5 Reasons to Visit “The Singing Cooks & Waiters”

While teaching my son Civics, I was surprised to see The Singing Cooks & Waiters mentioned as one of the Philippines’ best restaurants. I was so proud to tell my son a lot of stories about my favorite restaurant when I was young. Whenever I’m reminded of my experience with The Singing Cooks & Waiters, I always smile and imagine the good memories me and my family had. Unfortunately, most of their branches got closed. Their only branch left is the Pasay branch. It is far from me and my family’s place.. so for quite some time now, visiting their restaurant has been on my bucket list. Something I’ve been looking forward for so long.


Until my brother texted me if we’re available to go to The Singing Cooks & Waiters Pasay to celebrate his girlfriend’s (almost wifey) birthday. I was hesitant at first because I’m scared to be disappointed and lose all the good memories I have with them. I fear that it’s not the same experience anymore. It’s a good thing we joined them because…

Talent (10/10)

1. You will see how these cooks, waiters and staff showcased their singing and dancing talents. It’s like watching a concert but have the liberty to eat, laugh and enjoy. How I love their voices and the way they carry themselves while on the stage. They’re not using any microphone but their voices are loud and they sang effortlessly. These are the talents we all should be proud of. I just have to savor the moment and enjoy every minute while listening to their beautiful voices.

Chef Ben (11/10) 😅

2. Their head chef is entertaining! He is doing magic tricks and funny antics while cooking, singing and dancing. Now that’s amazing. 😅 Technically, his magic tricks are basic but it’s his efforts to make us all laugh that matters most. His “funny” presence is felt by everyone. See his funny number here.

Customer Satisfaction (11/10)

3. They connect to their customers. Their staff asked us to sing, dance and have fun with them. There’s a customer participation and involvement in every number they have. It was fun and we all had a good laugh. We never felt uncomfortable and they never made fun of their customers. We just had fun! For customer service, I’m gonna give them a perfect score. Shout out to our main server : Apple and their manager Elvie for taking care of us and helping me surprise my soon to be sister-in-law. Here’s the link for the video.

Location (7/10)

4. They have a big location with an option to be on a table with smokeless grill. I appreciate how huge their location is and how they’re able to add smokeless grills. Their room temperature is good and the lighting is just right. Ambiance looks like home. I just hope they change their chairs for a more comfortable sitting, fix the comfort rooms and make sure it’s clean. Aside from that, I love everything about the place.

5. Their food is top-notch.


Beef Kare-Kare (9/10)

Their beef is tender and the sauce is tasty. I also love the shrimp paste it comes with. I love that it’s served in a pot and how generous they were in their serving compared to the price they charged for it.

Shrimp Tempura (7/10)

The shrimps are big and crispy but not hot anymore. Tempura sauce with raddish are available once requested.

Grilled Seafood (6/10)

There’s a wide variety of seafoods on the plate. Unfortunately, we got frustrated because the food isn’t hot anymore and it is quite bland and tasteless. We didn’t eat a lot of this. Bad thing is, this is one of the most expensive food on their menu. 😥 Compared to the one we ordered back in 90’s, this is nothing like it.

Beef Kaldereta (10/10)

The beef was so tender that it looked corned and shredded. This is the crowd-favorite! Everybody loved the sauce and all the ingredients in it.

Turon (10/10)

This is the best banana spring rolls I’ve tasted. The sweetness is just right and the ube complemented the banana as well. The ice cream added texture but the turon already tastes good as it is.

Overall Experience (11/10)

The experience is great! I love how they managed to have a good showmanship plus humor plus Filipinism in every number they make. I enjoyed to see every difference they have as a performer and how each performer stood out in every song and dance number they make. Everyone has their own unique talent and I saw how they used their differences for the whole show’s advantage. I appreciate how they can multi-task – singing, dancing, checking customers, serving food, joking, and even cooking (only Chef Ben does it). Everybody was entertained. I can see a smile on every Filipino and foreigner’s faces. For the price we paid and the travelling hours we spent, eating at The Singing Cooks & Waiters is totally worth it. I have nothing to say but WELL DONE!

Let’s put this restaurant back on track. Visit The Singing Cooks & Waiters to experience excellent quality of food, great customer service, happy show and superb talent.

The Singing Cooks & Waiters Atbp

Ongpauco Bldg., Roxas Blvd near corner Sen Gil Puyat Avenue,
Manila, Philippines
Phone: +632 832-0658 / +632 832-0686
Mobile: +63917-5202421
Email: singingcooksandwaiters@gmail.com

Bring your family and foreign friends here. They will love everything about it and will appreciate our roots and talents as a Filipino. This restaurant is highly recommended for all you Filipinos and foreigners out there. Tara na!



    1. it’s actually bitter sweet too see them gone because we miss the memories they come with; but it also speaks of new opportunities. these restaurants make me remember that I should always always do something to make them stay forever than to forever be sad and regret to not see these restaurants anymore. God bless u. nice to see u around

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        1. ohhh that’s cool. go ahead and tag me once done. i’m interested to know it too. i have this restaurant i love in Shangrila where they weigh your food and the price you have to pay is based on th weight. i totally forgot the name

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