Crystal Lounge

Tapas, snacks, well-crafted cocktails, premium wine, tea and coffee in a comfortable and stylish spot. Located at the right side of the Crown Towers lobby, this relaxed yet elegant sitting lounge is perfect for quick meetings or extended chats.


I just mentioned in my recent blog post about Crown Towers Premier Suite (read here) that the highlight of our stay was when we ate at Crystal Lounge.


When we stayed at Crown Towers last year (read here); one of the highlights of our stay was the food as well. We love the in-room dining — the fast service and the delicious food we had. Never did we know that the food came from Crystal Lounge.


This year, we didn’t just order Crown Towers’ in-room dining; we also had the chance to eat in Crystal Lounge for breakfast. Last 2015, Crystal Lounge wasn’t open for breakfast nor does it welcome kids. It is exclusive for gamers only and kids aren’t allowed because they only serve snacks and alcoholic drinks. So from the outside, we already wish to have the chance to go inside; but we never thought that Crystal Lounge will be open for families.. even better.. for breakfast included in our room’s package. ๐Ÿ˜„

Wide variety of pastries in the buffet.

I know Nobu hotel has their own selection of pastries too; but if there’s one thing I cannot forget about my Crystal Lounge experience, it’s their pastries. I love that it is freshly baked and the variety of tastes and texture they offered in the buffet. I appreciate that they have a healthy selection of breads (including rye), ensaymada, muffins, danish, pain au chocolat, ube brioche,ย spreads, cheese, butter and ham. The croissant, in particular, is exquisite! It is so soft inside yet crispy and tasty on the outside. In Crystal Lounge, there’s no fear of being tempted to eat something sweet and unhealthy. In fact, they offer these healthy food and drinks.

Fresh Fruits, Cereals, Almonds, Cranberries, Dried Mangoes, Freshly Squeezed Juice, Wheat Grass, Coffee, Tea, Granola & Muesli with Blueberry, Gelatin, and Oatmeal Desserts

We are used in eating at a buffet restaurant and binge-eat. In Crystal Lounge, there’s no fear of eating in a buffet.. Because they prepare healthy options for us. Healthy BUT deliciously made food. I like that they offered a lot of “freshly made” drinks with the option to put chia seeds. What’s good about the selection is the chance to choose any vegetable to include in your juice or they can blend and shake it for you. Also, they’re offering a shot of wheat glass, which has a lot of benefits in our bodies. Crystal Lounge doesn’t stop there! They also offer granola & muesli with blueberry, a non-sweet, healthy, and delicious health breakfast that we can use as an alternative instead of cereals. I love the gelatin as well, the kids love it too! The fruits are freshly cut and prepared with the right colors and coldness for all their guests. The colors of all their buffet treats look so good that the eyes will have the first feast and enjoyment. I can go on and on in bragging about their healthy selections; but you just have to see it for yourself, or else, drool. ๐Ÿ˜ช

On the Menu : Dimsum & Dumplings, Tapsilog, Tocilog, Pancakes, etc.

Well, their buffet isn’t just the star of the breakfast. Crystal Lounge also gave us the option to order from their menu. Their menu includes Filipino breakfast, Pancakes, Dimsum & Dumpling, etc. The serving is generous, the food is cooked as you order then served hot to their guests. The chunks of tapa and tocino are huge! They are generous in putting sauce and giving us condiments. I love the tapa! It is tender, tasty, and smells so good. ๐Ÿ˜ถ The fried rice (sinangag) it comes with and the sunny side up eggs are cooked well without too much oil. It also comes with papaya relish (atsara) that has the right sweet-sour crunch. The dimsum & dumplings are hot and freshly made. It is delicious, a taste of China indeed.


One of the remarkable things I remember from Crystal Lounge is their beautiful and instagrammable couch. I love the pillows and the relaxing ambiance the restaurant has. I just feel like I’m at home. ๐Ÿก I remember how many times they offered us to transfer to a bigger and higher table. I opted for the couch and didn’t leave because I just remember HOME. ๐Ÿ›‹

Speaking of home, while in our room, we also had in-room dining and surprisingly found out that Crystal Lounge made the food we ordered. Here they are :

Pancit Canton (10/10)

It is a delicious noodle dish that we all love. What stands out here is the crispy pork and the quality of the noodles they used.

Shrimp with Olive Oil (7/10)

I love that the chef accommodated my request to make this dish. What I don’t like is the undercooked shrimp they made, lack of taste, spice and garlic (which I requested), and the different price quoted on the phone vs on the receipt. The price on the receipt is different from what is quoted to me on the phone. Miscommunication didn’t help us in solving the issue of the quality of the shrimps either. I love that the serving is good but the taste didn’t meet my expectations. I know they can do better because last year, we had an awesome experience from them too (see here).

Pasta Marinara (10/10)

It was well cooked, pasta is al dente and sauce is really delicious! Serving is quite generous too. I love everything about it. ๐Ÿ˜

Table Set-Up

I appreciate the set-up that our butler did here. Look how elegant everything was made. Along with what we ordered, Crystal Lounge sent us pastries and butter. We are happy that the service was fast and ordering was easy.

Well, I guess I already shared everything I can say about this restaurant. But if there’s anyhing else I can add, that is the warm welcome they gave us. From their staff, managers, and chef — I have nothing but respect and love for these people. They are nice to everyone, offer help to ANYONE and joyfully + sincerely served all of us. I just love the smiles I see the whole time we were eating there. Their chef is also nice and accommodating. The place welcomed us with good food and elegant ambiance while their people made sure to give us a top-notch service and experience. Hats off to the chef and their whole staff!

With Michelle

My notable experience in Crown Towers and Crystal Lounge as a whole is with Michelle. I had a meaningful conversation with her. In fact, I enjoyed everybody’s company. It’s like I’m dining at home. I’m not the only guest that they accommodated well. I can see foreigners, young adults and even teenagers eating there and their treatment was the same. They are nothing but nice and warm. In that cold and gloomy Saturday, their presence made our breakfast felt light, warm and exciting. ๐Ÿ˜Š If there’s one more reason I’ll add up to why I love Crystal Lounge.. it’s because of these two…


Experience superb customer service and delicious, healthy options in Crystal Lounge. Dine in their restaurant! They are open for walk-in customers like YOU. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Crystal Lounge in Crown Towers, City of Dreams Manila

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City, Paraรฑaque 1701, Manila, Philippines

Landline:+632 800 8080

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