OOTD : MAC X MARIAH CAREY Part 1 Ft. My H&M Booties

Do you love MAC? A fan of Mariah Carey? Then you should have this collection. Why? Because owning these pieces is like remembering every songs she sang and the messages of the videos she made. Featuring my H&M booties and one of the best MAC makeup artists here in Manila. Read more ...

OOTD : Van Gogh

The song is very sad and it is actually suicidal but I love how it gives us the lesson of knowing what to value more. They say that though Van Gogh loved his painting so much, his paintings didn't love him back. He committed suicide and because of that, he didn't live to see the success of his paintings. He was overwhelmed by his dreams and sadness that he actually forgot his main reason for living. Let us value life and always remember what matters most : Live for God's glory.