Abe Addiction

Abe is my most favorite Filipino restaurant ever. I was in love with Max’s before; but after trying out Abe, Max’s was automatically phased out. I once blogged about Apu (click here) and compared Abe’s dishes from theirs. Again, Apu failed.

Our addiction started last March 2013 when we celebrated my son’s moving up to another grade in homeschool.

Then we brought our family here as well. They too got addicted to Abe.


2015-08-01 03.00.37

The Men in Our Family


The Women in Our Family








Why do we love Abe?

  1. Complimentary Basket of Crackers
Complimentary Crackers
Complimentary Crackers (10/10)

Just like Super Bowl, Abe also gives out a complimentary mini-basket of crackers. My son loves it so much. It is not oily nor it is salty. It is just perfect to munch on while waiting for the main food.

  2. Food

Pickled Mango (10/10)
Burong Mangga (10/10)

This is one of the best appetizers to order in their menu. I highly recommend this for pregnant women who craves for something sour. This mango is sweet and a bit sour. It is pickled and softened for our satisfaction. To complete the experience, I suggest you request for a sweet and spicy bagoong for this mango. *drool*

Lumpiang Sariwa (10/10)
Lumpiang Ubod (10/10)

This lumpia doesn’t have the usual size of the lumpiang sariwa we eat. It is a bit bigger and longer than the usual. This dish is my husband’s favorite. He said that this dish alone can make someone full and contented for the day.

Kare-Kare (10/10)

Only Abe beat my mom-in-law’s kare-kare. Their sauce is thick, delicious, and authentic. I love its ability to last for at least 3 days. We order this for special occasions and it does last for days. The best thing about this kare-kare is the perfect ratio of the meat, vegetables and sauce. Their bagoong is very tasty. The perfect partner for this dish.

2015-08-01 03.19.55
Knockout Knuckles (9/10)

Though this is not the best crispy pata we’ve tasted, Abe still did good in creating one of the best crispy pata here in Manila. It is indeed crispy with the right amount of saltiness. The ratio of pork and meat are also equal. The serving and taste are just right for its price. You’ll just be addicted with the smell and taste of their crispy garlic with oil. It’s just fantastic! 😏 P.S. The best crispy pata I’ve tasted is in Nichols Hotel in Parañaque. I will make a blog about it SOON. 🍖

Crispy Adobo
Crispy Pork Adobo (8/10)

This is a fried crispy pork with adobo sauce. The best thing about this is the softness of the pork inside though it is crispy on the outside. The adobo sauce is quite salty. I still prefer the usual adobo with sauce.

Chicken Curry (7/10)
Chicken Curry (7/10)

This dish needs more spice and taste. Though I can taste the big ginger in this dish, the curry is overpowered by the gata. Thus, it was not cooked well especially when compared to Tuan-Tuan’s curry dishes (click here to know more).

Binukadkad na Plapla (10/10)
Binukadkad na Plapla (10/10)

This fried fish is the crowd’s favorite. It is huge yet I applaud the chef for cooking a very crispy and tasty fish. We tend to make fun of the fish’s face and reaction while we’re eating its body. Nonetheless, eating in Abe won’t be complete without trying this fish.

Rellenong Talangka and Gambas Al Ajillo (10/10)

I wasn’t able to take a photo of them anymore because we already digged on them when we saw how delicious they were. Wow! These are just delicious and tasty. I’m not a fan of relleno but this dish is just amazing for me not to try.


3. Desserts

2015-08-01 03.16.39
Coupe Adriatico (10/10)

This is my personal favorite. The combination of banana, mango and blueberry are just too perfect to ignore.

Maja Blanca (9/10)
Maja Blanca (9/10)

This is my mom’s favorite. It isn’t sweet but very delicious. It is not the usual maja blanca we eat. Though it’s small, this dish is extraordinary.

2015-08-01 03.17.47
Sikreto ni Maria (9/10)

We got really curious about this dessert so we ordered it. It is quite sweet and creamy. It hides a “gem-like” dessert underneath the white puff. 🙊

Ube Julea with
Ube Julea with Macapuno (8/10)

There’s nothing special in this dessert. It is also very sweet for me. Though it is very pleasing in the eyes, I can’t find anything unique from this dessert.


I haven’t tasted their coffee yet; but judging from their grinder and coffee machine, I’m sure it is something worth trying.

4. Privacy (9/10)


They also offer a private area where you can hold special events, meetings or reunions. The view, lighting and space is just perfect for any private event. Please call 0917-5522080 or 631-4719 and look for Mike or Ryan for more info.

5. Rice (10/10)

They have an option to have an unlimited or regular rice. Also, they make some sounds and rhythm whenever someone orders this rice.

2015-08-06 07.17.33
Bamboo Rice (10/10)

I haven’t tried this yet; but this rice is usually ordered by customers who came as a group. This is one of Abe’s specialty.

6. People and Cleanliness (10/10)


As Abe is defined as a companion, good friends will really enjoy dining here because they will be served and taken care of servers who are very courteous, prompt, and helpful. Our glasses were always filled with water, our rice was served immediately and all our needs were given with a smile. They have friendly servers and managers. Hi Mike and Ryan! For their people, I’ll give a perfect 10.

The best thing about their restaurant is their cleanliness. From their restroom, to their furniture and to their utensils — everything is squeaky clean. Definitely a perfect 10 for cleanliness.

7. Ambiance (9/10)


Abe’s ambiance is perfect for families. The restaurant looks like a business casual with a romantic setting. Their lights are dim and their chairs are very comfortable. Their set-up is fine-dining which is actually perfect for meeting and dates. If there’s one thing Abe should consider, that is to lessen the tables and chairs in the restaurant. In this way, proper spacing will occur and there’ll be more privacy from each other’s tables.

Interested to eat in Abe? Here are some samples of their menu :

Menu (15)-1
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.
Menu (13)-1
Photo is not mine. Credits to the owner.

For more details on the menu, click here.

Eating in Abe is something that you should’ve done by now. If not, tsk tsk tsk. Then you’ve been missing a lot. 😋

Hurry! Run to :

Mega D, L3 , SM Megamall, EDSA Corner J.Vargas Avenue , 1550 Mandaluyong City




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