I still remember our first impression about Yumi. We said, “Hmmm.. The restaurant looks small.” Me and my son are both claustrophobic so I’m quite scared to go in. When we went in, the first floor is already full and it seems like our stroller can’t fit anymore; so we have to climb up the narrow stairs and this is what we saw.

Place (9/10) : A room that looked private (since we were the only people inside). It has a clear glass on the left side of the area where customers can see the view outside. It’s just so cool! Though the room seems to be bigger because there were no other customers but us, the room is still too small for me. The advantage of this room is the cool temperature they have for this area. I also enjoyed the view on the right side — the servers and chefs who prepare the food.


They have comfortable chairs and sturdy tables. The whole place is clean and chic. Their plates, bowls, and glasses are intertwined in the same theme. I love the interior of the 2nd floor area; it has better lighting and it is surrounded with “sexy red lips and fierce eyes” painting all over the walls. Because I’m a make-up junkie, loving this design would be expected from me. Love, love love this design that they also put on the menu. I love to take it home!


It’s no secret that me and my husband love Japanese food.. and by Japanese food I mean these dishes :

Kani Appetizer (10/10)

My husband enjoyed eating this. He finished it on his own. So yeah! He loves it!

Sushi (10/10)

Too artistic to eat but too delicious to ignore. This is more delicious than how it looks like. So good to look at, tastes even better!

Gohan (8/10)

We love rice! This rice is soft with the perfect ingredients to bring texture. There are 2 things I don’t like about this rice – the lack of flavor when eaten alone and the ratio of the meat, vegetables and rice. Too many green bell pepper and onions on this rice. They didn’t consider the ratio of the meat’s quantity as well. Overall, I still appreciate the fact that the rice is new and still steamy hot when served.

Chicken Teriyaki (8/10)

De-li-cious!!! The chicken is cooked well and they served the right part of chicken. Unfortunately, I like this dish with extra sauce and if possible, a bit crispy so the skin would be crispier. I wish they added more sauce and cooked this a bit longer than the usual. On the other hand, the side dish is much appreciated!

Tofu Tempura (10/10)

This is quite fab! One of the best tofu dishes we’ve tried. It’s fresh and fried perfectly with the right amount of sauce and some vegetables on the side. I love how well it is presented to us. So inviting right?

Ebi Tempura (10/10)

Ahhh! Our favorite! The prawns are huge and well fried with the perfect crisp that we’ve been looking for. The sauce is yummy and they’re very generous in giving us extra sauce and radish. I love how tender the shrimp is on the inside but very crispy on the outside. This is a winner!

People (9/10) : The servers are courteous, helpful and really accommodating. Since we were on the 2nd floor, there were some instances when we have to wait for someone to assist us. We appreciate that it even came to a point that someone stayed with us on the 2nd floor so we can be assisted easily. The thing is, it just feels a bit awkward since we were the only people in that area and it’s quite distracting because the server can hear everything we say. So it’s like we were guarded and the privacy was lost at that moment. Though the server didn’t mind us at all, I just prefer to wait to be served than to feel awkward because everything can be heard.

Experience : (9/10) : The food is good, the ambiance is great, the people were awesome. I don’t see any reason for us to not go back. Actually, because of this restaurant we have one more reason to go back to Century Mall. We are so happy that now we already have a go-to Japanese restaurant in Makati. Hurrah for Yumi!

Yumi Japanese Restaurant

4th Level Century Mall, Makati


Email: yumicentury@gmail.com



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