Hawa Mahal is a palace in Jaipur, India, so named because it was essentially a high screen wall built so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from the outside.

I find Hawa Mahal an interesting place. Imagine a place built with a high wall so women can enjoy the view and not be seen from the outside? For this post, I want to compare it with a person that is building a barrier to protect himself from getting hurt. I can actually relate to this one. Yes I can be open to other people and easily connect with others, but as much as possible, I shut “user-friendly” people who want to connect with me thinking that they will just use and abuse me.

I don’t have good experiences when it comes to friendships. I tend to give a lot and get hurt when the love and value I gave for a friend wasn’t reciprocated. They say, “Don’t expect so you won’t get hurt.” I always say, “Why does someone ask a lot from a friend when he cannot give back?”

Now I’m learning to enjoy relationships with my acquaintances. I started to build a wall that is just right to protect myself from any abuse that others could be capable of doing.

My rule : Do not go the extra mile to a person who doesn’t even want to run a mile with you. If I do something for others, I do it because I want to and completely cross the “deed” out of the imaginary list I make. I do not secretly oblige or expect anything from a friend anymore; in the same way that I don’t give too much effort to a person any longer.

Just as the women in Hawa Mahal enjoy their view from the inside without being seen outside, my relationships are like that now. I enjoy relationships even though there’s a small “barrier” protecting me from people outside. Let this be a reminder to everyone that may our barriers be smaller and our bridges still connected with other people without any apprehensions.

Live life. Love people. Protect self.

I wanna say thanks to MJ and Joy of Forever 21 Megamall who helped me out in finding this lovely coat. I hate coats, jackets, and anything in between because it’s hot here in Manila and I rarely feel cold. Since I had hyperthyroidism, I tend to feel cold when others feel hot. 😣 Most of the time, I feel cold already. So ever since I was diagnosed, I started to buy coats. This is my 3rd coat. The color is risky and I fear that I can’t pair it with my dresses. Then I remembered Jennifer Aniston’s coat in one of the “Friends” episodes that looks exactly like this. As one of her fans, I immediately said yes to Forever 21’s staff and bought it. Thank you for your effort ladies! Who says you can’t fashionably pair a green coat with a red dress?