OOTD : Earl

Hi everyone! Last week, I wore something that my husband requested me to wear.

Plains & Prints Earl

It’s pretty obvious that I gained weight. What will I do about it? I already wasted a lot of time sobbing and all when I can actually spend more energy in losing weight and finding ways to improve myself.

Marc Jacobs Bag

So after picking up the pieces, I put my makeup on and wore this dress. At first, I was hesitant to wear it because I feel like my “edges” can be seen easily in this outfit; but with my husband’s encouragement, I finally wore it.

Clarks Shoes

With my confidence on and my insecurities out, I wore it with a smile. 👄 In times like this, I find strength by :

1. Taking a photo of myself in an angle where I look slimmer. I look at it for a few minutes. Make myself see how I look good that day. Automatically, confidence is boosted. 👍

2. Wearing high heels. 👠 It won’t just look good on me; it also gives an illusion that my legs are longer. 😉

3. Finding the right pose. Aside from the perfect angle, having the right pose supports having a good angle. Make sure that your pose hides your flaws and highlights your features. 😘


4. Covering up. I cover anything I like to conceal or I want to look smaller. I use my hair, legs, bangs, bag and whatever it takes just to “hide” them.

5. Accessorize. Use your accessories to hide the “flaws” and to feature your strengths. Accessories makes you see how fun life is. It gives character to your clothes and adds style to your life.

6. Putting on a good makeup. Who cares if I gained weight? As long as I like what I see in the mirror. I.. don’t.. care..

2016-08-03 22.09.17
MAC Candy Yumyum + Dior Polka Dots Eyeshadow Palette

When I feel weak on the inside, I use makeup to strengthen my confidence on the outside. Once I see my beauty through makeup, I forget about my flaws and just go on with life.

2016-08-03 22.07.53
H&M accessories

You see, life is about perspective. It is about knowing where to spend your energy and limiting yourself in things that drains it. Life is about looking on the bright side of things and trusting God that everything works for His good instead of magnifying on what our small minds are actually missing.

God’s plans are better than ours. It’s just about changing our perspective. Just as how we look at our bodies. Once we understand that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, it’s gonna be easier for us to take care of it. Irregardless of the fact that we’re having a hard time. Once we know the value of our bodies, body shaming won’t come from ourselves nor do we do it to other people. ❣



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