Coca Restaurant Philippines

The origin of COCA renowned authentic taste dates back to 1957 and a 20-seat Cantonese restaurant. Founded by Mr. Srichai Phanphensophon and his wife, Mrs. Patama, the restaurant gained immediate success and they moved to a nearby location on Soi Tantawan where it expanded to 150 seats and suki-style cooking was introduced, hence born the first COCA Restaurant in Thailand.

With the new suki cooking experience, COCA customers were allowed to comfortably choose from a variety of suki options including meats, seafood and fresh vegetables – served separately on small dishes instead of the traditional large order. This “new” adaptation of suki pioneered by COCA has since made COCA a well known name among suki lovers locally and internationally.

The name COCA derived from Mandarin is “Kekou” which means “appetizing.” It can be easily pronounced and recognized by Thais, Chinese, Japanese and even Westerners.

We’ve been to SM Aura a lot of times already and we passed by Coca for so many times as well.. but we were never interested to eat there. Why? From the outside, we thought that the restaurant isn’t spacious. Since Coca has a bar at Sky Park, we thought that maybe they only serve alcoholic drinks and finger food.


The bar outside is cozy and their ambiance is great for a perfect date. There are times when it’s breezy and sometimes it’s humid in this area. The customers have to consider the cigarette smokers outside too. When all else fail, their restaurant inside has a more romantic set-up.


It’s so nice to eat in the middle area and take “instagrammable” photos.. but if you notice, customers opt to eat elsewhere. Maybe because the middle area is for a group of 10 persons and probably others want a more private set-up and a comfy lounge. We are included in the “others” who prefer privacy.

2015-10-10 22.23.20

Coca has a wide variety of dishes, desserts, finger food, and cocktail drinks. They have an organized menu that will give us headaches on what food to choose.

20151010_205514Our table has an induction cooker. Perfect for cooking food right in front of us. 🍲

I also love the romantic lighting of this restaurant. Ohhh yellow light! 😍 A sign that their customers will have flawless photos on their Facebook posts. πŸ˜… I’m already tired and sleepy when we took this shot.. no edit nor filter but the photo looked fantastic!

2015-10-10 22.25.01

The restaurant is actually spacious and huge. I love the music they play and the space they give from one table to another. It allows a number of people to eat, chat and laugh without distracting another table.


The design of their restaurant is very simple yet elegant. The servers’ uniforms look classy as well. The whole restaurant is cold and well lit. We were very comfortable.

I’m not a fan of noodles or anything that needs to be eaten while it’s hot so we didn’t order any. They first gave us the mango shake. It is a combination of berry and fresh (I assume) mangoes. It is not too sweet but the taste of mango and a hint of berry are both present in this cold drink. I can imagine how exciting their other drinks are. My toddler S definitely enjoyed this drink. πŸ‘

Next is the shrimp fried rice. Our first comment was, “Generous serving for its price.” After eating it, we added, “Oh my, the rice deserves the price.” I just hope that this is something they always do. They gave us a good quality rice and an equal ratio of shrimp, veggies and garlic. I just love it! Best. Fried rice. Everrrrrr!

Shrimp Fried Rice

My followers may have noticed by now that I loooove shrimps especially when it is not overcooked and it includes a spicy/salty sauce with garlic. Just like this dish. It is quite expensive but understandable since these are “prawns.” The serving isn’t too generous but the toppings are perfect to add taste and ingredients to the usual plain prawn dish. I just wish that they have an option to have more sauce, spices and garlic to taste. It isn’t spicy for me. It needs more kick. πŸ’ƒ

Prawns with Garlic and Chili 🍀
Prawns with Garlic and Chili 🍀

The beef strips are tender and tasty as is. The sauce’s ratio with the vegetable and beef are just right. It has a taste of sweetness and saltiness in one. The serving is just right considering that their beef strips are very thin.. but this dish is definitely worth trying for.

Stir-fried Beef
Stir-fried Beef

This dish is my husband’s favorite. The tofu isn’t too soft as what we usually cook; but the taste of the sauce is extraordinary. Watch out for the big mushrooms! Even though this mushroom has been prepared and cooked well, always make sure that you are not mushroom intolerant or have a mushroom allergy before eating any.

Tofu Mushroom Claypot

I believe you already have a hint that we had a good time. Yes we did! I already mentioned about the interior, food, and ambiance of this restaurant. Lastly, let’s talk about their servers. Our lady server is courteous and helpful. All their servers are snappy whenever we need something from them. It didn’t take them a long time to serve our food and give us what we need. They are all smiling even though I know that it’s already late and they may be tired already. What strucks me most is their manager. Everytime a customer gets in and out of the restaurant, he makes sure that he would welcome and say thank you to each and every one of them. His welcoming smile is contagious. His goodbye smile is very comforting. We went to Coca with a tired face; but left with a big smile in our hearts knowing that we found another “gem” in SM Aura (more here). Coca sure gained a new loyal customer in us. 😊

For this experience, we will definitely give them a rate of 10/10. I raved a lot already. Coca deserves an applause for giving us a good “first impression” that will probably last for years! πŸ‘ Great job! I can’t wait to try more dishes and have more memorable experiences with you. More power!

Address : Sky Park, 5th Floor, SM Aura Premier, Taguig 1634

Telephone Number : +632.955.2022

Cellphone Number : 0917.813.9760

Facebook Page : πŸ‘ here

Website : Coca



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