Celebrate in Crown Towers Manila

As I mentioned on my previous post, (read more about it here) Crown Towers provide royalty rooms, amenities and facilities. That is why we’ve chosen this hotel to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. In this post, I will tell you my personal experience from this hotel and the people who gave us extraordinary customer service. Later on, I will mention names and reasons that made our stay extra-special. I won’t rate them anymore because it’s a guarantee that everything/everyone will have a perfect rate (or even more).

When we arrived, someone from the Concierge took our luggage and gave us a card as proof that they have our things. From there, we already knew that we’ll have a great time. We were greeted by men who were smiling and very courteous.


We gave the card to the reception area and they said that someone from the Concierge will just bring our luggage inside our suite. So our luggage will be there first before us. Isn’t it fantastic? Well you’ve heard nothing yet. We went towards the check-in area to register our luggage and once they saw my name, a group of people came out and greeted us. We met their Duty Manager, Miriam Olarte, who is very friendly, and their General Manager Brett Hickey who personally welcomed us. Wow!

2015-06-02 13.29.16

They were too nice and we felt at home right from the lobby. As soon as we met all of them, they took out a red wagon full of toys. What a surprise! Kids ran to it and started to take some toys. My children chose a red Lightning McQueen car stuffed toy and a golf set. They are very generous even to kids. Some kids took toys as well.


We need to have lunch in Hyatt Cafe so somebody needs to bring us there. We met Josh Kusain, our Guest Loyalty Ambassador. They are the ones who assist guests’ during check-in and out.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

If I can give her a score of more than 100%, I would. As I mentioned in my Tuan-Tuan experience before, the servers are the frontliners of the restaurant. In a hotel, the Guest Loyalty Ambassadors are the ones who will give guests the “make it or break it” experience. They are the first person from the hotel that the guests will be with from the start and the last one they’ll talk to before leaving. Basically, they are the faces of the hotel. Their facial expressions, and the things they say/do reflect the kind of hotel they’re working for. When we saw her, I was surprised because I never knew that someone needs to escort us going to Hyatt Cafe. She escorted us to the buggy cart. I was laughing inside my head because I said “bugsy cart.” Someone from the Reservation Call Center said that it’s a “bugsy” cart. I stand corrected when Josh said that it’s a buggy cart. She never laughed at me. She was very professional and just continued on welcoming us. She went with us inside the buggy cart and I saw how her skirt flies in the air while inside the cart. While passing by, men 🐷 are laughing at her. But she remained smiling. I’m not sure if she saw what they did, but she just smiled.

Escorting us on the way to Hyatt Cafe
Escorting us on the way to Hyatt Cafe
Our “bugsy,” rather buggy cart. 😆

When we arrived in Hyatt, I gave Josh a tip but she refused to accept it. She said, “It’s not necessary.” It made me think, “What is not necessary?” She went with us inside Hyatt’s The Cafe and endorsed us to their staff. After having a sumptuous lunch buffet in Hyatt, we had a tour in Nobu and Hyatt Hotel with Ms. Nadine. After that, she went with us in Crown Towers Manila to check-in.

Such a cool tour guide.
Such a cool tour guide. Ms Nadine is the Assistant Manager of PR.

When we went back, Josh was there to welcome us and she’s all prepared to bring us to our room. I asked her, “Do we need to sign the forms now and pay?” She just smiled and brought us to our suite instead. We made the check-in process at the comfort of our suite. It was very convenient for us. I’m sure guests with kids will agree with me.


But Josh has to go back and forth from the lobby going back to our suite just to process our payment and give us our receipts. Imagine someone wearing a 4-5 inches heels then walk and stand in the hotel for hours. Now that deserves a slow clap. 👏 I asked a lot of things about the hotel and she was there standing but smiling and answering ALL my questions patiently. She is so nice, accommodating and witty. Josh was able to speak in English fluently and spontaneously. She knows all the details about the hotel she’s working for and she looks and sounds very confident everytime she answers a question. I admire how spontaneous and helpful she is by nature. I still remember how she told me to rest and freshen up. I rarely meet someone who understands my needs to freshen up. 😅 I hope Crown Towers Manila will see her potential and promote her in time. I asked her to sit many times but she refused to. She was answering all my questions for at least 30 minutes while standing. I can see that she loves her job very much and she is passionate and well-driven. I’m sure the management sees that too.


While signing the papers, we were given mango shakes and face towels by our butler. I suddenly noticed the set-up of our table. It looks so sweet and nice. I immediately had sugar rush! 😣

Marshmallows with chocolate dip, cookies, cakes, fruits, other sweets, face towel and mango shakes.

I immediately opened the card that’s on the table and this is what it says :

Now this is the best way to say,
Now this is the best way to say, “Welcome!”

As soon as I’ve read this note, the stress and worries I had that day left automatically. Thank you Ms. Samantha for this letter. Everything was personal in this hotel; but your handwritten letter is my favorite. We put it inside our scrapbook — to always be reminded of our best experience in one of the best hotels today.

2015-06-07 04.08.47

After Josh gave us our card keys, we started to have a tour in our own suite. We turned on the TV and surprisingly, this is the message that welcomed me and my family.

2015-06-04 17.24.33
I’m not just talking about the message on the TV! I’m also talking about the message of the bouquet. A message that made all of us feel very special.

2015-06-05 04.43.37

After taking photos in the living room, we hurriedly went inside our bedroom to check the rest of the suite. We were more surprised to see this on our bed.


My heart is jumping for joy. Me and my husband hugged each other. I suddenly remembered that we went there to celebrate our 10 years of being married. Because of the kids and being too busy everyday, we tend to forget how to relax and rest. Crown Towers reminded us how to relax and why should we relax. 😵

The bed is really comfortable. Crown Towers taught us how to be lazy that day. 😕
The bed is really comfortable. Crown Towers taught us how to be lazy that day. 😕


So we took some rest. 😪 After a few hours, our butler knocked again and gave us cake and wine. At this point, we’re already overwhelmed. Crown Towers really knows how to surprise guests. We had no idea at all. 🙊

2015-06-07 03.48.44

We are grateful for this personalized cake that they gave us. This cake is not just a simple cake that they took out from their restaurant. It is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever tasted. I’m willing to go back here just for the cake. 🎂


The wine is also one of the best that they can serve us. Crown Towers’ goodness and thoughtfulness is just too overwhelming. We appreciate the effort to surprise us and make us happy that day.

2015-06-04 17.14.20

If celebrating any event, Crown Towers is the perfect place to go to. I assure you that their staff, amenities and facilities will make you escape from life’s reality. 😌

2015-06-04 17.14.58

Before our butler left, we attempted to tip him again but he refused. We were thinking, “Are they really not allowed to accept tips?” I became more curious and decided to ask about this issue to someone else.


Our children enjoyed the big living room and lots of sweets in the suite. 😍🍫🍬🍭🍰🍩


After a few hours, we got hungry! We checked on their menu (it looks like a big book) and ordered. The butler who answers the phone is Von. I love how he answers the phone. It goes something like this, “Hi Mrs. Secret, how can I assist you today?” This kind of greeting shows the value of the Cisco phone. In this way, they would easily know the registered name of the person who called. I called a lot of times and most of them took time in saying my name; but it is only Von who knew my name right away. Some of them had dead air before mentioning my name.

Though some of them needs to work on their way of greeting, everyone knows how to perfectly end a call. It is by saying, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” It is an act of showing your guest that you are willing to assist him more and in that way, allowing the guest to think if they actually need something else. They are fluent in English, very helpful and they can also send a message for you. I asked to be connected to Hyatt, but unfortunately, nobody answered. The butler took my message and offered to relay my message to the manager himself. I was relieved because I don’t want to wait that long and it feels good for someone to do something for you even on the phone. Especially when the call is about an upsetting situation with Hyatt. I would like to commend the butlers who answered our calls. They are very good and we appreciate all the help they’ve given us. I also want to commend Von. Aside from putting an effort in asking their chef if it’s possible to order a buttered shrimp, he also offered us if we like someone to set-up our tub. This is something I admire about them. They go the extra mile just to give us the best customer service possible.

With a dash of rose petals, bubbles, salts, and scent. Then add romantic electronic candles, plus a heart-shaped rug. Voila! We have a romanntic bathtub set-up.
With a dash of rose petals, bubbles, salts, and scent. Then add romantic electronic candles, plus a heart-shaped rug. Voila! Now we have a romantic tub!

Before dipping in the tub, we had dinner and desserts first.

These are the food we ordered :

Orecchiette Aliolo Gamberone
Orecchiette Aliolo Gamberone

This is so delicious. I love the al dente orecchiette, its tasty olive oil and the smell it brings. Oh! I could eat it the whole day. We ordered it one more time before leaving. I love their food so much to the point that I want to visit Crown Towers just to try more. I’m sure Crystal Dragon has more to offer.

Fried Rice

This tastes so good and not at all salty. There are a lot of ingredients in the rice and the veggies are all crispy and fresh. Yum!


I appreciate the fact that guests can request a dish. I requested this dish and I’m glad that the chef accommodated it. The shrimps are well cooked and I love the aroma it brings. Though it needs spice and more taste, I’m sure this shrimp dish will come a long way (especially if it’s already a part of their menu).


In the morning, we also ordered :

Ordered Linguine Napolitana and Aliolo Gamberone. It comes with a complimentary bread and
Linguine Napolitana and Aliolo Gamberone. It comes with a complimentary bread and smoothie shot
Ordered Hawiian Pizza from Breezes Restaurant (recommended by the butler)
Hawiian Pizza from Breezes Restaurant (recommended by the butler)
All set for breakfast
All set for breakfast

We were able to enjoy our breakfast because my toddler was so behaved at that time. Why? Because of the big TV and the big place we have. He was so busy running around and playing with his new toy. We didn’t bring any toy but Crown Towers considered the needs and “wants” of their guests’ children by allowing them to choose a toy from the red wagon. They’re too thoughtful to do something like that.


I mentioned from my other post that Crown Towers is squeaky clean but this photo proves more of their cleanliness.


Wow! That’s OC to the highest level! Now you’re thinking, “Eek! They’re cleaning the windows. Then privacy is now an issue.” You’re wrong there buddy… because they sent this letter out.


Before checking out, my son decided to have a dip in the pool. Me and my toddler didn’t come along because we forgot to bring a sunblock lotion. I am concerned about my son’s enjoyment since I know he’s scared of the pool and his dad won’t join him in it. I was looking at them from the window and I’m a bit surprised to see him swimming “alone.” I saw him having fun even without us around. I can’t wait to hear his dad’s story on what led him to swim on his own. His dad said, “The lifeguard and the security guard at the pool area encouraged him to swim. They even spoke to our son and told him to not be scared.” That led our son to swim alone until he reached the middle. Soon, the life guard saw him in the middle of the pool and he said, “Good job! You’re already swimming well!” That statement made him more encouraged and he even showed them that he could swim longer.

My son loves the kiddie pool
My son loves the kiddie pool

It’s a good thing to know that Crown Towers have the best employees. They know how to take care of their guests well. It shows that they are passionate about their job. It is such a nice feeling to meet people in a hotel that will make you want to go back just to see them again. Crown Towers are not just personal, they are caring!

Complimentary cold water, fruits, fruit shake, and a sunblock lotion
Complimentary cold water, fruits, smoothie shot, and a sunblock lotion

To show that they care, they also gave out complimentary water, fruits and sunblock. It’s good to know that me and my toddler can try swimming next time because cold water and sunblock will be provided as well. They also have Breezes Restaurant nearby where you can order a wide selection of food and drinks while staying at the pool area.

After swimming, it’s time to check-out. I can already feel the sadness within our hearts, but there’s a fulfilled feeling to meet a lot of people that show kindness and passion in their jobs.

From left to right : Josh, Me, My Husband, and Rod

Rod was one of them. He is one of our butlers. He speaks very well that I even thought he’s one of the hotel’s managers. At first, we were really not comfortable to be with butlers; but Rod made us feel more at home and even greeted our morning with a smile. I have to admit that I’m not a “morning” person. We met him when Hyatt’s assistant manager went to our room. All the while I was thinking, why is he with this person from Hyatt? He knows about our Hyatt incident and he personally brought Hyatt’s staff in our room. Again, privacy and security are shown in this situation. He is so cool and his face has this bright aura that will make you feel that you have a buddy in the hotel. Bravo to Rod! I will dub him as the hotel’s Mr Congeniality.

Aside from that, they also have a multilingual butler. He knows a lot of languages (except for Filipino) and he is very helpful as well. Usually, hotels put in their website that they have a multilingual staff; but if you look for one, they’ll tell you that they don’t have one as of the moment. Crown Towers showed us that they really have a multilingual and excellent butler who is available anytime.

When it was time for check-out, Josh took care of us again. I took a photo with her and asked her the question I’ve been dying to ask, “Are you really not allowed to accept tips?” She said, “We’re allowed to accept tips but we usually accept it if and only if the customer would insist. We are trained to give our best even without it. We are expected to show excellence without expecting anything in return.” From there, all my questions are already answered. The very reason why these people know how to take care of their guests is because their management taught them how. Their leaders are a good example and that’s why following them had been easier.

I remember meeting one of their managers, Luzy who went with Lucille, another Guest Loyalty Ambassador. She herself is a good example, she is also very friendly and accommodating. She told me that they are all trained to smile and they’re always reminded on how they should do their job. It’s a non-stop training. But for me, you cannot train someone who doesn’t want to smile. A true smile comes from the heart and you can only show love if you have the passion in your job. Lucille, one of the Loyalty Guest Ambassadors, also showed wit and knowledge while giving us a tour in the hotel. A lot of my questions about the hotel were answered and though I offered Lucille to sit down, just like Josh, she also refused. Instead, she nicely smiled at me.


After Josh explained to me why they don’t “normally” accept tips, I offered her a tip and this time I insisted. I told her, “This might not be a big amount but this is my way to appreciate your kindness and passion in all the things you do. Thank you for showing me that Filipinos still know how to take care of their guests. You are excellent and I pray that someday you will be promoted.” I saw her teary-eyed after that and I added, “I’ll be back to see you guys again.” She complimented my playsuit from Plains and Prints and I complimented her back. The Guest Loyalty Ambassadors’ uniforms are created by the famous Filipino designer, Rajo Laurel, who also designs clothes for Plains and Prints. So basically, both of our clothes are well-made.


All their receptionists are smiling and one of them even asked me how our stay was. We had a little chat about our experience. Actually, sometimes you’d think that all of them have the same faces. Why? Because all of them have a smile on their faces. No boring face at all. Their faces light up and smile back at you. Even the other guest ambassadors smile at us. Before leaving, I saw a lot of guests checking in and now I know why. I know how Crown Towers guests are honored to experience a superb customer service and great amenities/facilities. I’m sure after reading this blog, you’ll definitely be interested to call them and inquire. But before that, here’s a proof of how happy we are after staying in Crown Towers :


A sad photo of my son asking me when are we coming back. I told him, “What do you like best about Crown Towers?” He said, “Everything mom!” We had a lot of vacation already. There was even a time that we stayed in Boracay for 10 days but nobody cried. For the first time, we didn’t just enjoy the hotel, we also enjoyed mingling with the people in the hotel. Isn’t it amazing? Now it’s your time to have a fabulous vacation in Crown Towers Manila!

For reservations and inquiries, please call :

Crown Towers Manila

Asean Avenue Corner

Roxas Boulevard

Entertainment City, 

Paranaque 1701

Manila, Philippines

Tel : 632-800-80-80

Website : http://www.crowntowers-manila.com/



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