Product Recommendation During Covid19 Outbreak

Hi everyone, as we enter April and now in our 2nd week of quarantine, we should’ve our own routine by now.

This week, we made new rules and became stricter. Hubby will leave 2x a month for grocery and meds. Food delivery will only be 2x a week (no to Food Panda). Though there’s no evidence that COVID19 can go to your body through food, there are some influencers who are quarantined for weeks now but still caught the virus through packages and food deliveries. It is not a good sight because this influencer is healthy, active and still young. I can’t believe it!

I mean we are already paranoid in ordering from 1 restaurant; but the mentality of having 2 or more food together with your order inside a bag? What’s the chance that everything is still in order?

Why is it okay for me to directly order from other restaurants except Food Panda? It is because Food Panda takes time to deliver (2-3 hours) which means food and drinks are waiting for HOURS in the restaurant AND (most likely) included in the rider’s trip/bag together with other food delivery. I mean you don’t get what you paid for, food quality and quantity are baaaaad AND too risky for containers/plastics/ecobag to get the virus transmitted from one place to another.

Unlike with direct order, food is hot, there’s accountability in the food’s quality and quantity, waiting time is short and reasonable so I assume there’s only few number of trips included in the rider’s delivery and everyone’s accountable because they come from 1 restaurant — but with Food Panda, no one even bothers. All of a sudden, everyone doesn’t care. Not to add that order tends to be incomplete.

Now let’s move on to my product recommendation during this COVID19 outbreak. Let’s start with cloth masks. Since we are just staying home and our worries are dust and COVID19 while cleaning groceries, medicines and things from the outside, we opted for a thick cloth mask instead of using our last few surgical masks left.

Cloth Mask by Koks Sederap. Need to order? Call or text 09567592892

The mask is thick and tight but still gave us enough space to breathe well. It reaches our nose and covers our chin area as well. The masks are fashionable (in different colors) and the fabric is in excellent quality. They can also customize depending on your face’s size or make masks for your kids. I appreciate how it is made with love by one of my mom’s colleagues. This is the best cloth mask I have ever tried.

My dried hands due to overwashing. Sing pa more ng TO LOVE YOU MORE while washing galore ng jamay πŸ˜„

2 weeks ago, I shared with you a photo that’s worse than this. Today, my hands are better. Thanks to this lotion courtesy of my mom.

Jergens Hydrating Coconut Moisturizer

I love how it easily healed my open-wounded skin and moisturized my cracked and dried hands. Together with Daktacort cream, my hands became better in no time. Though I’m not a fan of the coconutty smell, I like that I only need 1 pump to hydrate my hands and feet. Thanks Mom!


Though I’m sure a lot of us have luggages already, with or without the need to travel, it is best to invest on this. Since we don’t have a car and hubby usually buys a stock for 2 weeks, it is best to use this so u can buy more and save your energy.

One of the things you also need to do is to trace your steps. Wherever you or your family member goes, trace him. This is the best way to help the government in tracing possible infected people or who infected who in case you are tested positive. We just have to be extra careful, wise and responsible at this time. Keep holding on! God bless you!



  1. Grbe n tlga ngyn ang impact ng ncov satin Ms. Japs kmi din mdyo nging strict s cleanliness, even sa laundry nglalagy kmi ng white vinegar sa labada at huling bnlaw ng knti khit antibac p gmit nmin at pinapaarawn nmin lhat ng gmit nmin and more hrbal drinks na tanim nmin khit sa gbi.


  2. I’m so proud to share that we were able to Diy face mask for the kids. It’s quite hard at first and then finally were able to finish 5 face mask for us. It was tiring in one seating tho. We also inserted filler for extra protection too. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€


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