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My skin ain’t perfect and my “monthly visits” cause me to have more skin impurities.. that is why I am always on the lookout for a good skin care brand and its products. Last year, I took Usana’s CoQuinone and that caused me to have more acne. It’s actually too many and too big that I have to make sure my makeup covers them really well. The following photos will show how I attempted to cover an active acne, please focus on the chin area please.


Last September, I faced my fears and bravely shared my acne story to my Instagram and Facebook followers. Now here I am giving you the summary of my 4-month experience with Banish.

Last September 2016, this is how I looked like. I felt so ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. I hate myself for picking my new pimples then I ended up picking some more. 😥 Depression hit me so bad that I tried one brand to another; but got so discouraged when I see no difference.


On the last week of Sept 2016, I took another risk and tried Banish, an organic skin care line in Pasadena, California. I chose this brand because of the story I saw from the inspiring owner of this brand who made her own skin care line to clear her skin. This is her story (click me). As we all know, organic products are better than those with harmful chemicals. What did I have?

I have their Banish Starter Kit ($195) that contains the ff :

1. Pore Eraser ($39) – I put it inside the freezer when not in use then the magic starts once I take it out of the fridge and then use it directly on my skin. It gives the benefits of having an ice facial but without the mess. I love that it easily firms my skin and tightens my pores. My husband uses this Pore Eraser before using the Banisher to help in numbing the skin. Great way to massage yourself and make your skin feel loved afterwards. Best about it? It is very sturdy and easy to clean. Alcohol or water with little soap will do.

Pore Eraser


2. Banish Oil ($49) – This is the miracle worker for my husband who had acne scars for 20+ years now. He hates skin care products, he never borrows or asks for whatever I put on my skin. This time, he didn’t just borrow my Banish Oil, he actually took it from me. 😂 Why? Because with or without the Banisher it makes his acne scars lighter and the texture of his scars thinner. After a few days of use, people immediately noticed a “glow” on his skin. It’s cute how he tried to hide the fact that he is using a skin care.. but he is really so happy and proud that he had to share it with everybody. The Banish oil is so addicting that once you stop using this, you’ll automatically feel like you missed a big part of your life again. 😅

Husband’s bi-weekly transformation
Banish Oil

3. M Banisher ($49) – The bristles on the derma roller punctures micro tiny holes; they are so tiny that it will not produce any scar. In fact, these holes dig deeper into the epidermis of the skin. Eventually, the skin will fix the “tiny holes” by producing collagen and elastin. Soon, it will rebuild itself and repair the scars leaving you with a firm, supple and healthy skin. Though the Banisher isn’t good for active acne, it is great for acne scars. Does it hurt? No! It tickles and sting a bit but it really feels good after a Banisher session. The skin will look firm, supple and moisturized in a week’s time. You can’t imagine what it can do for your skin.


It comes with a Banisher plastic storage and a container where you can put the alcohol to clean it.
Pen Stamp

4. Pen Stamp ($49) – Get this if you have active acne and cannot use the Banisher yet. Use around active pimples but do not roll it over the active acne itself. This doesn’t hurt either. It’s also like the Banisher but only used when you have an active acne and to avoid the area where it’s at. I love that it gives the same result as the Banisher but can be used though you have an active acne.

Don’ts for the Banisher :

  1. Share with another person

  2. Do not use over irritated, damaged skin, and active breakouts.

  3. Do not use a Banisher with a bent bristle

  4. Don’t over roll, there’s no need to cause unnecessary trauma to skin

  5. Don’t use Banisher over skin that hasn’t been washed & don’t use the Banisher without cleaning it with alcohol first.

  6. Don’t use Banisher if on tretinoin/accutane.

  7. Don’t go out directly in the sun after a few days of using the Banisher & don’t wear makeup until the next morning or at least 8 hours afterwards.

  8. Don’t recommend using skin care products with ingredients that may cause irritation. Examples include acids like beta or alpha hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide cream, and retinoids. Best to use something with natural ingredients because you don’t want harmful chemicals to go deeper in your skin.

  9. You can use Activated Charcoal Masque after, however, it is not necessary as it may irritate skin. Recommended to use masks before using the Banisher.

  10. Pore Smasher can actually be used before and after Banisher. Use it before using the Banisher to numb the skin.  You can also use it after the Banisher to calm the skin and tighten pores. Just make sure to clean it regularly.

  11. Do not use Banish products together with other brands to avoid irritation or other skin issues.

  12. Wear sunscreen while using these products since sun can trigger more hyperpigmentation which can darken spots. Skin may be more sensitive to the sun from using masks that contain AHAs and while using the Banisher.


5. Pumpkin Enzyme Masque ($35) – This is my best friend! Go up and check my active acne before I used Banish. In just 1-2 weeks my active acne became small and dry until it said goodbye to my face. I love how it literally saved my skin.

It exfoliates your skin to reveal new skin underneath. Feel your skin like baby’s soft and smooth skin!  A little bit of a tingle is normal with this mask.

P.S. What is an active acne? Active acne is an inflammatory skin condition that affects over 80% of adults and is particularly prevalent in teenagers. It appears most commonly on the face, chest, back and neck. If it remains untreated, it can cause permanent damaged skin commonly known as acne scarring.


Banish Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

6. Activated Charcoal Clay Masque ($29) – I am obsessed with this mask too. Here are my reasons :

1. Whenever my nose feels itchy, I immediately run for this mask and it will definitely ease the itchiness and my blackheads will be gone that fast.

2. This mask unclog my pores like magic. No need for pore strips. It just does its job of deep cleaning my skin. I love it sooo much! Right after I wash my face, my skin feels squeaky clean.


How to make a paste :

Mix the Activated Charcoal Clay Masque with water or the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir until you make a paste. Add a layer onto your skin and let dry, then wash off. Best to use with a makeup brush to spread into the face evenly. Get rid of clogged or large pores by using this masque 1-2 times a week.

Activated Charcoal Clay Masque

7. Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir ($19) – educated me about the importance of Vit C in the skin.

Vitamin C has lots of antioxidants which protects your skin from damage due to sun exposure and pollution. Antioxidants help us look youthful and renew skin too.

Vitamin C is also important in promoting skin elasticity which is the foundation of our skin. Without elastin and collagen fibers, skin can look dull and sag and become more prone to skin texture problems.

I spray the Vit C Beauty Elixir on my face anytime, anywhere I need to rehydrate my skin. I also use it as a setting spray and it unbelievably leaves my skin dewy and makes my makeup lasts longer than the usual.


They also have other products outside the Starter Kit like the ff :

1. The Starter Cleanser ($29) – my go-to wash whenever my face feels itchy and dirty after putting makeup on.

A natural cleanser that’s made with no sulfates, so it doesn’t foam and doesn’t dry your skin! Many cleansers on the market today are harsh and dry out your skin, stripping away the good nutrients and oils. When your skin is stripped of the natural oils, your skin will produce more oil to compensate, therefore increasing probability of clogged pores and acne.

I have very sensitive skin but this wash never leaves my skin dry or tight. It just leaves it smooth and healthy looking.

After almost 4 months of use, here’s me and my husband’s current skin condition (photos not filtered) :

Jan 2017 – Pore Eraser, Banish Oil and M Banisher
Oct 2016
Nov 2016
Dec 2016
Jan 2017

Banish changed me and my husband’s life. We found hope in this brand and its products. Ever since I used Banish, I had the courage to leave the house without makeup on — not because I have perfect skin but because this brand made me understand that I should accept my skin’s status because it never defines who I am. I follow their Instagram page : @banishacnescars and their new page that features different stories about the @banishwarriors, they are people like me who are suffering from acne and acne scars. They share their ups and downs weekly. Makes me feel that I’m not alone on this battle of having a clearer skin. I can relate to each and everyone’s story and it motivates me to continue whatever I’m doing now. They’re regular people trying to be strong and brave just like a warrior empowering others to be like them too.

It is quite refreshing to see a brand that doesn’t promise to give you a brand new skin. Instead, it empowers you so you can be confident to face the world with whatever result you get from using their product. Banish changed my outlook in life – it banished my insecurity. Watch this video to know what I mean.


Pasadena, California



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