A Taste of Glade

Last week was my son’s birthday. I was so stressed because of too many things and that includes planning my son’s birthday celebration. Unfortunately, an accident happened a day before his birthday.

Last Thursday, my husband sprayed Glade all over our bathroom. I brushed my teeth around Friday midnight and tasted perfume plus insecticide-in-one. My throat became dry and I started to palpitate. I was not feeling well. They rushed me to the Emergency Room and in there, nurses and doctors asked me too many questions.

While in the ER, I cannot rest. My children and husband were in KFC waiting for me to be discharged and go home with them. After a few minutes, the toxicologist decided to admit me (at least) for a day. He was asking for the exact “Glade” that my husband used to spray in our bathroom. He then asked, “Are you stressed lately? Do you have any problems?” I just answered everything in an honest manner possible.

My friend who works in the hospital arrived after I spoke with the toxicologist. She told me that patients who “accidentally” digest anything with poison have a probability that they attempted suicide. This is the reason why our HMO doesn’t accredit too many toxicologists — my case isn’t HMO-friendly! Some patients do this to have a free over-all checkup and some just do this to stay in the hospital for free. But the worst is the psychological problem that occurs on this kind of situation. Going to a psychologist is already expensive and HMOs normally don’t cover it.

After I found out that I will shoulder the Professional Fee (PF) of my toxicologist, I became more stressed. I’m thinking about my son’s birthday celebration and our budget as a whole. I got scared. I tried to be discharged but they asked me to sign a waiver. I got more scared than I was before; so when I finally got a room, that was my go signal to still stay.

When we went to my room, I was already comfortable. The room is big, the electronic bed is even more comfortable and the TV is bigger than the usual. They provided towel, bathrobe and soap. My children are finally with me! I can see their smiles and hear their noises again. 😷

Though I feel pain and I had to go back and forth in the restroom, I am happier because I can finally be with them. I realized that though I am sick, I still draw my strength from my children.


I explained to my son that we need to postpone his birthday celebration, he was understanding about it. I cried because I felt guilty for being the cause of the delay of my son’s celebration. Because of that, I decided to surprise him. While he was sleeping, we sang a birthday song for him. That was his only wish! A birthday song at exactly 12 midnight. He is such a simple kid with simple wishes. How could I deprive him from that wish?

He blew his cake then I made him read my letter for him. He became emotional after reading my letter and looking at old photos of him.

My son was 3 years old when he started to read a high school book. Instead of having an entrance exam, he read too many books and amazed everyone who's in there.
My son was 3 years old when he started to read a high school book. Instead of having an entrance exam, he read many books and amazed everyone who’s in there.

After reading the letter, he went to the bathroom and wrote on the mirror, “Thank you mommy and daddy. Get well soon.” 😢 I swear I did my best not to cry but I really feel blessed to have a son like him.


The next day, I ate more solid food and really prayed hard for God’s provision and favor to be upon us. Then the toxicologist came, he asked for the Glade bottle and said that there was no posionous content from Glade — the reason why my body reacted that way is because of the stress and fear I had from tasting Glade. Makes sense now.

I encountered too many issues that week that made my body very weak to accept stress from tasting Glade. The stress gave me too many complications. All of a sudden I felt that stress has a chain on me.. A chain that I can’t let go of. 😧

My toxicologist jokingly asked, “Does your husband show signs that he wants to kill you?” I said, “Well, he bought me a lot of accessories lately and we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary so I guess no. Not yet.” Dr said, “Let’s see after 10 more years.” 😅

He also told me not to talk to him in public because people may think that I’m crazy or suicidal. 😣 It’s a good thing that my toxicologist is a joker. It made our experience extra-bubbly.

After chatting with the toxicologist, I’m finally discharged! I’m very grateful to the people who prayed for me, helped us in many ways and even to those who suddenly remembered me because of what happened. Because of this incident, I saw how stress can kill me and how I want to be out of its bondage.

I’m sure you want to be free from stress too. It is possible when we start to pray. Come and join me in prayer today :

Lord, I know that I am stressed. I’m giving you all my worries and cares. Please help me to live one day at a time. Give me grace to surpass all my problems in life. Use other people to bless me and help me in what I’m experiencing today. Father, I pray that you give me peace, contentment and an everlasting joy. We love you Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray amen.

I hope you joined our short prayer. A daily prayer and reading of God’s Word will help us fight stress and worries in life. Trust God more and start depending on yourself less.

Note to all of us : When our body says, “Rest!” You have to listen and follow. In the end, you will be rewarded.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.


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