A Tour on Seda Vertis North

It is our dear mommy and daddy’s 50th wedding anniversary and so we need a good hotel near their church.

We are familiar about this hotel because my brother is supposed to stay here when he got married, but we chose Microtel instead.

Their receptionists are very friendly and the lobby is spacious but very busy – always crowded and hard to take photos at daytime (without someone passing by). Thus, we took the chance to take photos at night and rarely by day.

Shoes by Call It Spring

Like what I said, the lobby is busy. On the other side you’ll find their restaurant, Misto and a computer table where MAC desktops with headsets (and wifi access) are available for in-house and walk-in guests to use.

As you walk through the lobby you’ll see this sweet area where sumptuous cakes and pastries are available. Overflow customers from Misto eat here as well. I went here to buy their cakes and crinkles because they are not sweet and made just right for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth like me. I bought cakes, cookies, ensaymada and crinkles for home consumption.

On the other side of the lobby is a lounge where Kenneth Cobonpue pieces can be found. They are so nice and artistically-made; but be careful though, they have a lot of mosquitoes in this area. Also, the aircon doesn’t reach this area – it is too hot in here.

Sandals by CMG Ph
Pouch by Colette Hayman

Going up on the 2nd floor is their event place – ballroom and meeting rooms. Again, aircondition is bad in the hallway but lighting is so good so go here to take some good photos and videos as well.

See the Ayala Mall beside the hotel

On the 3rd floor is their playground and another restaurant that serves pica-pica food and drinks. They have wooden tables, nice lighting and good music near the pool area.

Remember when I mentioned about Okada Manila‘s right water and air temperature for the pool? I mentioned that because Seda has a breezy pool area that makes the water freezing cold for you to swim in even if it’s daytime. We only swam for 3 hours and I feel like I’m gonna get sick.

I’m beginning to understand why my sister-in-law didn’t choose this hotel for her wedding. The hotel’s background is Landmark’s building and they have tons of rules and schedule for taking photos at certain areas of the hotel, making it too difficult for everyone to take photos.

Top & Skirt by Karimadon

When you’re staying at the suite, you’ll automatically have a Club Lounge access at the 23rd floor. It is huge and spacious with chic furniture and nice city view. I love the coffee here and the TVs are on for everyone’s use. We never had the chance to try their food here because of the limited time and schedule they have for the food availability. So technically, this isn’t something I got excited for.

In-room dining isn’t good at Seda. Food seems to be old and just reheated and the quality looks like it’s from a low-grade restaurant but the price is too expensive. Their nachos here has less sauce and beef but more chips. This is why we got addicted to Misto’s buffet. We were forced to eat buffet in some point because buffet rate at Misto is cheaper than in-room food charges. Plus, buffet food tastes way better with live band on weekends during dinnertime. I suggest you have a reservation ahead of time because they are always full especially on a weekend.

Breakfast Buffet – Laidback Look

I never really had the chance to take photos of our food or of us eating because the food is too delicious for us to delay eating and the tables at Misto aren’t spacious for us to take time in taking photos. Also, our table is full of plates and drinks (not to mention messy) for us to still take photos.

Our favorites from the breakfast buffet are : fresh juices, adobo, bacon, pancakes and dried fish. The best of the best at the dinner buffet are : tempura, ribs, fries, curry, noodle soup, ice cream, crinkles and cookies. Nevertheless, the best thing about our Seda stay is the FOOD at Misto and their bakery.

Good thing Seda Vertis North gave our kids a cutie bear for them to play with. The kids definitely love it! Not just that!

They love the city view too. Unfortunately, the curtains, floor and appliances are very dirty/dusty upon our arrival so we asked the housekeeping to clean our suite again. We have to leave for a couple of hours for them to take their time in making sure our suite is clean.

Gown by Michael Leyva

Their elevator hallways are spacious and huge. Good lighting for photos too. On the other hand, room hallway space is just right and in yellow light – not good in taking photos in daytime but okay during night time.


Our suite is spacious with a small foyer. It might be a small thing for the others but space is so important for me to move and take photos better.

With my makeup artist, Imee and my hairstylist
Accessories by Tessera and Forever 21

The living room on the other hand is not that spacious and lighting is bad as well. See video.

The sofa beds are too heavy to move and the space is limited for the living room area. TV’s speaker isn’t in good quality and its size is not that big or properly placed as well. We didn’t watch that much TV here because lighting makes us very sleepy.

Lighting and space are our main issues at the living room because of the “hard to move” furniture. Plus, I have to be beside the TV while Imee is doing my makeup just to have a better lighting.

Selfie is okay with ring light on

In the living room area is a small kitchenette with a microwave, mini ref (with drinks inside) and a table for cups, glasses and pitcher.

The bed is not that huge but comfortable. I just don’t like the bed frame because I always hit my leg to it. The pillows are quite smaller and the comforter isn’t thick compared to the other hotels we’ve been to. Also, the floor tends to be slippery at times because it doesn’t have a carpet.

I love the bedroom space we have. The whole suite has a balanced aircon temperature and lighting is good too – yellow and relaxing.

The TVs aren’t smart TV (just cable) and the distance between the TV and the bed or the TV and the sofa bed is either too near/far that makes the watching experience awful. The phone isn’t accessible enough and also very dusty upon our arrival. It was old and not cordless, most of the appliances are still old fashioned if compared to other hotels.

They only have 1 sink and a small tub that fits only 1 thin person. We never used it. The shower room tends to have water overflow everytime someone takes a bath or washes because the glass door doesn’t seal well.

The walk-in closet and bathroom are spacious too but there are too many flaws as well. The closet space isn’t big enough with no dresser; but there’s a big mirror and a weighing scale so I guess that’s better. Also, the toilet area is too small. I’m wearing a gown and it doesn’t fit here. I have to remove all my clothes before going in. The tissue holder keeps on falling off in every use. The trash can is too small and dirty as well. No bidet. 🤯

The ironing board is just right but their iron is old; we have to bring our own steam iron. Robes are too fluffy and not absorbent enough to use after swimming.

The toiletries are just okay and not as much as what the others provide, but it’s fine.

One thing I like about Seda is the Ayala Mall Vertis North beside it. After breakfast, we went out to buy toys and have my haircut. The mall isn’t crowded at all and the people seem to find us normal. No one is looking at us differently just because we were wearing home clothes. Everyone offers good customer service (even guards and janitors). The mall is well-maintained, with good aircondition and clean plus there are restrooms everywhere. I also love that they have a mini garden in the middle of the mall. If only this is near our place, we’ll go here all the time.

💇‍♀️ 1 year of not cutting my hair. Here we go!
Tada! 💁‍♀️

Our Seda Vertis North stay is still considered one for the books. Because of the food, ambiance and pool, I will give it an 80% rate. Aside from the cleanliness and food issues we had plus the mosquitoes and hot areas within the hotel, I still have to point out that their customer service reps, servers and some phone operators lack excellent customer service. Most of them gave me wrong details, some of them are impatient and not nice enough to explain things and almost all of them do not smile or greet. Only Misto staff did well in terms of service. Kudos to the team who I dealt with and took a picture of. They’re nice and really helpful. They should be promoted. Food is really good at Misto, I suggest to never ever order in-room dining, food’s not good and price isn’t right for its taste.

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  1. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!♥️♥️♥️
    You look glamorous, Miss Japs 😍
    Ang neat tignan ni hubby mo and cute ng mga kids.🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww…medyo na sad lang ako don sa ibang negative side like the mosquitoes delikado yon baka dengue carrying mosquitoes sila. Seda Vertis North should have read this blog, not to point out negativity to them, but because for their improvement. Ekis nga pala sa akin ang walang bidet na cr.

    Lovelots ❤
    Gladys M. Vasquez


  3. Happy 50th wedding po sa parents mo po! I wish makarating din sa gnyang taon! forever na hehe, it’s very important to have already a trusted venue for all occasions kasi d naman yan sa pabonggahan eh, it’s very important where and how to spend money wisely.


  4. Happy Golden Anniversary Ms. Japs to your parents, to reach that far, withstand the 50 years of being in love is really hard nowadays. I hope more people could be like that, choose to fight for the marriage, choose to change (if their is a bad habit that is damaging), like your favourite line or reminder…the only third party is God nothing else. Miss you Ms. Japs…lol aq pla un palitaw…due to busyness aw!


  5. Sa lahat ng nabanggit mo ms. Japs, may isang ignoranteng seryosong tanong lang ako hahaha yung drinks sa mini ref, is it free or you have to pay for it kapag ni-consume mo?


  6. Belated Happy 50th wedding anniversary to your mom and dad Ms.Japs.. you have a wonderful and cute family ❤ your so pretty in your white gown and your kids so cute too ❤


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