This is my situation for 2 years. I remember ALL the judgment passed to me and my husband whenever they see us in the hospital – maybe you sin more, maybe you did something, maybe what you do is not enough, maybe it’s because you are always at home, maybe they don’t eat healthy foods. There was also a time when they question why we ALWAYS confine our children in the hospital. It’s as if we can request the hospital to confine our children.  😂 People say silly things when they pass judgment. Who wants to see their children having a hard time? Nobody!!! 🤐


Our usual routine is :

1. The older/younger brother will go sick.

2. The other brother will get sick as well.

3. We will go to the hospital and our pedia will give them a prescription for the meds; antibiotic included.

4. The kids will take the medicines and nebulize for days.

5. Fever is still there even with antibiotics and paracetamol. Still having a hard time breathing even while nebulizing.


6. Kids will either have LBM because of the side effects of the antibiotics or they will have complications like having sore throat or rashes.

7. Pedia will send them to ER. Since fever is more than a week already and more than 3 days after antibiotics, they have to consider it an automatic CONFINEMENT.


8. Go to our room. They will have their dextrose, meds, nebulization, and tons of Drs checking on them every 6-8 hours.

9. No sleep because the younger brother will cry because of pain caused by the needles and difficulty breathing.

10. Until they’re cleared after a few days (sometimes a week) then we leave. Repeat after 3-4 months.


It hurts to see them go back and forth in the hospital. Aside from the dreadful bills, we should be on leave for days or a week. The food are also expensive in the hospital. We don’t get to sleep well and we are tired after the whole confinement. Sometimes, we too get sick and there was even a time that I got sick as well and was confined after their confinement. 😣 I got tired of ALL the advices and ALL the judgmental comments made by “friends” and others who pretend to care.


I tried everything : disinfecting our rooms, having a vacation to a place with clean air, letting them eat fruits and veggies, and giving them vitamins. Until one day, someone offered this supplement. I have tried a lot of expensive vitamins and the cost of each confinement is very costly; but now we saved a lot with God’s grace and the help of this supplement. Because of that, my children can now play with other kids without any fear of getting sick again. They aren’t confined for 2 years now and still counting. We now see a big difference in their lifestyle and a big change in our so-called routine. Here are my children now.


Now they are healthier, taller and stronger. We were able to save more money, no more absences and no more confinement. I don’t hear (or read) ugly comments now. We didn’t miss the hospital. We prefer seeing them happier and healthier. The money we usually spend on medicines and hospital bills are now spent in vacations, leisure, shopping and entertainment. 🤑

Usually, we do EVERYTHING to CURE our sickness to the point that we forget the importance of PREVENTING it instead. Prevention is better than cure. Let us not forget that health is wealth. One of the best gifts we can give our children is to give them good health. This is one product you wont regret to buy. My pedia is amazed on the results of this supplement. I’m so happy that someone introduced me to it. Right now, I’m actually taking it for myself as well and will soon blog about the effects of it after 1 month use. I myself experienced the same effect and the BIG difference after taking it for myself. For more inquiries about this secret supplements, comment here or email me at or contact RJ : 0922-832-4643.



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