OOTD : Sailor Moon

“Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!” These are the exact words we as little girls say to transform into a pretty sailor soldier of love and justice. Who am I talking about?

Forever 21 accessories
Plains & Prints Saige Dress by Maureen Disini

There’s no other than Sailor Moon! πŸ‘― In her previous life, she was the Princess of the Moon, Princess Serenity. πŸŒ™

Michael Kors Bag & Melissa Shoes

According to a test I tookΒ here, among all the other sailor soldiers, I am Sailor Moon. πŸ˜… Aside from the fact that I love yellow and the style of her hair, I also love everything about her – yes that also includes her prince charming. Though I do not act as bubbly as she is, I always imagine myself as Sailor Moon. I’m also not a brat but I have a high ego. Who doesn’t? πŸ˜…

Clarks Shoes

I love this dress designed by Maureen Disini. Unfortunately, the downside is the size of the blouse and skirt isn’t perfect for my body type. Plains & Prints call it as a “dress” but it is bought as a “pair.” Basically, I need a bigger size on my upper area; but a smaller size for my skirt. Unfortunately, both the blouse and skirt should have the same size. I love that the blouse fits well on me. Bad news is — the skirt doesn’t look good on me. Compare my ultra high skirt from the Saige “skirt.”



October’s color is pink. One way to educate women about breast cancer and support breast cancer patients. Because Plains & Prints joined in this advocacy, most of their clothes are pink and lady-like. Though I honestly miss the “Maleficent-look” I Β usually make, I know that for a change it is also nice to see my eyes toned down even for a bit. πŸ˜…


All of us have our own super powers. The best thing to do with it is to use it for God’s kingdom and be a blessing to other people. Ladies, use whatever power you have to help other people and empower them so they too can maximize their potential and see their own super powers within them. Be a Super Woman, be Sailor Moon! 😊



    1. it fits me. it just doesn’t fit me well. that’s why buying a blouse and skirt is tough for me especially when I have to buy it as a pair bec I don’t have the same upper and lower body size. 😊 how are u jess?

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