OOTD : Aldo Verawet (Wk 13 of CGGS)

The choker necklace, the trend of the season, dresses itself up with chevrons for a modern look.

Aldo Verawet Choker with Forever 21 necklaces

This look is dedicated to Aldo’s choker, Verawet. The Verawet choker is a 14″x 3″ delicate Victorian lace choker made of man-made fiber. It is so thin and light that it didn’t make me choke nor did it feel itchy. 😍

H&M and Forever 21 accessories

I love how my accessories matched my makeup of the day. Using MAC Maleficent eyeshadow palette and combining the powers of Ofra Pasadena + MAC Lady Be Good liquid lipsticks, the look became sexy yet fierce.


Chokers are definitely back this 2016! The thing is, there are certain rules in wearing it. Though I honestly don’t follow them, here are some reminders before wearing a choker :

1. Complement. Use a different color of choker from the color of the dress you’re wearing. Gone are the days when you need to use accessories and makeup basing on the color of the outfit you’re wearing.


2. Add other necklaces. Add smaller necklaces to put more accent on the choker.

3. Not all chokers fit well on your OOTD. They say you have to wear a lower neck dress/top to make chokers work. For me, it depends on the style of the choker. May it be thick or thin, made in silver or lace.

4. Be mindful. Chokers tend to move around your neck if it’s a bit loose. Always make sure that your choker’s lock is at the back. 😂

5. Choose a good brand. In my case, I only trust top high brands in terms of buying accessories, one of which is from Aldo. Always make sure that you get what you paid for – uniqueness and excellent quality.

Plains & Prints Fido Wrap Around Maxi Dress

The abstract pattern of the Fido Dress gives the perfect touch of modernity. I love how flowy and sexy it looks like while walking and how it catches more attention by just standing still. It’s the perfect outfit for a special occasion. ❣


Weight : 168.6 Lbs

Join me, Beth and Brie in a group called Chubby Girls Get Skinny (CGGS)! Together let us empower and inspire each other in a world full of negative comments about our weight. 😉

Lesson Learned : We might not be the complete package, but we will always be complete in Christ.

Our weight is just a number. It doesn’t define us. Our bank accounts are just plain digits on a paper. They don’t complete us! There’s more to life than our vital stats, status in life, places we’ve been to and things we own. We will never be satisfied on the world’s offer to crave for the “temporary” things. Live in the moment. Do things that will give glory to God so when He’s back, He’ll say, “My child, well done!” Self worth comes from God ALONE. Nothing more. Nothing less. Always ask yourself, “Am I doing what God wants me to do or am I just going with the flow like everybody else?”



  1. Amen girl!! We really are truly complete in Christ! This post was so motivating and exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks so much love!! You look so beautiful…as always! that dress is just stunning! I also am totally obsessing over you makeup! And those EARRINGS…omgsh…those earrings!! I need them!

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