OOTD : Die Beautiful

Have you seen the movie Die Beautiful? Paolo Ballesteros won an award as best actor in this movie.. and I salute him for his acting skills and the way he brought the character into life. This is why I made this blog post.

OOTD : Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a crowd-favorite. I am one of those who love her character. I admire her wit, her bubbly attitude and the amazing courage she has for a young age. I always want to be like her.. or at least dress like her in some point. 😅

OOTD : Wayne

How about you? What do you usually wear when you're in Tagaytay? I definitely broke some rules here and my fashion pieces didn't follow the norm. What do you think? Would you consider wearing something like this in a rainy and cold place like Tagaytay? 😅