Bad Customer Service in UCC Cafe Resorts World

Who didn’t forget our worse experience in UCC Clockwork (see here)?  I remember the messages that Estancia Mall sent to us so this experience would be heard by the management. They gave up and said, “You should email them and let them know about all these.” I said, “I already did but there’s no single reply.”

When we went to Resorts World and saw UCC Cafe, I already forgot about the bad experience, all I remembered was the delicious Mango Creme Brulee. Because of it, we tried this place again. Here are the food we ordered :

Garlic Seafood Pasta
Garlic Seafood Pasta (7/10)

The price is too expensive if compared to the quality of the (overcooked) pasta and the lack of taste in this dish. The serving isn’t generous and it just tasted like plain garlic. I’m looking for a contrast to the strong garlicky taste and smell. The fish is also overcooked and the plate looked very messy. They didn’t give us cheese nor offered us one. There is no tissue on the table either. Though this dish is really delicious; it just cannot pass the expensive amount it has considering the kind of service they have.

White Chocolate Mocha Frappe
White Chocolate Mocha Frappe (9/10)

This one is something worth trying. It is not too sweet, the ice is crushed thinly and the good ratio of mocha and chocolate can be tasted in this frappe. I would go back to UCC just for this.

Tiramisu (5/10)

The cake is soft and tasty. Unfortunately, it is already SPOILED. I asked the server why it tasted sour and if it’s really like that. She just took the cake and asked us what cake do we want instead. I already had like 2 spoonful of bite and I didn’t hear an apology nor an explanation as to why they served us a spoiled cake? I understand that it may be not their intention to serve it, but an explanation and a sincere apology would mean so much.

Coco Mango Cake
Coco Mango Cake (7/10)

The cake has the right amount of sweetness with a hint of coconut slices in the middle of the cake. The mango doesn’t seem to be fresh and the coconut doesn’t complement the mango. The bread on the inside is soft and icing is quite delicious too. A so-so kinda cake. Not something I would crave for.

Place (9/10) : The cafe is spacious and clean. It is well-lit and the spacing of each table is just right to give comfort and privacy to the customers. The room temperature is good as well. There’s a (very clean) restroom inside and a comfy table and couches. It’s just a challenge to pass by along our table because the stroller occupies the aisle.

Servers (5/10) : One of the worst customer service we had. Why? First, our server had a face that says, “I wish I wasn’t here.” I understand that it’s a holiday weekend and it’s frustrating that they had to work and for longer hours because it was already 10 pm when we went there. She welcomed us with a frown on her face. Such a perfect way to remind us of our worse experience from UCC — yet another bad customer service from their cafe! Second, that same server had a mistake and included a toast on our order. I politely said that it wasn’t included in our order. I still remember her repeating all the food we ordered and it was not included. Again, no apology and when she passed along our table, she gave us the same “sad” look.

The pregnant server was the only nice server at that time. She was nice and friendly. She has a big smile on her face. I appreciate her attempt to give us a good customer service but it’s not enough to cover the bad comments we have from her colleagues. While eating, I saw their manager having a glimpse at us and again giving the same look that our server has. It’s like she trained her servers to have that “look.” The other table has a birthday celebrant and they had to sing a birthday song. Yes, the birthday song was aloud; but it was not alive. Again, their eyes looked so tired and sad. They shouldn’t have extended their hours if that would be their attitude toward their customers.

Experience (6/10) : Because of the ambiance and the frappe, we weren’t too disappointed. Alas! We have to leave. All the servers said, “Come again.” The manager just snobbishly looked at us and again had that “frown” after we left. I’m not sure what to say about this cafe but I believe that after this 2nd experience, they should have a customer service training again. Not just their servers, but all their managers too! The bad experiences we have at UCC Cafe is like a norm already. I’m not sure if other customers would agree with me; but this isn’t what customer service is about. I’m willing to pay more if the customer satisfaction is also GREATER than the others. Restaurateurs! Give the customers a reason to pay for that expensive, messy, and spoiled food you serve. A good customer service is a perfect way to cover up the restaurant’s unintentional mistakes. Without good customer service, the dish will only be marked as an overpriced food on the menu. If UCC won’t do something about this, then it’s just too easy to boycott this restaurant who doesn’t know the meaning of good customer service.

UCC Café Terrace

Telephone no.: +63 (915) 6594408

2F Newport Mall

Email :



  1. Hmmm…I’ve tried out several UCC Cafe branches for my post ( but I didn’t experience that kind of service. In fact, they provided a stellar one and were very accommodating.

    I’ll cite the Eastwood 1800 (Park Cafe) and Estancia Mall (3rd Wave Clockwork) branches that made a good impression. Especially the latter; maybe they fixed up their act after finding out about your complaint. For Trinoma…well, they provided exceptional service but it didn’t match the one in the first two branches I tried out. 🙂

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    1. I was very excited to try UCC. I went out of my way to go there (even after a holter test from the hospital). I have to wake up early to do this test and still gave time to visit their cafe in Estancia. The link was also on this post. It’s just sad when they give u spoiled food or drinks that will upset the tummy.. then serve it with a frown on their faces. It is just not worth it. We already spent a lot of money to admit my son in the hospital for WEEKS because of an expired cake from Max’s. These restaurants should be extra careful on what they serve.. Worse.. when mistakes happen.. they should learn to apologize and not get mad in return.

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