OOTD : Take it Slow

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Everytime I go to the hospital, I want to look fierce and strong. For some reason, I want to have a “makeup look” that will cover up whatever fear and sadness I feel that day.

Marc Jacobs Bag

Why am I in the hospital? Because I collect Drs. Thus, I have numbers of conditions that are all under medication or observation. This is one of the “checkup” series this 2016 – the last one.

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I am in the hospital because of a 24-hr holter test. See the taped wires on the upper part of my chest? Yep, underneath it is even worse. My cardio needs to check on my heart once in awhile because I’m tachycardic, a condition where my heart rate beats faster than the normal. He has to make sure that it won’t get worse and my heart takes it slow.

My prayer is as I ask God to make my heart rate slower than what it is now, I also learn how to take things slow and appreciate life as it is.

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While at the hospital, I saw a lot of people my age who are also diagnosed with a heart condition. I realized that we live in a fast-paced life and we tend to live following each other’s lives in social media. Because of that, we eat fastfood, we don’t enjoy life anymore, we live just to get what we want and buy what others have. It is a routine way of living to chase the things we don’t have yet to impress people who don’t even care. I realized that as we chase non-important things, we lose the more important ones in the process. As I work so hard daily thinking that I work for my children, I lose precious time with them. Worse, I can’t pay to have more time.

As we live this fast-paced world, slow down. Live by the moment. Know God’s purpose in your life and understand that His plans are way better than yours. Trust Him and know that He is faithful to help you get through everything. Once we fully understand that thought, it would be easier for us to TAKE IT SLOW.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

When we go to heaven, God won’t ask us, “What have you acquired on earth?” Instead, He will tell us, “Well done my child. You have been faithful in using your talents in the advancement of My Kingdom.”



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