OOTD : Wayne


Where am I? 😏 I’m at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. πŸ˜…

Plains & Prints Wayne Dress

When I saw the windmill, I already know that this coffee shop is a perfect place for my OOTD. I hurriedly checked the whole place – Β enjoyed the weather, ambiance, and the scenery. Even up to now.. seeing these photos make me happy and calm. So where was I?

We are in a cold and romantic place.. Tagaytay!

I chose this dress to create contrast on the expectations I have about this place. I am happy that my plan worked. I am wearing MAC’s lipstick that proved to be long lasting on this trip. It outstands and complemented the color of my dress. I want to salute my Michael Kors bag that got wet but still conquered the rain and the cold temperature. Thanks to my Melissa shoes that gave me comfort the whole time we were there. It is really my trusted brand when it comes to flats.

Accessories from Forever 21

The people are nice in Tagaytay. From the staff of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to the vendors in the streets up to the Starbucks staff and the people we meet along the way. I fell in love with Tagaytay.. it’s as if this is my first time to really experience Tagaytay at its best.

Wearing my trench coat.. yes I stopped minding my hair

Notice the lipstick? It rained and shined in Tagaytay but my lipstick stayed really long. Talk about endurance ‘eh? Here in Tagaytay, I learned to stop minding my hair, stop looking at my flaws and stop thinking about what other people think. I became a normal gal resting and having the time of my life. I enjoyed every. single. second I spent in Tagaytay.. I had so much fun!


Thank you Tagaytay for giving me another memory to treasure and keep. I learned a lot and I will always go back to this part of my life where I became myself again.. I can’t thank you enough for giving us a bad weather to make our family stronger even in the midst of fog, heavy rain and strong winds.


How about you? What do you usually wear when you’re in Tagaytay? I definitely broke some rules here and my fashion pieces didn’t follow the norm. What do you think? Would you consider wearing something like this in a rainy and cold place like Tagaytay? πŸ˜…

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