OOTD : Dewy Ft Perricone (Wk 12 of Chubby Girls Get Skinny Project)

It is a rainy month of August for the Philippines. Everyone feels the bed weather and even I felt a bit lazy than the usual.

Plains & Prints Cannes Dress + Staccato Shoes

So my OOTD post is more on laid back, simple yet became extra-special because of the belt I used. This dress I’m wearing isn’t really my favorite. I remember buying this when I was looking for a comfy dress that will suit for an activity in church. I also wore this when I’m going to the hospital. Simple and comfortable are the words best to describe the dress.

Kate Spade Bag

To level the clothes up a bit, I added a simple belt that will add shape to my body. To add more to my look, I made my makeup dark.


The eyeshadow I used is from Dior’s holiday collection. I love how matte and blendable it is. The colors made it easy for me to give emphasis on my eyes and away from my simple clothing.

MAC Retro Matte Lady Be Good

Me, Beth and Brie are in a group in Facebook called Chubby Girls Get Skinny – a group made to encourage and inspire other ladies to lose weight and stay healthy.

Weight : 169.3


Lesson Learned : When it comes to your own journey, people are welcome to watch.. but they’re never invited to comment. 🤐

Some people love minding other people’s business to the point that they think they’re obliged to comment. Do not listen to them and just learn to ignore. Why? Because it’s none of their concern to comment and not your obligation to listen. Listen to what your heart says. Filter what you should or shouldn’t listen. Enjoy the journey. Just do it. ✔

2016-08-22 16.40.09.jpg
Accessories from H&M

I made my makeup dewy for a Korean-look. How? Add a highlighter to your whole face and brush it in a circular motion. It’s good to do this look if the skin is not experiencing any issues. If with active acne, pause the plan. My skin experienced hormonal ups and downs and I’m glad that using Perricone is now showing results.

Photos taken in different days

I’m back in using Perricone Cold Plasma and have been using it for 3 weeks now. These are the results :

– whiter and firmer skin

– smaller pores

– less wrinkles

– removes skin blemishes

– moisturizes the skin

I stopped using Perricone for a long time because I’ve been using tons of skin care products. I’m glad that finally my skin is back on track. 😄 How about you? Does this cold season affect your skin? Filipinos! How’s your skin now that it’s cold and humid at the same time.


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