Planet Grapes

Planet Grapes proved to us once again that a good restaurant is not all about the food – we also go back for the warmth and people we love. And, classic Pinoy food is already good as it is. May your menu be flexible and easy to customize for the customers Continue reading Planet Grapes

Bad Customer Service in UCC Cafe Resorts World

Give the customers a reason to pay for that expensive, messy, and spoiled food you serve. A good customer service is a perfect way to cover up the restaurant’s unintentional mistakes. Without good customer service, the dish will only be marked as an overpriced food on the menu. If UCC won’t do something about this, then it’s just too easy to boycott this restaurant who doesn’t know the meaning of good customer service. Continue reading Bad Customer Service in UCC Cafe Resorts World

City of Dreams

I’m happy that we have City of Dreams in our country. But I hope that we don’t forget the fact that women should be respected. It doesn’t mean that it is already the norm in other countries, we should follow it. If we want to be respected as a woman, we should show respect to our own body as well. City of Dreams is a place where men’s eyes will sin and women will be the instrument for them to sin. 😥 Continue reading City of Dreams