Meeting in Tuan Tuan

I still remember the last time we ate in Tuan Tuan… We were so happy and enjoyed the perfect ambiance it offered. We were so proud of ourselves on how we were able to go in without falling in line. πŸ˜… It’s because we already came late.. around 8:30 pm. πŸ˜† But boy! People are really into Tuan Tuan… and we are one of them.

2015-05-25 01.35.26
How I love the nice photos, decors, and different picture frames in our background.

Tuan Tuan is a Chinese brasserie. Now what is a brasserie? It is a restaurant with a relaxed and elegant setting that offers comfort food. Tuan Tuan is a perfect definition of brasserie.

That’s why we ordered these “comfort” food before :

US Premium Beef Curry with Rice
US Premium Beef Rib Curry with Rice
2015-05-25 03.57.05
Malay Laksa Soup
2015-05-25 03.56.14
House Special Trio : Baked Seafood, Wild Mushroom, and Porkchop

This time, we went to Tuan Tuan for a meeting with the co-owner of Lugang CafeΒ and their Operations Director to talk about the Mother’s Day incident. We are happy to know that their staff have learned their lesson and I am looking forward to the day we visit Lugang Cafe again. 😁 I am hopeful. Yes I have forgiven, but in some point, I haven’t forgotten. 😒


Now let’s go back to Tuan Tuan and its perfect ambiance, furniture and interior. They have different furniture and chairs that will cater to everyone’s different needs and it looked more spacious because of the mirrors all around the restaurant. It is just like Lugang Cafe but I think Tuan Tuan has a brighter place. I love their more secluded area. This is where we were seated. It is more private. Just like Lugang Cafe, they also have chandeliers all over the place which makes the restaurant elegant. They have a classy and huge restroom inside so I just have to take a photo of our helper in it. πŸ˜…


Their restroom is so clean and elegant that you won’t even know you’re inside it. 😊

Tuan Tuan will make you feel at home through their decorated utensils and their glasses that are now bigger than what they had before. Their iced tea mugs are made from steel and their servers are always ready to change your plate once they see the need to replace it.

They also have a lot of CCTV cameras all around the restaurant and it made me feel safer because I know that in case of emergency, there’s a big chance that they have it on tape.

2015-05-24 21.56.52

Unlike Lugang Cafe, their menu is unique because it’s designed as a newspaper with details of each food and its prices. Their menu is big and it does look like a newspaper but the quality of the paper they used is different. It’s not the usual newspaper you read with bad news and all… πŸ˜† It has food in it! πŸ–πŸšπŸ›πŸ²πŸœ

Here are the food we ordered :

2015-05-24 21.56.20
US Premium Beef Rib and Tendon Curry with Rice

My favorite is their curry. This is a recipe thatΒ I couldn’t copy at all. This time we ordered a beef curry and Tuan Tuan didn’t frustrate me for giving me the uhmmmm feel again. Its smell and taste is very relaxing. A feeling I needed at that time. This is a good comfort food. πŸ‘ I swear you’re gonna fall in love with this dish but hate yourself for not having the recipe for this curry. Next time, I’ll order the shrimp curry.

2015-05-24 21.52.05
Dan Dan Peanut Chili Soup

As usual, my husband ordered this. The name itself already described how it tastes like. It’s like our local kare-kare that comes with noodles, beef stripe, and vegetables. The ingredients are customized. You get to choose 2 toppings that you want to add. There is also an option to add more toppings for an additional price. It’s a bit pricey but the richness of the soup and the quality of their noodles are extraordinary. You’ll forget the price once you’ve tasted this noodle soup. They have a wide variety of noodles so my husband opted for the flat rice (Hofun) but he found it hard to eat because it’s slippery. He had a hard time eating it with chopsticks so the fork became the solution in this problem. Next time, he will order ramen noodles instead.

Honey Garlic Spareribs

Everybody knows I’m so fond of ribs from Tony Roma’sΒ but these spareribs are way different from the usual. First, it’s caramelized so you have to eat it as soon as it’s served because it gets hard and crunchier in time. Second, it is sweet and dry but full of taste. The serving of this dish is quite generous and I can definitely say that it is one of their best dishes in Tuan Tuan.

Pork Snow Buns
Barbecued Pork Snow Buns

These buns are my reason for falling in line in Tuan Tuan. They are featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho as one of the best buns that are served here in the Philippines and Tuan Tuan is included in their top list. I know that Tim Ho Wan is also offering these but nothing can beat the comfort and posh that TuanTuan brings. I’ll try their pineapple buns next time. πŸ˜‹

2015-05-24 22.00.00
Fried Black and White Milk Bread

Wow! This is really something. You’ll think that it’s your usual bread but it’s too soft for you to consider it as a bread. The breads are sprinkled with crushed peanuts and it comes with a “Black and White” condensed milk dip. I’m soooo craving for this right now. πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‹ You have to come early to try this because they usually stop making this around 8 pm. 😧

2015-05-24 21.49.35

The owners of Lugang Cafe and Tuan Tuan are so blessed to have a lot of customers daily and how people are raving about their restaurants. People love them so much and I hope that these restaurants will love them back as well. I hope that their staff will also take care of their customers because if they won’t, somebody else will. Customers have their own reasons for eating out and their servers are the frontliners. They have the power to either make the day extraordinary or worst through their service. God knows what they do and it’s gonna be punished or rewarded in due time. For the servers, their heart should be to take good care of their customers and be a blessing to them because in return, a customer will be loyal not just because of the restaurant’s food but because he knows that someone will take care of him there.

We are thankful for Aby because she and her group took care of us very well. I just hope that they will do the same to others even if they think nobody will notice them. The kind of service she and her group gave us is the best example of how a customer should be treated (with or without the owner or the manager).

This experience will have a rate ofΒ 9/10.Β We had the best time in Tuan Tuan and everything was perfect but we have to deduct 1 point for the servers to always be cautious on how they should treat their customers and to give them more room for improvement.

2015-05-24 21.50.56

Me and my family are privileged to meet the nice co-owner of Lugang Cafe and Tuan Tuan. He is so humble and down to earth that it is so easy to adore someone like him. Their Operations Director is also a patient and considerate man. We are happy that they took care of us well and we are excited for more Tuan Tuan visits in the future. There are still a lot of food in the menu that we want to try.

2015-05-24 21.48.47

Just like Lugang Cafe, you can also see them while creating some of their dishes. I love how bright this area is and look how formal their servers look like. Their uniforms are so nice and neat.

2015-05-24 21.48.07

We really had fun in Tuan Tuan. Aside from the fact that we ordered the best dishes from them, we were able to speak with one of the nicest restaurateur I’ve ever met. I will always be proud to meet someone like him. A man who values his customers and knows how to take care of them. πŸ‘ I still wish to have a father like him. πŸ™

2015-05-25 03.53.06

This quote will be seen in their placemats. I believe in this but I want to adapt it and maybe change it into : People who love to eat together are always the best people to have a relationship with. Nothing beats the experience of spending time with each other by eating together in a special place like this. We didn’t just find a Chinese Brasserie to hang out to but we also met new friends to keep for a long time.

For more details, promos and updates, please like πŸ‘ their Facebok page : Tuan Tuan and Lugang Cafe.



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