Review on Fab Nails

If you know me so well, you should’ve known by now that I have very short nails. I do household chores, I work from home and Im a homeschooler – to have long nails for me is a pain in the nails (haha) and also in the ass for my kids and hubby who need me to be snappy and ready to work and help using my hands.



This is why when we saw Fab Nails on IG, it automatically gave me an idea to finally “accessorize” my nails and give life on my boring nails. Amongst the many websites that sell fake nails, I chose Fab Nails for they have the biggest social media following for this business (I’ve found so far), good reviews, and few YouTubers approve of them.

Accessories by Kultura
Dress by Plains & Prints

We subscribed to their newsletter to get a 10% discount off on our first order. Ordering at Fab Nails is easy but we experienced a problem upon payment. We got confused on choosing Cash or Paypal to use for credit card payment. You gotta choose Paypal for credit card option.

Another issue we had is even after cancelling the order for cash payment and receiving a confirmation about it, the courier texted me to prep the money for my order. So I had to communicate with Fab Nails again about the wrong transaction. After that, shipping went well and fast. I ordered 6 designs at first.

I tried this first

Upon arrival of the order, I asked the courier to wait for awhile so I can check the quality of the fake nails for the packaging looks so simple for me to say that it’s worth the price. But, the courier called me and asked me to stop checking for he is in a hurry.

Bag by Aranaz

I was kinda frustrated for the disorganized way of packaging the nails and how small and almost empty the glues are. Some glues are even dry that I have to cut it to see if it still works. After cutting it, it got messy and went all over my hands. Removing the glue from my hands is quite time-consuming. It took me 1 hour of putting my hands in the warm water to finally remove all the glue all over them.

This is why you guys have to watch out everytime you use the glue. Good thing it doesn’t hurt unlike the Mighty Bond effect. But Im telling you — your nails aren’t gonna be the same again. Glue stains will leave a mark on your nails. They will look rough and untidy unless maybe you clean it with an acetone, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Good thing all 6 designs are okay and in fab condition. So I reordered this weekend after Fab Nail‘s Facebook messenger sent me another discount code for 15% off. This specific order arrived today and had tons of issues.

The matte pink and maroon designs are missing 1 extra nail, 1 black nail is broken and 2 tapes are broken for it got stuck in the plastic box. Also, some designs are supposed to have a free glue inside. Unfortunately, the glue isn’t available anymore so they gave adhesive tapes without informing me about the change.

I immediately DMd Fab Nails about it (we are in constant communication since I first ordered). They are actually good in Customer Service but aren’t reliable enough and so they said this,

“We sincerely apologize if you are disappointed with the product the 20-24 nails are included in each description of our nails online, and same goes with the FAQS. For the one damage nail, it might be due to manufacturer’s error, but we believe you still have other nails to use. As much as possible we try to provide an excellent customer service and product satisfaction but please do understand that we are just people.

Those nails were prepared by our hardworking staff and we believe that one mistake will not justify the quality of the nails and the service we provided. Thank you for loving the fabnails.”

Now as much as I want to understand where they’re coming from and as much as we appreciate the hardwork of their staff, we also have to recognize the fact that DTI have a law that the company should follow whatever appears to be in the box of the package. Also, if something is broken, the company should replace it. It is the company’s duty to check the quality and the quantity of the package.

And so, after a few discussion, they replied again and offered me a 10% discount.. but still.. they didn’t give me enough assurance that it won’t happen again and the discount code isn’t given yet. The stress I go through and the time I need to check the order and count the nails then the effort to talk/argue with them aren’t even worth it to compensate with a 10% discount. I prefer an assurance of a better quality product.

Now enough of the bad vibes and let’s rewind to the day I fell in love with Fab Nails. Last Saturday, I get to try it. Here are the reasons why I love Fab Nails :

1. The designs are fab and countless. They have all the designs for your fave dress and outfit or mood.

2. Shipment and order process are fast and easy. They also have COD.

3. They have discounts and sale every other time. You have to watch out and stay tuned on their social media pages and subscribe to their newsletter.

4. The nails are sturdy and easy to put depending on how short your nails are. File the fake nails and your nails before putting them on.

5. The nails are reusable and easy to clean. Prices are just right, around P200 to P300 depending on the design.

After discussing the pros, let’s move on with the cons :

1. These nails don’t actually stay for long hours or a day. I’m still in the process of trying it out so for now, I’ll say that the nails aren’t meant to stay on your nails for a long time. 1 nail popped out after I wiped my nose. Another 1 popped out when I peed and have to remove my undies. Then after that I removed the rest too fast and easy in seconds after it looked so bad on photos.

Other hand doesn’t have fake nails anymore

2. It’s time consuming. You need at least a good 15 to 30min to file the nails and make sure that all of them are in shape. You need time to secure the glue and make sure everything looks clean and real.

3. The glue isn’t enough for all the nails and eventually, it could be an issue now that their glue is completely phased out.

4. For someone who is used in having very short nails, these nails aren’t sturdy enough to act as your 2nd nail to use for texting, pushing a button or even for scratching. Along the way of getting something in the bag, it could deform or effortlessly be removed out of your nail. I look like a fool most of the time for I’m not used in having long nails but it looks so good, you don’t care anymore.

5. Though it is very easy to remove each fake nails, there’s a bit of pain and force everytime you remove a nail. It’s quite scary but I know I’ll get used to it soon.

Without the fake nails
Wearing Cloud Nine (Matte) from Fab Nails

What is your reason for having these? Budget? Yes they are cheaper than a trip to the salon but they don’t last long enough and not sturdy enough compared to your real long nails. These nails are best to use as accessories, not really for everyday use. If you want it for everyday use, salon nails are better and cheaper in the long run.

As a blogger, I’m already used in the “fake world.” On this look, I’m actually wearing fake hair and bun from Tokyo Posh. The bag and hat aren’t used that day, they are only meant for this photo op at home. Sooo.. the cons I mentioned on this post aren’t really bothersome but I’m still actually okay to deal with them, for picture purposes. But, it’s actually the little things that make me frustrated. The missing and broken nails plus broken tape — those are what I can’t deal with.

Next time, I’ll be putting more glue on my whole nail. I have 11 more designs to try on. You’ll get updates from me on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

This post is not sponsored. All brands mentioned are not sponsored either. I have a current giveaway. Join now! Check it out on my Facebook and Instagram pages. 😉



  1. Na focus na ako sa cons haha . Gusto ko pa naman yan easy and fast delivery tapos discounts plus variety of colors to choose from at affordable. I find it hassle naman while am away tapos nagtatanggalan. Pero bagay sa outfit mo yan ang kinaganda, mas dagdag sa looks at presentable nails while nasa labas. diko pa na try mga ganyan kasi feel ko time consuming lalo na madalian.


    1. Agree. Maganda siya talaga sis pero sobrang hassle niya kung di ka sanay sa mahaba ang kuko. Pero maganda siya to see your nails groomed for a day


  2. Hmm..I don’t think it’s worth it then. first thing is whenever I order online, packaging and having a complete orders is the most important for me.
    As long as nothing is broken and complete, that’s good for me already. The quality and experience is the least of my concern lol.
    Coz since its online, I won’t really know the real deal.
    Reviews from others are important for me to buy or not.
    Reading your review is telling me not to buy already hahaha

    Tho this is great if you don’t have time to get your nails done and you don’t know how to apply a polish (like me lol)
    I know someone who’s also selling faux nails and so far, reviews are good so immah try next time 😉


    1. Yes agree abt everything u said. Thanks fot dropping by. Im just being transparent and letting u know abt hw i feel and my real experience


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