OOTD : Secrets to “Hide” Stubborn Fats Ft MAC & Dior

I’ve been very busy these past days that I wasn’t able to post here on my blog. Have you noticed that I finally bought a domain? Yaaaay for that! 😂

Plains & Prints Carmen Dress
Forever 21 Top & Plains & Prints Shorts
Plains & Prints Jermaine Dress

So this post is technically 3 OOTD clothes that I wore while having a staycation at Crown Towers. Someone asked me, “You say you’re plus size, but I don’t seem to see your bulge and stubborn fats. What’s your secret?” Here I am answering this question:

1. Wear a coat. Feeling chubby? Hide those flaws with a decent trench coat. I love how classy and trendy Marks & Spencer’s coat is. I just fell in love with this brand. Not only will a trench coat hide your imperfection, it will also highlight your curves once the belt is on.

Marks & Spencer Trench Coat

2. Contour. Hide your chubby cheeks by using a good bronzer and highlighter. On this look, I didn’t use a bronzer. I used the MAC MY MIMI BRONZED HIGHLIGHTER as a bronzer. 😉  I didn’t lose weight; but contouring made me look like I did.


3. Wear a printed dress. One reason why I love Plains & Prints dresses is because I love wearing printed dresses with good designs. This is their brand’s strength. With prints, flabs will be hidden.


4. Wear a sexy lipstick. With a sexy lipstick on, you automatically feel sexy. In that way, you also feel sexy and confident on the outside. On this look, I’m using MAC ARIANA GRANDE 2. A warm purple semi-matte lipstick that lasts for 12-14 hours without drinking/eating and 8-10 hrs if with meals and drinks. If I can wear this lipstick everyday, I would.

Charming Charlie Earrings

2016-12-22 17.26.07.jpg

5. Make your eyes look sexy. Yes your eyes show sexiness too. On this look, I’m wearing Dior Capital of Light eyeshadow palette. The colors are dark brown, beige, pink, light brown, and plum. It has a little shimmer but more on satin and frost. I love that it’s blendable, no fall out and making a good color combination is easy to achieve. I don’t like that I need a lot of strokes to get a good color on my brush. This is a good palette because it’s very easy to make tons of looks with just 1 palette. Look at this example. 2 looks, 1 palette :

Forever 21 Necklace


Forever 21 Earrings
Dior Capital of Light

6. Wear shorts. Yes, we might be chubby and all; but sexy shorts look good on us too. It helps in showing our curves and hot legs.


7. Choose your angle. I discussed it with you before. Click here. Choose an angle that will make you look “slimmer” and “taller.” This pose and angle make it easy for me to hide everything unlikable about me. By standing beside a wall to simply hide my arms and using a door to make the angle different and make me look thinner.


8. Yellow light means BFF. Oh there’s a yellow light in the room – Take a photo of you. Why? Everybody looks great in a yellow lighting. When it’s white, all your flaws can be seen. But with yellow light, there’s a shadow that will contour your legs, face and arms. Look at these examples.



9. Wear the correct size of undergarments. Most of the time we forget the power of undergarments. A correct size of undergarments help in making our bust and butts look lifted and in shape.


10. Wear Marks & Spencer Shapewear. I swear everything becomes better with this in your closet. It’s like a super undergarment that removes all the bulges and instead gives you a flat and sexy tummy, butt and chest. The world is so much better once you have it.

Marks & Spencer

Have different kinds of bra. Etam is offering a lot of options for us women. We need different kinds of bra because not all bras suit all the dresses we have. A full cup bra is perfect for plain clothes so your chest’s extra fat won’t be seen. A push up bra is for dresses that need to show shape and curves. A minimizer bra is good for off-shoulder clothes. Everything matters.

Etam Undergarments

At the end of the day, this list should be done to remind us that whatever flaws, insecurity and self pity we have should be removed right now. Yes, NOW! Whether we do this or not, confidence should come from within and never from whatever it is that people tell us. We are who we declare ourselves to be!

I hope this post answered your question sis. How about you? Email me too if you have questions and I’ll be glad to answer them in the best way possible. 😚


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