My Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay Favorites

Aside from my Dior addiction, I started to love Bobbi Brown again last year when I got interested with their eyebrow products. I have an on/off relationship with Bobbi Brown because my skin happens to react with most of their foundation, concealers, and moisturizers. Except for this specific foundation stick.

One of my first favorites is the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick. I choose a darker shade so I can use it as a concealer. I have the WARM NATURAL 4.5 shade. It is .31oz / 9g in weight and lasts me for 6 to 9 months. Usually, when I run out of foundation or during travels, this is already good enough to be my long-wear foundation. It’s just sticky if applied on the whole face. It is supposed to be a foundation stick but I use it as a concealer because it doesn’t make my skin orangey not like the other concealers out there. Well for 1 reason — it is not meant to be a concealer but I’m thankful for Rustan’s staff named Jeff for introducing me to this babe. The texture of this Foundation Stick is mousse-to-cream like. I use my fingers to apply and blend it easily. It does a great job in covering my flaws, acne scars and dark circles. It sets fast and doesn’t cake. When I’m in a hurry and need a quick touch-up, this is my key for an instant flawless skin as it covers my pores and scars so well. This hides everything! Even the big acne that is hard to pop or was already popped and hard to conceal OR… the sadness in your eyes 😓🙊

Kat Von D Lipstick

Because it’s a stick, it is also a quick fix and can be used even without a mirror, honestly. My husband is amazed whenever I use this. 😄👏 The packaging is sturdy and the price is just right if it’ll be used as a concealer and maybe somewhat expensive if used as a foundation. But overall, you get what you paid for. The product is released upon twisting the base of the tube — it is retractable. It doesn’t cause flashback on photos too! This has been my bestfriend after years of searching for the best concealer — it helps me contour, covers flaws and dark circles instantly.

I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown bronzer for years as well. I love a matte bronzer that sticks, doesn’t cake and stays for hours. I love their new packaging too. This bronzer lasts me for up to 2 years and it doesn’t break easily. I can finish and empty its container.

I’m not really good in making my own eyebrows. This photo proves it. I have ugly eyeliner and mascara back then. Let’s discuss that later. So back then I was using Dior powdered eyebrow pencil, and for some reason I’m just not good at it. Well maybe because #1, I’m not really good at using powdered eyebrow pencil because they tend to look thick and #2, my eyebrow products aren’t good.

I love the Long-Wear Brow Pencil because it is indeed long-wearing and doesn’t even break or melt or deform. I also love that it doesn’t smudge easy nor does it cake. The Natural Brow Shaper is a must too! It makes my eyebrows stay in place and reshape them without the itchy and thick feeling. It also makes the eyebrows’ color last longer than usual.

I love my CHANEL Stylo Yeux waterproof eyeliner, it is without a doubt my holy grail in waterproof eyeliners.. but while searching for the best gel eyeliner that is best for definition and to make winged liners, I know Bobbi Brown won’t disappoint. Hubby went to Rustan’s to check on Chanel & Bobbi Brown. Chanel failed while at Bobbi Brown, the makeup artist even sprinkled some water on his hands with the gel eyeliner swatch on and it didn’t smudge nor smear at all!

When I first applied it, I was like.. “Will I ever do this right? I really had a hard time using liquid eyeliners. Will you really do this Japs?” I am color blind. I have astigmatism. It is hard for me to draw a good straight line. Even on a paper. 😅😅😅 So imagine all my fears and the eyeliners I wasted while I try to practice before.

Anywaaay.. Bobbi Brown didn’t fail us all for coming up with The Black Ink Gel Eyeliner — it is awesome! The texture is not too soft nor too hard. It creates a regular black line and when thickened, a dark black. It is indeed water and smudge proof, but it will still smear when you dance and sing for hours. 😅😅😅 Aside from that, this gel eyeliner is the bomb!

Everything became easier because of the Bobbi Brown PRO Studio Dual Ended Cream Smudge / Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush. The Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush was designed to be used with both gel and powder formulas. The slim, tapered head with finely pointed and tightly packed hairs is perfect for creating a flawless, crisp line. Want even more precision? Flip to the Ultra Precise end—designed for use with any liner formula, this sharply tapered brush with super-fine, firm bristles keeps your liner on point. Salute to the best eyeliner brush everrrrr!

I also love Bobbi Brown’s Waterproof Mascara because it is actually waterproof and smudgeproof but what I hate about it is how it clumps when you apply too much. It doubles as an eyeliner too. But, I don’t like its brush and how small it is. The bristles are too soft and small to apply all over the lashes as well.

My husband bought this Urban Decay’s Naked HEAT at Sephora Australia. I’m quite hesitant to say yes to it at first because I’m not a fan of nude eye looks. But after seeing the swatches online, we took the risk.

Wearing Jeffree Star Baby Daddy Velour Liquid Lipstick

It has different hues of brown, sienna and orange. It can hold on for hours without caking but it tends to fall-out. Good thing the mattes can stay long but the glitters are too buttery to last.

Finally, the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is something everyone should try. Well it is smudge-proof and doesn’t cake but it doesn’t stay long and not waterproof either. The glittery eyeliners are good but it is easily removed when applied on the water line.

It has creamy and metallic colors, so nice that they are even better to use as an eyeshadow or a liner outside the lower lash line. It is too creamy that it is best to be smudged and not make precision lines. It can be sharpened easily but it wastes a lot of product, kinda messy too. Plus, don’t miss the cap of the pencil, there’s a high chance that the lead will be removed out of the pencil’s wooden body. The pencil has a bigger body that is not tight enough to keep the lead intact. Thus, avoid exposing it to heat, or the lead will melt.

How about you? What are your Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay favorites? All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored.

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  1. I also like Bobbi Brown kaso mahal tlga sila hahaha, but my ate bought me 2 bobbi brown lipsticks, they’re my fave kasi bukod sa mahal sila, the lipsticks does a good addition sa lips ko, maganda sila gamitin, ang ggaganda naman po ng looks mo madam! I wanna do that too ung liquid eyeliner kaso hirap tlga ako sa gnyang look hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hinde ako natuto mag make up kahit nung dalaga pa ako. Lipstick ok na kapag pumapasok ako sa kapag nakikita ko ang mga post mo Ms. Japs na natutuwa at nainspire ako mag make up kahit full time mommy ako lipsticks o konti eyeliner lang kapag aalis ng bahay.kaya si husband yan lang ang alam na bilhin sa akin. Sana may matutunan din ako simpleng make up.😊 thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bobbi Brown I known this brand since college, lol because of beauty magazines. And I read some reviews online on what are best make up of Bobbi, its a bit pricey but its money wise to invest in a good quality. My fondest for Bobbi Brown grew bigger when Princess Kate used most of it during her wedding day, from that moment, Bobbi Brown make up is so impressive and wishing to try it whether its blush or lipstick. Sadly I can’t use eyeliner either pen or liquid because its making me cry and not comfortable with it. Same tayo Ms. Japs astigmatism but I have to wear my sunglass or else I can’t see clearly….love the shades of urban decay actually my fav colour is in the earth, green shades but I can wear any colour.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Would love to try those someday, especially Bobby Brown… but for now will stick muna to what I regularly use… sabi nga “In time” I’ll get there too 🙂 Love how you blend colors Miss Japs and I so love it too how you pair or blend the make up shades with what you are wearing, the accessories, well most especially the shoes. ❤

    Practice really makes it perfect, kaya naman mas nakaka inspire lalo kasi you are showing us that it takes awhile and, trial and errors to “pe’rfect” what you do or want to achieve…. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ang galing niyo naman po sa pagmemake up.Dati nag gaganyan ako , na stop lang nung nagka anakna ko.
    Kumikita pa ko nun sa pag me make up kaso ngayon hindi na .Kakulangan din sa gamit isa sa dahilan.

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  6. I’m not good at putting makeup but I’m a make up enthusiast. I know that everything can be learned gradually. Love that smokey eyes effect on you. I salute you for not being afraid of trying out and experimenting different looks and shades of makeup.

    Lovelots ❤
    Gladys M. Vasquez

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    1. Sometimes its all in the mind. If u want it to work.. u have no choice but to pull it off. Maamo kasi ang face mo kaya mas bagay syo ang nudes pink and red 😘


  7. Seryoso ms. Japs? You have astigmatism? Ako nga kaya hindi ako makapag make-up, lalo yang eyeliner kasi malabo mata ko hehe and i cant balance left and right, kainis hehe. So i just go with lippies lang talaga.

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