu Hotel has a perfect exterior design.

Most Instagrammable Place in Nobu Hotel

The pool is exquisitely made and the ground floor has a lot of instragammable places for blogging and personal use. Ground floor is my favorite floor in terms of taking photos and my favorite place to unwind. Water makes me calm and this place made use of water as a perfect exterior design. See these photos for reference :

CYMERA_20160602_194347FB_IMG_1465409630121CYMERA_20160604_0138392016-06-03 10.52.44

All of these photos were taken in Nobu Hotel’s Ground Floor
Nobu Restaurant’s Exterior and Interior Design

Nobu is actually known first for its restaurant. Then soon ventured out in having a hotel. Owner Chef Nobu Matsuhisa opened Nobu Hotel’s door to Asia; first in Manila, Philippines. Nobu restaurant is only open during dinner and the price is more expensive than the usual Japanese restaurant; but the experience is one of a kind. On the other hand, Nobu already offered a brunch buffet for outsiders — a wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes plus desserts! Buffet and plated food are expensive in Nobu; that is why it’s a good thing that our room package comes with FREE breakfast. Unfortunately, their selection isn’t good. This is what I had. 😥


5. Nobu provides exceptional room amenities.

Yoga Mat, Iron + Ironing Board, Laundry Bags, Vault and Hangers
Extra Rubber Mat, Candle Containers, More Toiletries
Big Comfy Robes, Extra Comforter, Slippers, Shoe Shine Kit, and Sewing Kit
Toiletries, Cups, and a Tissue
Comfy Chair, Table Lamp, Cisco Phone, Papers + Pen
Electronic Toilet Seat

Amongst all the other room amenities that Nobu Hotel provided for us; the electronic toilet seat is what I miss the most. Why?

a. it made washing our rear and front areas easier

b. it tolerates our laziness 😂

c. the hot and sterilized seat makes sitting more comfortable. It assures an OC guest like me that everything’s clean.

d. the pressured water tickles 😅

e. everything became faster and easier; especially for us with kids — because of this electronic toilet seat, we are assured that our son washed his butt well 😉

Nobu Hotel is not the usual common hotel. It is one of the best hotels in Manila and I’m so proud to experience Nobu — our home away from home. Our experience is one for the books. Now that you know more about Nobu.. what are you waiting for? It’s time to call and make a reservation. 😄

Nobu, City of Dreams Manila

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Parañaque 1701, Manila, Philippines

Landline:+632 800 8080
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/NobuHotelManila/




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