OOTD : Nella Ft Dior Capture Totale Foundation

Hi everyone! It’s my birth month this September and I’ve chosen the best of the best in my closet to feature on my OOTD posts this month. Because of that, I’m pausing on “Chubby Girls Get Skinny” for awhile but I’ll be back on October. πŸ˜„

Plains & Prints Nella Blouse & Skirt

Yes my friend, this is a blouse & skirt. I love its design and how it gives better “shape” on my body. I like that it has a good quality fabric and it fits “us” larger women. This was from last year’s collection but it still looks good to match today’s fashion.

Kate Spade Bag & Clarks Shoes

On this photo, I was at Plains & Prints to meet my family and have my month-long birthday celebration. Do you know that Plains & Prints offers double points on your birthday month? Now that calls for a DOUBLE celebration. πŸŽ‚πŸ›πŸŽ‰πŸŽ€

with Melissa Campana flats

I’m so excited to share with you the new found shoes I have from Melissa. I’ll blog about it very soon. πŸ˜‰

Foundation – Dior Capture Totale

I may have discussed, blogged and bragged aboutΒ Dior Capture TotaleΒ a lot of times already and I can say that it’s really my favorite foundation of all time. I’m always on the lookout for the best foundation, mascara and eyeliners – thinking that there might be something better out there. But Dior proved to me that they have one of the best mascaras, powders, blush-ons, eyebrow liners, perfumes and foundations.

Forever 21 accessories

Dior Capture Totale is a foundation-serum. When you say serum, it means it goes underneath the skin to fix the inner part of it. So a foundation serum is a makeup that doesn’t just cover the outer part of the face, but it sinks in the deeper area to moisturize & fix skin blemishes leaving you a younger, glowing skin on the outside too. I love how thin my makeup looks and buildable everything is because of the Dior Capture Totale foundation. It made my pores appear smaller and gives my face a radiant look. This foundation isn’t itchy or sticky. It’s thin but it gives a full coverage once applied. The best part — I love how it makes my active acne smaller and dry after use. Believe me or not! This may not be the best foundation, but this is definitely the best skin care/foundation out there.

How about you ladies? What is your favorite foundation? Do you love symmetrical designs on clothes? If you have photos about fashion or beauty, please send it atΒ missinformati0n@yahoo.com.ph so I can feature them. Have a blast this September! πŸ˜„



          1. haha yes I thought this seemed like Deja Vu, yes I read your review for Dior and it sounds amazing! The cushion foundation doesn’t shimmer, it gives more of a radiant finish so more of a light glow to the skin. A couple of weeks ago EstΔ“e Lauder was giving out free samples of the foundation, not sure if they still are…


  1. hi po,well i love loreal foundation,i think it matches my skintone very well.. And i love the unique designs of plains and prints including what youre wearing, but i really wish im confident enough to show the real me,hahaha.. im just sad today..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi khryzza. may i have your FB name or IG name so I can put your 3 pts in the app now? thank u!

      i love loreal too and yes i agree with u. it matches someone’s skin tone automatically. be confident. u owe it to yourself. im here to help u out. i hope that by reading my posts and blog.. I can help u become more confident day by day. God bless!


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