I am not really a fan of neutral-colored clothes and makeup. For some reason, I am more into loud and exciting colors and prints. But lately, I am digging this look.

Zara vinyl shoes for the win

Though this is a simple look, I love everything about this culottes (looking like a skirt, emphasizing my curves) and crop top that aren’t meant to be a pair but look so good together.

Ombre hair by Lynelle

My makeup last week was also neutral. Thanks to MAC x Patrick Starrr eyeshadow.


With neutral eyeshadow colors come neutral metallic lipsticks. How I love to complement my eyes with this metallic lippy.

I am currently on a lookout for a better foundation (doesn’t oxidize) and primer. Though I’m already convinced that nothing beats my old Lancome Primer, I believe this Fenty Primer is okay.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

I bought this mini version to try and see if this will work out better than Lancome. I’m trying to convince myself that a less expensive product can work and I don’t have to be super loyal to 1 brand. So far, I’m okay with it. Not my favorite, but it is okay.

Lancome La Base Pro Primer

The Fenty primer feels thinner than Lancome. Though both of them are silicone – based, Lancome feels more sticky and thick. You only need less product for Lancome and more pumps from Fenty. Both of them don’t have any smell and no allergic reaction; but I noticed one thing, I tend to have cystic acne on Lancome whereas there’s NONE for Fenty. On the other hand, Lancome has smoother and firmer effect. So.. it’s a tie for points. I’m still really hoping that Fenty will work out better than Lancome. We will see.

With Lancome Primer

Neutral colors in fashion usually make someone look wider or darker; but if you wear a style that will make you look taller and slimmer, it’s gonna look good on you. Play with colors and styles, it’s gonna be worth it!

All brands and products mentioned on this post are not sponsored. Iā€™m currently having a #MsInfoBluesClues giveaway and whoever follows my blog and comments on this post (within the Philippines ONLY) may win a #CoffeeBeanAndTeaLeafPH blue planner and beauty items. More details on my Facebook page and Instagram account. See you there!



  1. Neutrals look good on you Ms. Japs. ā¤ļø Actually wala pa naman akong nakitang flop look mo, always pop na pop. šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜


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