OOTD : Hashtag

Hashtags! It is a very popular symbol nowadays. We use it to talk about something and make a certain topic/person/thing trend. I will make this OOTD post a bit different. I love this look so much.. I can’t help but choose too many photos for this post so instead of discussing about the “look” alone, I want to discuss some few hashtags that trended recently here in the Philippines.

Coach Shoulder Bag in Pebble Leather
Coach Shoulder Bag in Pebble Leather

#hugot –Β The past can hurt. But the way I see it is that you can either run from it or learn from it. – Lion King

#OTWOLHangover – I miss Leah and Clark sooo much. I can’t watch the new TV series that replaced them.

Aldo Shoes
Aldo Shoes

#SpringSummer2016 – Yes, this dress is a part of Plains & Prints’ Spring Summer Collection. It is now trending here in the Philippines because they’re having a preview on this collection.

Forever 21 Accessories
Forever 21 Accessories

Hashtag Dress probably got its name from the lines that can be easily seen on this dress. The fabric of this dress is very comfortable and I love the asymmetrical cut that made me look taller and gave me better curves. This dress is halter but I was able to pull it off because of the wider neck line it gave me. I just love everything about this dress. Thank you hubby for choosing this for me! 😊

#Halalan2016 – May is fast approaching and another change will come upon our country. It could either be a good or bad change. It is up to us to pray and decide on the leader that God wants us to choose so Filipinos, please vote wisely!

Plains & Prints Hashtag Dress
Plains & Prints Hashtag Dress

Just like the name of the dress, I didn’t expect this look to trend.. or to be loved by many. When I was choosing my dress for the day.. I was thinking that I need a more comfortable, flowy dress with a longer length. I chose this and I was thinking, “Ugh, one of my worst OOTDs ever..” so now I am completely surprised that I was able to pull it off. πŸ˜„

Dior, Laura Mercier & Ofra Cosmetics
Dior, Laura Mercier & Ofra Cosmetics

With the help of Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow palette, my look became fiercer and so I need to tone down my lips using an Ofra liquid lipstick. On this look, I am also using Dior’s Forever Flawless Foundation (seeΒ here). I love this foundation and now I’m torn between Estee Lauder and Dior. 😯 Anyway.. on this look.. I am not using an eyeliner on my waterline. Why? Because I’m in the midst of searching for a white/gold waterproof eyeliner that I can use to make my eyes pop. πŸ˜… So yeah.. You’ll know more of it next week.

2016-03-05 09.09.13

How about you? What is your favorite trending topic lately? What is your hashtag for the day?


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