Last year, we visited Apu in City of Dreams and I must say that the experience is an average. This year, we re-visited them and now I’m making a new review about one of the Filipino restaurants in COD Manila.


So the menu can still be read on a tablet. They added more dishes but removed ย delicious ones too like the palabok. They listened to one of my bad comments which is the bad spacing of the tables… Now there is more space and it feels more private to eat in Apu.

Place (10/10)

I love how snappy the servers were. They welcomed us as soon as they saw us near the restaurant. The place is still cold, clean and chic. Still a perfect ambiance for dinner. So here are the food we ordered :

Kare-Kare (10/10)

The kare-kare is more delicious now. It is more saucy and with more ingredients. I love that the sauce is tastier and thicker now. I love everything about it. One of the best I’ve tried this year. The shrimp paste (bagoong) it comes with complemented the kare-kare as well. Thumbs up for this dish. ๐Ÿ‘

Gambas (10/10)

The price is perfect for its serving. I love the taste, quality of the shrimps and the ratio of its sauce. It is not salty. Hmmm.. I just love everything about this dish ๐Ÿ˜

Laing (10/10)

My mom-in-law ordered this. She herself is a good cook so I seldom see her order for herself. Once she orders something, I always ask how she likes it because I know that her judgment is worth listening to. She said it’s delicious, well-made and cooked to perfection.

As you noticed, we have nothing to say about the food. Everything was delicious. The problem was the service. Here are my comments :

1. Getting a refill for water, asking for the bill and other utensils take so much time.

2. When we asked the kare-kare for take-out, for the 2nd time they didn’t include the shrimp paste.

For customer service, I have to give 7/10 because up until now, service hasn’t changed. Though food is excellent, service got compromised. That’s the sad part. Though I’m very happy to see a BIG improvement from Apu.. I hope that next time the improvement will come from their people. With the kind of amount they charge, customers deserve an EXCELLENT quality in terms of customer service.

Apu Restaurant – City of Dreams Manila
Upper Ground Floor – Asean Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd Entertainment City – Paraรฑaque 1701 – Manila, Philippines
Tel. No: (02) 887 1651


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