Lobe Wonder (Earring Support Patches)

Do your ears feel itchy whenever you wear your earrings? Do you feel like your ears are falling whenever you wear heavy earrings? Are you wondering if it’s still possible for you to wear fancy earrings when in fact you’re allergic to it?

Now, there’s a solution to your problem!

THE LOBE WONDER  (Earring Support Patches)

This product claims to make your torn and stretched lobes no longer visible. These patches also reduce the strain of heavy earrings. In a pack, there are 60 earring support patches included.

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This is recommended to me by my OB because she knows how I love to wear big earrings like these.

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Earrings from Forever 21 

Actually it’s my husband who loves to see me wear big earrings. So I have nothing to do but submit. 🙌

Lately, I felt pain in my earlobes so I decided to wear lighter earrings and tried to use these patches for bigger ones.

I tried them the other day and I must say that they are very useful. I didn’t feel pain nor the heaviness of my earrings anymore. Also, they seem to be invisible once worn . It’s as if they’re not there. So yes, thumbs up to these patches. 👍


These patches take the major weight of your earrings from the hole itself. They prevent your earrings from sliding down. It’s perfect for women who love to wear big earrings or have an allergic reaction whenever they wear fancy accessories. I bought this from a hardware (yes, a hardware!) in Shangri-La Plaza Mall for a discounted price so hurry and get yours while they still have it for a lower price. Its regular price is Php 410 per pack. Through these patches, your earrings’ weight will now be distributed evenly and any earrings will now be worn comfortably.

These patches stick perfectly and they don’t fall off that easily. Before putting them on, make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Do not put on the patches with an oily or greasy hands. Otherwise, there’s a chance that the patch will lose its sticking ability. It doesn’t hurt when you put it on and you can remove it easily with little force. It’s just like you’re removing a sticky sticker. 💝 I sweat while wearing this but the patches didn’t fall off.

Attention : Although Lobe Wonder uses materials that are hypo-allergenic, if irritation occurs, please stop using until irritation disappears.

Try Lobe Wonder now, because it definitely works wonders!



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