OOTD : Secrets to “Hide” Stubborn Fats Ft MAC & Dior

Feeling bad whenever you see yourself in the mirror with all those flaws, flabs and stubborn fats? Then this post is gonna help you how to feel and look sexy in no time.

OOTD : Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a crowd-favorite. I am one of those who love her character. I admire her wit, her bubbly attitude and the amazing courage she has for a young age. I always want to be like her.. or at least dress like her in some point. 😅

My Melissa Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Ballerina Shoes

I have a tremendous love for ballet. Well one reason is because I took ballet classes when I was young. 2nd is I look up to ballerinas' grace and beauty while dancing. So when I saw a beautiful ballerina shoes with heels, what do you think I did? 😂

OOTD : 32 Questions (Ft Maureen Disini’s Rowan)

For this birthday OOTD post, I asked my followers and friends to ask me anything about myself, health, relationships, motherhood, etc. Here they are and my answers about different topics. Please read on as you might relate to the questions asked on this post.

OOTD : Embrace Imperfection (Wk 5 of Chubby Girls Get Skinny Project)

Lesson Learned : There's no harm in trying and giving your best. Just don't forget that your priority is what benefits you "the most" and not what benefits you "the quickest."

OOTD : Wayne

How about you? What do you usually wear when you're in Tagaytay? I definitely broke some rules here and my fashion pieces didn't follow the norm. What do you think? Would you consider wearing something like this in a rainy and cold place like Tagaytay? 😅

OOTD : Amber Ft Chanel and Estee Lauder Review

With God's help, prayer, our families and friends plus determination --- we can be free from all our "amber" in life. The question is --- are we willing to break the "beautiful" amber so we can be free and have peace?