City of Dreams

We went to City of Dreams last week. Everybody said it is just like Las Vegas’ casino.

Well it does. It has high ceiling, the place is spacious and very clean. Security is very strict here but they are knowledgeable. I have a 24-hour holter monitorΒ on my chest and they allowed me not to pass by in their metal detector because they know about it. 1 point for the security.

Aside from their restaurants and casino, nothing much to do yet because most of their “prestigious” shops aren’t open yet. Their restaurants are very classy but smoke comes in to their open area. Across their restaurants is a bar and a casino where people smoke. That’s causing the whole 2nd floor to smell like a cigarette. You don’t just smell it, you can literally see the smoke! It is not kid friendly at all. It is disappointing to see an airconditioned place with people smoking in it.


Though we have DreamPlay to be our main reason to go back here, I still don’t consider this a family friendly place. Why? Women all over this place DO NOT wear decent clothes. Their dresses are too short to even consider it as a dress. Their outfits have slits and holes everywhere. Foreigners tend to shout, “How much are you?” Actually you could also see some foreigners wearing short skirts and dresses, but most of them are really Filipinas. They do not have a dress code and some of the people inside were wearing decent clothes as well; but others used this excuse to make this place look cheap.

2015-05-03 00.46.28

I’m happy that we have City of Dreams in our country. But I hope that we don’t forget the fact that women should be respected. It doesn’t mean that it is already the norm in other countries, we should follow it. If we want to be respected as a woman, we should show respect to our own body as well. City of Dreams is a place where men’s eyes will sin and women will be the instrument for them to sin. πŸ˜₯



  1. Wow, the way foreigners shout at some Filipinas is degrading. I mean, I am all for tourism and all but not this kind of tourism. By the way, how much is the entrance fee for Dreamworks Dreamplay? Thank you πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi, yes it is degrading. Though the women’s clothes are more on formal yet stylish but (too revealing) clothes, it is still not respectful. I felt degraded for them but the women felt good and entertained these foreigners so I guess they’re ok with it. 😧

    Actually even the workers of City of Dreams wore short skirts and dresses. So yes! It is a norm here. So you gotta be ready for some casino questions from your children. We saw Gwen Zamora there. She’s wearing decent clothes. πŸ˜…

    Even around 2am in the morning, parents went there with their children but DreamPlay was already closed when we arrived. When we went to DreamPlay, I wasn’t able to focus on the prices because I was looking at the shops that weren’t open yet. πŸ˜… But my husband said it was less than 500 per head. Adults need to pay for their entrance as well (around 200-300). It was a big place and looked promising. Better go there around the afternoon (maybe there’s no smoke yet) because bars aren’t open on the afternoon.

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      1. though I cannot guarantee the prices I just mentioned because it was my husband who gave the prices and most of the time husbands are not sure of what they’re doing. πŸ˜…
        I’ll look forward to your review and adventures in DreamPlay. We’ll drop by maybe around September hoping that all shops are already open. Hoping to read more posts from you.

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