OOTD : Real Me

There are times in our lives when we don’t know who we really are. I still remember Mulan’s song “Reflection” (click here to watch). It made me realize that sometimes we don’t know who we see on our reflection. We tend to think that we are strong on the outside but feels weak on the inside or vice versa. The thing is.. we are not supposed to be defined on how we look on the outside.

2015-08-15 22.24.22

Me? I love using dark eyeshadows because it creates another version of ME. It gives me another face. Another aura that I love to see.. but deep inside it’s still me. I may look strong on the outside but my heart is weak and broken at times.


The funny thing is.. I base people’s attitude on how their faces look like. Unfortunately, an incident happened in our church last week. Someone shouted and screamed at me just because she wants to get my chair. This lady looks nice and always smiles whenever I see her in church and yet she has the capability to shout at me in public.  I was really shocked. All along I thought I already looked fierce (someone you can’t shout at); but I guess I’m wrong. Looks can be deceiving. I can’t believe that a smiling lady can scream to me like that.


In the end, I realized that it’s okay to be shouted at than to be the one who shouts at a person. It’s okay to look “maldita” and yet doesn’t act like one rather than to look like an “angel” but act otherwise. My experience made me remember who I really am and why it is okay to not fight back at times.

After the horrible experience I had, I went to my favorite Plains & Prints branch to see my “friends” (both clothes and people) there. Because of their recent collection, I need to empty out my 2nd closet and give more space for the best collection I had so far. Wow!

Tin, me and Pau
Tin, me and Pau

Let me tell you about this lady I met in Plains & Prints Glorietta. Her name is Pau. I can see her running around the whole shop assisting everybody who comes in. Her hair is already messed up and she looked very tired.. but her ability to still smile and assist their customers is priceless. I can see how much she loves her job and I salute her for showing me what great customer service is all about.

with their manager, Tin
with their manager, Tin

I met a lot of managers from Plains & Prints in the past; but Tin is the only manager who still goes in the stock room to personally get me the clothes I need. She is very helpful to everybody else and goes out of her way to assist the customers who go in. I also want to thank Love for always updating me on the new clothes they have and for helping me get all the clothes that are best for my size. They are the reasons why I chose Glorietta as my new favorite branch to visit.

I also had the chance to shop with the wife of Wig Tysmans, the photographer who took the photos that Plains & Prints used in this collection.

I’m a long time fan of Plains & Prints but this is the first time that I’m in awe on how the designers showed life and beauty by using memorable photos as a print to their lovely clothes. The fabric they used is also unique. 👏 Bravo! I hope the next collection would exceed the success of Pre-Fall 2015.

Because of Plains & Prints, I always can’t wait to post my OOTDs. 😅

We are all unique. This OOTD is a reminder that though we have different “looks” daily, our character and personality should always be the same. The goodness of our hearts reflect in the beauty of our faces.

Now if you’re the type of person who judges another person based on his looks, stop it. You may not like it when we also base your looks depending on your attitude. 😝

Be yourself. Be happy!


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