Tokyo Posh Audrey Bun

When I was young, I used to hate my forehead and everytime our helper would make my hair into a bun, I cringe and get mad on how I look like.

When bun became popular and trendy, I cringe everytime I imagine myself doing the bun hairstyle again until I saw Tokyo Posh’s easy to do Audrey bun put on styled hair.

Photo by Tokyo Posh on Facebook

As soon as She of Tokyo Posh put it on me, I know I’m meant to learn how to do the bun hairstyle again. One thing I didn’t see coming is that I’ll be addicted to styling my own hair.

Earrings by Forever 21
Other Accessories by Kultura

I went back to Tokyo Posh as soon as they posted and gave their IG followers a 15% discount. This time, I bought synthetic bangs. Yep, the bangs Im wearing for the last 2 looks I made were already synthetic bangs. You didn’t notice that, right?

Photo by Tokyo Posh

Yep, my hair is now back to normal. I’m making my bangs grow into my regular hair. Im actually scared once my synthetic bangs are broken and I’m left with no choice but to show you my look without bangs on plus my grey hair. Eek!

Remember this look 2 weeks ago? I’m already wearing synthetic bangs that time. It’s my way of telling you that I no longer care if you see me without my bangs on.

So I put my clip-on synthetic bangs, tie my hair up to make a ballerina bun and put on the Audrey bun to make the hair look thick and bigger, prim and proper, like Audrey Hepbun (I mean HepBURN) herself (bun, I mean pun intended). 😋

Bag by Aranaz
Hat by Forever 21

To match my hair with my dress, I chose a very feminine design from my closet. One that will make me look like a classy ballerina. Good thing my nails matched my whole look as well. How? Fab Nails helped.

My super cute and economical Kultura accessories are so nice as well. Plus, my hair pin amounting to P150 from EDSA Shangrila’s mini stalls is so chic, right? Yes, I can wear cheap things without looking cheap. 😉

You see.. people nowadays already tell us what to wear and what to do. It’s up to us if we allow them to dictate us on how we live our lives or as simple as how we style our hair. No one can tell us what to do and how to do it. Do you, be you but keep it classy and chic, always. 😘

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Not sponsored by any brand mentioned on this post. 😉



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