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Our reluctance to talk about death is the reason why funeral costs continue to spike up. On the SEVEN SUNDAYS movie, Ronaldo Valdez met with his children just to decide on the casket, funeral location and place of his burial.


I also think like that, advance magisip ika nga. I always say, “Pls ask them to use my Dior makeup. Dapat fierce. Ganern.”


Here is why my mom is so devoted in working with #StPeter. I can see how hard she works in making sure that the family has an affordable plan, a good tribute and a stress-free service. I salute her because she is very detailed, going as far as personally checking the deceased person in the mortuary/funeraria to make sure that the dead will look exactly like when he/she was alive. My mom also spends time with the deceased person’s family and friends – for comfort and assistance.


Sometimes, death is a taboo topic for all of us. But remember that death is just a separation of the body from our soul. We will still eventually meet in heaven. It is good to invest in what we want in life but there is no harm to invest in what we want once we die.

Call my mom ELLA : 09173221723 or 09189675259 or 4254437.

Mention my name JAPS or MISSINFORMATION and avail a 1-month free in your plan’s 2nd month payment. Check the photos posted to see the plans they currently offer.

Photo Credit : #StPeterLifePlan


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  1. True. Ayaw pag-usapan kasi takot. May neighbor kami, sabi ng Ate ko, bumili na siya casket for himself at arranged the burial plans. Yung kabaong nasa bahay na niya.


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