Need A GOOD Dentist in the Philippines?

Dr. Ong has been our go-to dentist for years now! He saved my teeth so many times before.

I must say that he has the GENTLEST hands ever – very courteous and professional. Not to mention smart and responsive. Super nice!

Dr. Ong is very patient with me. I’m not scared of dentists anymore.. because of him!

But, lately .. I’m still scared to have a dental checkup.. not because I’m scared of Dr. Ong but because I am scared of COVID.

For me, a dental checkup means more chances of COVID. That’s why when my husband’s temporary filling got broken, we were so hesitant to have his tooth checked.

Check out Dr. Ong with DG

When Dr. Ong is not around.. Dra. Vito takes care of us.. but for some reason my whole family still prefers him ๐Ÿค—

Unfortunately, Dr. Ong’s dental clinics weren’t included in hubby’s current HMO package.. but we can’t allow anyone to touch our teeth.. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ (especially in a time of pandemic) unless it is Dr. Edward Ong! So without a doubt.. we booked an appointment. Ate Yolly was helpful enough to accommodate us.

Dr. Ong (left) and their secretary

As soon as hubby went in, he felt the security and protection from the whole staff. From sanitizing him once in awhile up to the big efforts Dr. Ong and his team make just to keep hubby protected. I believe it’s very hard for dentists to work nowadays with the extra PPE, thick masks and face shield. Kudos to Dr. Ong and all the frontliners who take care of our health! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Hubby was sanitized before and after his checkup

The procedure was such a breeze – only less than an hour! Dr. Ong informed hubby that as much as possible the advice to dentists is to make a quick fix to avoid possible transmission of virus. The filling worked! Hubby is now 100% okay .. thanks to Dr. Ong!

Their equipments are mostly new and all clean!

Hubby felt secure and safe because he was the only patient that day and almost everything in the clinic is well-covered. He even has his own tray where he can put his belongings. The tray was also sanitized before he left.

Avail their Dental City card NOW!

The experience is definitely over the top! Dr. Ong and his team really took care of hubby. Dr. Edward Ong made sure that our trust and teeth are well-maintained! The best and most trustworthy dentist ever – Thanks Dr. Edward Ong! God bless you!

Schedule an appointment now! Here is his schedule and contact details :
Monday - Market Market(028-8897890)
Tuesday - San Antonio Plaza Mckinley St (028-8177256)
Wednesday- SM Megamall (028-6356771)
Thursday - San Antonio Plaza Mckinley
Friday - Market Market
Saturday - SM Bicutan (028-8229340)

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