OOTD : Van Gogh

The name of my dress for the day is Van Gogh from Plains and Prints’ 2013 collection

used a Michael Kors belt to complement the dress

When people say Van Gogh, I automatically connect him to his painting, “Starry Night.” Though Van Gogh didn’t consider Starry Night as a success, nowadays everyone knows this popular painting.

Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

There are a lot of interpretations about this painting, but this one is my favorite :

In Genesis 37:9, Joseph in a sense tells his brothers/detractors about his dream to let them know that he believed that one day the tables would turn. Van Gogh also might have intended Starry Night to work as a personal statement concerning his own poor critical reception as an artist. Although we cannot know what Van Gogh originally intended, it may be that the artist referenced Genesis 37:9 in hopes that he too would receive recognition and respect for his work later on, just as Joseph did in the Bible after a difficult early life. Although he died before he could see it for himself, Van Gogh would probably be very pleased with the widespread fame and recognition his art enjoys today. – Legomenon.com

DKNY bag and Nine West Shoes

Just like Van Gogh, I believe that someday, I will also shine bright so people can see how great God is in my life. I pray to shine like a candle in the darkness of other people’s lives.

Because of that interpretation, I was inspired to make a look that will mirror my feelings not just while wearing THE dress but my thoughts about the painting itself.

Using Nars and Clarins as base, I created a dark and full eyes with sparkles from Laura Mercier, nude matte lips from Ofra and a shimmery face from Nars. My look speaks of strength and success. No more tears. No more holding back.

My accessories copy a classic look that will unlock one’s creativity on how to mix n match different styles and sizes of rings. I love the “lock” earrings. They remind me of the only person who has the key to my heart. 😍🔑🔓

Now let us go back in time and sing this song from Don Mclean’s “Vincent” : 🎵🎶🎤

Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
The “How you suffered for your sanity”
The “How you tried to set them free”
They did not listen they’re not listening still
Perhaps they never will

The song is very sad and it is actually suicidal; but I love how it gives us the lesson of knowing what to value more. They say that though Van Gogh loved his painting so much, his paintings didn’t love him back. He committed suicide and because of that, he didn’t live to see the success of his paintings. He was overwhelmed by his dreams and sadness that he actually forgot his main reason for living.

It is good to appreciate Van Gogh and his works of art; but may we always remember to value life and prioritize what matters most : Live for God’s glory.


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