SM Aura

Filipinos love going to malls. We have tons of malls here and there. SM is one of the most popular malls we have. Now, they have SM Aura.

SM Aura is not your ordinary SM mall. It has a wide variety of high end shops and fine-dining restaurants.

Lugang Cafe
Ogetsu Hime
Ogetsu Hime

Aside from offering exquisite food and shopping experience, what sets SM Aura apart from any other SM malls are the cold temperature of their mall, numerous rest rooms, huge supermarket with more choices and of course their popular Sky Park.

I just love this shot
I just love this shot

They have a big park. One on the left and the other on the right. The first side shows fountains and plants. It has 2 small tables and chairs where people can hang out. It is so breezy here. You just want to relax. I love this side better because only few people smoke here. It is not too crowded on this side of the park.

Before : 2014
Before : 2014

Now on the other side of the park is the more crowded area. Here you can find a lot of coffee shops. There are a lot of smokers too. Thus, it is not kid friendly. The best thing about the area is the side where you can go up and just smell the air (think twice if the air came from cigarettes). πŸ˜… It’s a romantic place where couples hold hands and groupies take photos. It’s just a happy place.

SM Aura is not too crowded. You won’t even think that it’s an SM mall. They also have a FAMILY ROOM that offers water, powder and alcohol. It has a huge restroom inside and a private breastfeeding room. They also have comfortable chairs where you can relax while waiting. It seems like a smaller version of their SM Prestige Room; but this one is not exclusive and is meant to be used by families.

They also have their own food court (a bit expensive than the usual), clean restrooms and their elevators are so big (just like what they have in SM Fashion Hall) that you don’t have to wait too long to ride it.Β It is not even hard to find a cab here. It’s a mall where you’ll feel safer. Overall, SM Aura is really one of SM’s best malls

It is a perfect place to do all the things you want in a day — shop, eat, take photos, relax and have fun. A place perfect for bonding.

Have you been to SM Aura? What do you think about it?


  1. Thank you for sharing. I found it very interesting about the smoking policies in your country. when I was growing up, there were smokers everywhere, but now there are new smoking policies in my province of Canada.
    Called the Smoke Free Ontario act, smoking is prohibited in workplaces, enclosed public places, and motor vehicles with children are 16 or under in the car. If caught, a person can be charged and fined.

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  2. Hi Carl! We already have a law that doesn’t allow someone to smoke in a public area. But for some reason, Filipinos are having a hard time implementing and following it. The thing is, smokers are too many for you to get rid of them that easy and most of the time they’ll get mad at you when you ask them to stop smoking. It’s actually their own choice if they want to smoke or not; but me and my kids have asthma, it’s not easy to take care of us when we have an asthma attack. So the best way to do is just to avoid them instead of us telling them not to smoke. Have a blessed weekend!

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