OOTD : Natalie Holter/Biker Vest (2016)

Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted something on my blog. I’ve been very busy lately. A lot of things are going on. I’ll do my best to catch up by posting something NOW. In my previous post, I blogged about my 24-Hour Holter Monitoring Test (read here) and how I looked like whenever I have that test. For the 24 hour holter monitoring test, someone should wear something like shirt/blouse and pants/shorts/skirt. The idea is to wear something where the wires can be connected to its machine easily. So no-no to dresses, jumpers, playsuit or anything that is 1 piece.

Photo Updated

This time, because of Plains & Prints, I was able to have the holter monitor test looking fashionable. Thanks to Plains & Prints for coming up with a design that is perfect for this test.

Photo Edited/ Updated

This look is inspired by Anne Curtis’ OOTD post that I saw in Plains & Prints’ Facebook page (click here to like their page).

Photo Updated

A vest with a color that is great for me who wants to hide some “edges.” A zipper on the left side of the vest (which can be opened from bottom to the mid part) that gives a unique design and body to the vest.

Photo Updated

It also allows the holter’s wires to enter without any hassle. The wires can fit perfectly inside and they were all fixed and secured on my chest though I had a whole busy day going to and fro. The fabric is perfect for this kind of activity. I didn’t feel hot nor cold. This is actually meant to be a regular vest, but now it is my “holter” vest!

Photo Updated

I used Sisley Emulsion Ecologique as a primer on this look. This is supposed to be used as a skin care, moisturizer and something to use to prepare your skin from the benefits of other skin care products. It promises a supple skin and protects your skin from other environmental stress. I love the scent and the effect of it so I decided to use it as a primer and it worked! It is not itchy and it is oil-free.

Sisley Emulsion Ecologique
Sisley Emulsion Ecologique

I love how my face looked like after 10 hours without touching up.

Purchase Sisley in any Rustan’s Store!

Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza Mall : (02) 6334636

Rustan’s Glorietta : (02) 8133739

MAC Veluxe A Trois


2nd Floor Bridgeway, SM Megamall. (632) 531 8200

I love the blue/black/grey color dimension it gives. It’s just wonderful to have an eyeshadow that shimmers very well.

Let us not forget the body bag that the holter machine came with. For others, it may look like I have 2 bags for that day. 😆


Actually, the wires’ tapes can still be seen on the upper part of my chest. People were looking at them and asking me what happened. That’s something I can’t control anymore. But looking fashionable even in the midst of having a heart test, that is something! Thanks to Plains & Prints for coming up with this design. I hope they’d come up with more clothes that are holter-friendly. Visit www.plainsandprints.com to see more. Until next holter monitoring test!



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